maeda atsuka

A part of Street Jack Interview

—— to start off, October 2008. AKB48 10th single ( Oogoe Diamond ) went on sale. That time an unexpected situation occurred, The absolute center of AKB48 back then Maeda Atsuka san and Jurina san took the WCenter position.

Jurina : The moment when they told me “ You have to participate in the AKB48 song too”,  Bevause i was still in 6th grade, I couldn’t understand what these words meant. After that,  when someone sent me the details about the positions, although i understand “ I’m the Center ”… but i have completely no idea that this position was so important.

.—— When was the time when you realised ( If i didn’t do this well it will be bad )

Jurina : To be honest i was already nervous during my first rehearsal with the senbatsu members. Everyone has already practice perfectly, I’m the only one who have no idea what was the current situation. I was worried whether or not people will think “ So this is the new girl from SKE48 integrity! ”, I felt very very insecure.

—— If I’m not wrong, That time Oshima Yuko san who was in the front line was sended to the back. ( Allowing a new member to take the position of someone who was in the front line ) This situation, no matter who it is there will be some complicated feelings right.

Jurina : This is no doubt right. SKE48’s Center position started to change in 12 gatsu no kangaroo to ( Kitagawa ) Ryoha and Miyamae ( Ami ). That moment i knew right away “ Ah, so this is what it feels like”

—— What does it feels like?

Jurina : Because in my heart this is something that i have protected for 6 years… As expected, I’m unsatisfied. But I like SKE48, If we are thinking about SKE48’s future, i know “ It’s only right If i take a step back right now ”.. but if i said “ I’m satisfied ”, It’s a lie. I’m so unsatisfied that I cried. ( 12 gatsu no kangaroo ) first line, although it was Me, Rena chan, Ryoha and Miyamae us for singing together, but most of the Call from the fans is directed towards Ryoha’s and MIyamae’s name. This I’m very unsatisfied.

I know that there are many who are anticipating for the whole new generation change to occur in SKE, Yes she’s a first generation member but at least take some notice that she has protected SKE48 for 6 years…