Killzone 2 gave us this little conversation

Helghast 1: Did you hear 2 grunts from our unit got executed by Radec?

Helghast 2: No shit, what for? Cowardice? Defeatism?

Helghast 1: Uniform violation, I shit you not. 

And that was how General Radec loss the “Best Boss” award that year.

Brawl in the Family related…

So uh, the obvious April Fools’ post that was made… I dunno if this was done on purpose, but take a look at this

what the fuck happened to Kratos and Raiden? Was it done on purpose that they look nothing like the originals? Cause they look like bad cosplayers that were Hollywood rejects.

Oh, and then there’s RADEC, and I could barely tell it was him

I seriously didn’t know it was him until the creator said so, it looked like if Searchman from Megaman 8 was split into one…

Actually no, it looks more like Sir Daniel and Radec had a lovechild.(which would be one awesome kid)