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Fire Pro Wrestling Class of ‘89

The Roster of the first Fire Pro game, Fire Prowrestling: Combination Tag for the PC-Engine.

  • The Legend of Combat, Victory Musashi and the King of the Martial Arts World, Akira Saeha as the King Fighters
  • The Powerful Bomb, Tommy Bomber and the Thunder Warrior, Thunder Ryu as Depth Charge Cannon
  • The Last Kyushu Boy, Hurricane Rikimaru and the Immortal Monster, Zombie Masa as Midnight Revolution
  • The Masked Executioner and the Mask of Slaughter, Pirates no. 1 and 2 as the Devil Pirates
  • The Raging Bull of the Ring, Star Bison and the Educated Monster, Big the Great Bull as the Violence Monsters
  • The Condor from Beyond Space, Mascara Condor and the Eagle from Another World, Mascara Eagle as Dimension Express
  • The Dark Evil Giant, Bloody Allen and the Bloodthirsty Tiger, Mad Tiger as the Crazy Barbarians
  • The Invader from the Dark Side, Night Blaster and the Devil’s Emissary, Iron Blaster as the Urban Blasters

(those are the closest to their real nicknames in Fire Pro 1 as I could get, with some changes. Also “R.J Faze” and “Carlos Krauser” are an unplayable boss team, as “Heroes of Legend” but I don’t think they have profile pics)

Promotional image for I’m pretty sure the 5th Dragon Ball Z movie “The Incredible Strongest vs Strongest” by Minoru Maeda. The design for Coola seems to be a subtly different earlier incarnation of how he’d eventually appear in the film (or perhaps its just the way the image is colored making it appear that way to my eyes).


AKB0048 ep 2 - The Chosen Lights (action shots)


Endless List of Random ドラマ Moments
└ 太陽と海の教室 Episode 2