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Fire Pro Wrestling Class of ‘89

The Roster of the first Fire Pro game, Fire Prowrestling: Combination Tag for the PC-Engine.

  • The Legend of Combat, Victory Musashi and the King of the Martial Arts World, Akira Saeha as the King Fighters
  • The Powerful Bomb, Tommy Bomber and the Thunder Warrior, Thunder Ryu as Depth Charge Cannon
  • The Last Kyushu Boy, Hurricane Rikimaru and the Immortal Monster, Zombie Masa as Midnight Revolution
  • The Masked Executioner and the Mask of Slaughter, Pirates no. 1 and 2 as the Devil Pirates
  • The Raging Bull of the Ring, Star Bison and the Educated Monster, Big the Great Bull as the Violence Monsters
  • The Condor from Beyond Space, Mascara Condor and the Eagle from Another World, Mascara Eagle as Dimension Express
  • The Dark Evil Giant, Bloody Allen and the Bloodthirsty Tiger, Mad Tiger as the Crazy Barbarians
  • The Invader from the Dark Side, Night Blaster and the Devil’s Emissary, Iron Blaster as the Urban Blasters

(those are the closest to their real nicknames in Fire Pro 1 as I could get, with some changes. Also “R.J Faze” and “Carlos Krauser” are an unplayable boss team, as “Heroes of Legend” but I don’t think they have profile pics)

Promotional image for I’m pretty sure the 5th Dragon Ball Z movie “The Incredible Strongest vs Strongest” by Minoru Maeda. The design for Coola seems to be a subtly different earlier incarnation of how he’d eventually appear in the film (or perhaps its just the way the image is colored making it appear that way to my eyes).