a VERY good session tonight

  • “what are some horse pranks”
  • “i’m not gonna sit, there’s not enough chairs. that’s rude” “he said to sit down!” “i have eyes, there’s not enough chairs”
  • the tent collapsing around invisible maedis
  • cezall pretending selxi was his servant to convince the orcs to let them live
  • “arms don’t count as objects, do they”
  • “maedis ain’t gonna leave that DICK”
  • cezall lying and saying orna has a price on her head
  • get ready to sniff some elves
  • “uh go ahead and RP” “shit’s FUCKED”
  • “i see bell smiling and think he’s lost it”
  • “some people kick to cope” “we gotta start kickshaming” “and cikshaming”
  • “we have bad news. very bad news.” “don’t worry about it too much that’s bad for the baby”
  • “with your shitty little arm here” and also just cezall going off on maedis in general it was so good
  • “ms. fucking tentacles”
  • cik is the cold one!!!!!
  • where the FUCK are keens daggers
  • keen bell and cik’s escape which was VERY very very good and they all killed at least one orc and i’m super proud of them
  • “i’m mad we don’t have 50 bears”
  • “let me tell you, i got a house and a bed, and it is way sturdier” 
  • “am i your sugar daddy now?” (john lennon walks away)
  • KARLINA!!! my big sis!!! she’s here!

i associate maedis w orange just coz he is Orange to me (i associate colors w everyone and everything w no basis really besides what i think) but the Offical Color Meaning for orange is so………

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.Orange is the color of joy and creativity. 

……..not him.

when will we have a session that DOESN’T have emotional whiplash? probably not during this campaign

  • bird armor! bird armor!
  • “him and cezall are the classic twink/bear”
  • “can i get an uhhhh….. wisdom”
  • “i am perfectly fine, i dump my tea for fun”
  • “i had hair once, but i lost it in the great depression”
  • (tommy wiseau voice) i did not eat the rocks, i did not
  • that’s the death candle, cik.
  • orna’s gonna melt like the wicked witch of the west
  • selxi making orna say please
  • “it’s like a millennial pink d10″
  • “don’t throw these sheets out” “oh no, never” 
  • “do i have fantasy superglue…”
  • cik meeting bo boggle
  • “does he think you’re an animal shelter”
  • “not really an asshole, just weird”
  • maedis falling 40 feet
  • “it’s like a graduation gift” “graduation from what” (ollie in chat: weenie hut jr) “alright moment ruined”
  • double christmas birthday boy!
  • “who’s the only other person we know with a name that starts with s…. sylvaren”
  • bell’s messages back and forth to marie that sounded like fantasy really awkward texts
  • “what do i role from licking”
  • is there anyone in particular they avoided
  • “please don’t message that to me”
  • winterfest 2016: COATchella. coCHILLA
  • sebastian bell’s emo little brother is actually the final boss
  • roll a d20 to see if you get a good trip or a bad trip
  • KC deadlands ASMR 
  • “does it look like they’re completely fine but dead and headless”
  • our half orc climbing the crow’s nest on the boat

i’ll do some npcs:

maedis is a hanzo main who will only ever play hanzo ever ever ever and will ask other pppl to switch

barnabas plays either reinhardt or 76

rhiannon plays lucio, spams the “boop” line, and constantly just speedboosts herself around the map booping people

semi-monthly time post

just to put things in perspective, updated as of the end of last session

Total time since beginning of the story: 151

Time since they joined the BAC: 140

Since Rakshasa was killed: 135

Time since Bell was Unstoned: 123

Time Since Rathys Disappeared: 110

Time Since Midsummer: 105

Time Since Maedis Left: 88

Time since they saved Queen Cerolia: 84

Time since they met the Silver Lady and killed Rathys: 59

Time since they killed the Rakshasa (2nd time)+Seraphina left: 45

Time since the Battle of Hardersfield: 37

Time since they met Ember: 10