mae1ndonly replied to your post: OMGAHAHJFHKFHJEFNAHSUDFJNKASDFGHJKL;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT FUCKING VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BLACK DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL;!!!!!!!!!!! JAY’S SEXY PELVIC THRUST!!! THOSE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE DIED…

YESSSSSSSSS!!! and the acoustic version was nice…another kiss scene…this shit is just getting out of hand…Y JAY NO SCOUT ME FOR HIS VIDEO!! ILL DO IT FOR FREEEEEEE!!!!!!

i kinda really love his kiss scenes because ugh his lips are just UGH

Tumblr Crushes:

  • wolf-warrior -for the laughs
  • oppayoulookgood - for the I agree with your logic on how cute these men are
  • serenadeinmasqueradez - for the you’re awesome and our birthdays are close
  • ashercetchum-  for the gpoy and the ikr?
  • mae1ndonly- for the gpoy x32390234 for the you know about my life in great detail
  • aquilaprisca - for the MBLAQ and Block B and BIGBANG everything lolol
  • dreaming-kpop - for the interesting, and idols that don’t usually pop up on my dash
  • letyoudanceaway- for the bestest url in the fucking world… and for the TVXQ
  • tohoshinkidesu- clearly for the TVXQ <3 for the keeping the faith for greatness

accuraten XD… 

you guys are greatness :P

Marvin's Room (Tumblr Version)

Verse 1

Checkin’ out my tumblr ,

Don’t even know what to do.

Follow all these new people ,

And watch the old ones camera whore it up .

I wanna get to know them. 

But some of them are too cute.

I’m gettin really sad.

But i gotta go and say ,

Eff my followers that don’t talk to mee.

I done followed you back and I can’t get a “sup?”

I said , Eff my followers that don’t Hit me upp

You can go and unfollow I dont give a FUCKK!


I’m juss sayin you cud ask questions.

I dont bite so you could just ask them!

Once you ask a question you will get an answer.

Or just say “HI” cuz that would be better. :)


P.S. - I’m suuper bored and iDGAF if you don’t like it. lol