“Tell daddy what you wanna do” 


Maejor: “The homies lil Hailey B and Kendall Jenna turnt to my song 🔥🌊“


**Justin Bieber Imagine**

Imagine Justin seeing you in a club.

Maejor Ali: Yo, man you see that girl?

Justin: Yeah, see her she’s hot

Maejor Ali: Are you gonna go to talk to her?

Justin: Hell yeah. Here it goes. 

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its gonna get to the point Justin loses his chill and stops beating around the bush because your hoping he cheats on Selena, hurts her physically, breaks her heart, etc. yet she’s the bad guy in your twisted scenario? okay. and not to mention because HIS friends support the relationship they’re “shady” and “fake” when in reality they’re being good friends who are supportive of him and his happiness. damn at this point I honestly can’t wait until Justin finally says something because right now you all are bullying his girlfriend and close friends and that shit won’t end well. but don’t listen to me I’m just “delusional” when y'all are fucking psycho for wishing upon and saying that shit. fucking bye.


Maejor Ali - Me And My Team (Explicit) ft. Trey Songz, Kid Ink