Fixing the Broken (Part 3)

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Summary: Lance and Y/N are going through a divorce, but can their son change the route of the future?

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Lance was having a hard time concentrating to whatever Rosa was complaining about basically every single thing. He took her to the very restaurant where he took you for your first date. The memory of you falling down the small stairs right into his arms made him chuckle to this day. You loved that small diner and always cherished your moments there, Rosa was not happy though.

‘’I mean, they could always destroy this place and make a new place, maybe more modern? It feels out if space really, and the drinks, ugh, so..’’

Lance rolled his eyes lightly. Why am I doing this again, he asked himself.

As if it was devil’s plan, you walked into the restaurant with a gorgeous, tall, black guy in your arm. That’s why.

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foreign date night part two

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader, dad!steve x reader, dad!Bucky x reader

@the-half-blood-princess-diary request: How about a oneshot with Peter Parker, where they go to the cinema, on Valentine’s Day, but the movie they wanted has sold all the tickets and they have to go to a foreign one and keep messing around, idk, i understand if you don’t wanna write it

FYI : in this Bucky never became the winter soldier and he went into the ice with Steve. Also in this I made it so they found the plane in 2000.

A/n Steve is dad and Bucky is papa. Also I know I said this was going to be the part where the reader was going to find out Peter is spider man but I decided to put that in part three along with their second date. It will make sense I promise

part one

part three

Y/n- your name

y/h/l- your hair length

y/h/c- your hair color

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I woke up a quarter past nine with a smile on my face because I dreamt about Peter and about our date. Although it was just a simple movie date it meant the world to me. Mostly because I really like Peter but the other thing was that he actually respected me the entire time. Most guys I get set up with would try and slip their hands inside my pants within the first five minutes of the date.

After laying in bed for ten minutes I rolled out of bed and went straight to my bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. Once I got out of the shower I checked my phone and noticed I got a text from Liz saying she wanted to to get lunch at the cafe across the street from my apartment complex. I texted her back that I was ok with that and proceeded to get dressed for the day. I also started to plan what I was going to wear on my date with Peter tonight.

It was five minutes till noon when I was rushing out of my apartment complex. Liz didn’t like to be kept waiting and I hated being late. I immediately spotted Liz on the other side of the street, she was on her phone so I didn’t bother waving at her. Once i got the ok I crossed the road and jogged towards her.

“Hey Liz” I spoke cheerfully

“Hey y/n, you seem peppier than usual. I’m guessing I should thank Parker for that?” Liz raised an eyebrow.

“Yes you should, let’s go eat I’m starving” I linked arms with her before we made our way inside the cafe. Half an hour later and Liz was well into her disaster date with flash.

“Long story short flash threw a fit and they kicked us out of the restaurant” Liz rolled her eyes as she took a sip of her orange juice.

“That’s horrible ! ! ! ” I was shocked and thankful I wasn’t with them last night.

“Yeah well flash said he was going to make it up to me so it’s not totally bad. But enough about me, tell me about your date your little dork. How was it? Do I need to send flash and friends to go beat him up?”

“Noooooo ! It was great, I mean we just went to the movies but I liked it.”


“Don’t say ew. Unlike the guys you set me up with, he respected me the entire time. In fact I was the one who initiated a kiss” I smirked at Liz’s shocked expression.

“Shut up !”

“I will not shut up” I laughed

“Well then props to Peter, you’re so shy and that’s why I pick those guys for you to date. You know, to break you out of your shell but damn you just needed an awkward dork. Did anything else happen?”

“No, I mean he dropped our drink and we made out a little after that but that’s it. He’s actually taking me out to dinner tonight.” I felt my cheeks starting to feel warm.

“Well that’s good. I’m really happy that you’re happy. What do your dads think of him?”

“They left before Peter arrived but I’m sure they’ll approve” I was confident that my dads would approve of Peter. They always say they want me to date a nice boy and not just any guy.

“You’re right Peter looks like the type of guy your dads would totally approve.” Right at that moment I received a text from my dad.

“Shit my dad just texted me saying he wants me home.” I gave Liz an apologetic look.

“It’s ok, I’m done anyways” we both stood up and went back inside to pay for our lunch. “Tell your sexy dads that I miss them”

“I will not ! ! ! It might boost their egos but it’s creeps me out” that’s the only reason they like Liz in the first place, she constantly tells them how hot she thinks they are.

“Well I’m sorry I find them attractive.” Liz stuck her tongue out before giving me a quick hug. “Have fun on your date my love. I expect a phone call with every single detail.”

“I WILL, I promise ! ! ! I better go before they think something bad happened to me” I pulled away from Liz and made my way back to my apartment.

*at the apartment*

“Papa, dad I’m home what’s up? Dad never Tex-” I stop abruptly when I noticed the avengers in the living rom.“ Hey aunt nat, um hey guys”

“I’m offended spangles, how come we didn’t know about this beautiful young lady. Also why is nat aunt nat?”

“First of all tony, don’t insult me in front of my daughter and secondly I wanted to keep her safe. Thirdly Nat is aunt nat because she takes care of her when we go on missions.”

“But is she actually related to you? Or did you guys adopt her?”

