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On another note, I think people tend to forget that Maeglin didn’t just happily give out the location of Gondolin.

No he was tortured and tormented by Morgoth and his orcs and followers, and god knows what they did to him. Nothing good happens to an elf in in the hands of Angband. His mind was in disarray, and turmoil. He had most likely lost himself completely, all he knew was pain. He was easily manipulated. In his tortured and broken state, any option of freedom from his current devestation he’d take.

If he was in his right mind, he would have denied, which he most likely did before his torture. But after endless anguish and suffering, I don’t think Maeglin was the same Maeglin that left Gondolin to look for metals, I think that he was changed.

And no I am not excusing his actions, but I guess I’m a little tired of people acting like he freely gave the location of Gondolin like some frightened coward and some dumb promise. Even more so, I’m angry that people act like it was Maeglin’s initial plan to destroy Gondolin. Like literally, people act like the day he got there, he decided he was going to destroy Gondolin. Like no! That’s not true.

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Before his torture by Morgoth, Maeglin would have made a really good King of Gondolin, and possibly a great High King of the Noldor. I think that’s what Turgon was trying to mold him into.

Like how awesome would it be for a Sindar elf to be King of the Noldor? Like all those Noldor who thought Sindar elves weren’t worth  shit now have to bow to one. 


I got inspired to try out a style of comics I’ve been thinking about. I initially wanted to do a short comic of the moment when Turin realizes he’s killed Beleg (maximum sadness), but that requires a little more planning.

Instead, a short quote from the very end of the chapter on Maeglin in the Silmarillion. Nothing really ever seemed to go right for Maeglin - I suppose he had too much of his father in him. Here he is, cursing Idril for her beauty he can never have.


Maeglin was an elf, the son of Eöl the Dark Elf and Aredhel daughter of Fingolfin. He lived during the First Age of the Sun and was a lord of Gondolin, chief of the House of the Mole.


he loved the beauty of Idril and desired her, without hope. the Eldar wedded not with kin so near, nor ever before had any desired to do so. and however that might be, Idril loved Maeglin not at all; and knowing his thought of her she loved him the less. for it seemed to her a thing strange and crooked in him, as indeed the Eldar ever since have deemed it: an evil fruit of the Kinslaying, whereby the shadow of the curse of Mandos fell upon the last hope of the Noldor. but as the years passed still Maeglin watched Idril

    and waited

         and his love turned to darkness in his heart