maeda mahiro


Probably not an absolute must-have… except if you’re an Eva fanatic. It includes prototypes of Eva 3.0 themes, perfectly recognizable as these themes, but different enough to be worth listening to separately. It also includes the beautiful composition by Sagisu for the “Until you come to me.” Animator Expo short, a different version of Thanatos, and an added introduction to the song that plays when Asuka gets eaten by the Eva series. The cover is beautiful, drawn by the great Mahiro Maeda. I also own the Shin Godzilla ost, but I’m holding off on listening to all its songs until I watch the movie, whenever I’ll get the possibility to do so.


This animation reads as an sakuga whose who! Katsuhito Ishii on direction and character design. Sushio, Mitsuo Iso, Mahiro Maeda, Ohira Shinya, etc. on animation. I’m assuming these are Ishii’s storyboards