Have you ever fallen from a high place?

Have you ever felt the terror as you step into the emptiness?

Have you ever felt the pain in your chest the moment your heart breaks for someone?

How many times have you denied yourself happiness for fear and insecurities? For being afraid of getting hurt again?

There is a rumor of a winter queen. Young and beautiful, she is loved by everyone who meets her. Her deep, blue eyes, her silver hair, her kind nature is enough to make the princes of many kingdoms pursue a deeper relationship with her.

But the young queen has only eyes for one.

There is a rumor of black wings following her around. There is rumor of black eyes warming up her heart and putting happiness in her face.

There is a rumor of Diaval finding love again.

Maleficent observes from afar, the shadows of the trees and the night helping her to remain invisible to the couple walking under the moonlight. He is walking with the young queen by his side, smiling and talking softly. Maleficent ignores the pain in her heart when he smiles, and his smile is marked with traces of the one he used to dedicate Maleficent a long time ago. The faery can blame him, though. She is gone and the young queen is not.

Maleficent tries to smile, she tries to feel happiness for him because he moves on with his life.

But she can’t.

She feels her heart breaking slowly when her wings spread out and she flies away into the night.

Have you ever felt the pain of a broken heart?

Have you ever let go of your happiness because you are too afraid of giving yourself the chance to love again?