“She actually is related to us. Back in the day my sister agreed to help me and Steve have a baby but we went under before y/n was born.” Papa began to explain

“How is she possible?” My dad went on to tell them how Tony’s dad froze me when I was a baby because there were people still trying to kill anyone associated to them. They decided to unfreeze me when they discovered their body and that they were still alive.

“So thanks to my dad your daughter is alive?” Tony looked amused

“Yeah he is”

“And how were you able to keep her a secret for sixteen years”

“We were able to keep her a secret thanks to nat. She was helping us adjust to the modern world we asked her if she could help us raise y/n in Brooklyn. We actually relocated to queens when y/n was four because we went under the same program Clint is in right now and we’ve been living here ever since.”

“So I’m basically uncle tony then!”

“Don’t push it stark” Natasha smirked “anyways y/n your dads said you went on a date last night, is that true?” My heart started to race at that question.

“Yes I did”

“Was he a gentlemen? You know I don’t have a problem beating up boys who disrespect you”

“He was a total gentlemen aunt nat and his name is Peter.”

“Huh we know a teenage boy named Peter who lives in queens as well. Come think of it he lives in this apartment complex.” Tony looked confused

“Maybe it’s the same one” Clint teased

“I’m going to go pay him a visit now that I’m here. It was nice to finally meet you y/n” tony got up and shook my hand.

“It was nice to meet you as well” I responded as we watched him leave.

“Come sit” Natasha patted a spot next to her. “Tell me about your date. Are you going to go out with him again?”

“I am ! ! He’s actually taking me out tonight” I excitedly told Natasha.

“Yay I’m so happy for you” Natasha hugged me as the rest of the avengers in the apartment wondered around.

“We’re also happy for you y/n, what time is he picking you up so we can be here to meet him?” Papa asked.

“He hasn’t texted me the time but you’ve seen him around already. He lives in the same apartment complex” I looked up at him.

“Dude I was joking before but maybe it is the same kid stark went to go see” I could hear Clint whisper to Sam.

“Well maybe when I see his face I’ll remember him.” Papa responded

“You know him trust me ! ! ! ! Anyways why did you guys text me to come home?”

“Oh yeah ! ! ! We just wanted the team to finally meet you” I gave papa a blank stare

“That’s it? I thought something bad happened !”

“Sorry to worry you sweetie. Were you doing anything?” Dad laughed

“I was having lunch with Liz she was telling me how horrible her Valentine’s Day was and then I told about my date. She was happy that I was happy, even though she doesn’t like Peter”

“Why doesn’t she like Peter?”

“She just thinks he’s the biggest dork but I told her that I didn’t care and that Peter makes me happy.”

“That’s my girl” just then I received a text from Peter saying he made reservations at a fancy restaurant.

“Um aunt nat can you help me pick something to wear for the date? Peter just texted me the name of the restaurant we’re going to. It’s a fancy place and what I was planning on wearing isn’t fancy enough” I gave her my puppy dog eyes.

“Sure thing sweetie” Natasha looked at my dads. “Give her money, I’m taking her shopping”

“Of course” I watched as dad pulled out his wallet and handed me his credit card. “BUT” he added on “you need to send me photos of the dresses. We want you to look like a respectable young lady”

“Duh dad, you know I always send you photos of the clothes before I buy them. I would never buy something you don’t approve of” dad finally handed me the credit card. “Bye dad, papa” I kissed their cheeks before turning my attention to the rest of the avengers. “If I don’t see you guys when I get back I just wanted to say it was nice meeting you .” I proceeded to shake all of their hands.

“Wow you guys raised a good one, she is so polite. It was nice meeting you as well y/n” Sam smiled after he shook my hand.

“Thanks Sam”

“Let’s go kiddo, time to go get you dolled up for your date.” Natasha pulled me away and dragged me out of the apartment.

*peter’s pov*

I was a nervous wreck all morning. I spent all morning thinking of restaurants I could take y/n for our date. Last night went surprisingly, well except for the fact that we went to see a movie I did not understand and I dropped our drink. But besides that I got to make out with her, y/n my long time crush kissed me. I smiled at the wonderful memory but was brought back to reality when I heard someone at the door.

“I’m coming” I yelled before I ran to answer the door. “Mr. Stark what are you doing here?”

“I was visiting a friends and they introduced me to their daughter. She was telling us about how she went on a date with a boy named Peter and the reminded me that you also live in this apartment complex. So I thought I’d stop by” I stepped aside to let mr. Stark in. “So what did you do yesterday? Did you spend it with special lady?”

“I actually did” I beamed with excitement. “I took her to the movies”.

“Good for you kid, what’s her name? What does she look like?” Mr. Stark asked as he sat down.

“Her name is y/n Rogers, she has y/h/l y/h/c hair and she’s just so beautiful”

“Umm by any chance does she live in this apartment complex?” I watched mr. Starks face mold from happy to wary.

“Yeah why? Did you see her on the way over” I looked at him confused.

“Um do you happen to know who y/n’s parents are?” I was starting to panic.

“No, they’re always gone why?”

“Um I don’t know how to tell you this kid, but Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are her parents” I felt the blood draining from my body. I’ve talked them multiple time whenever I visit the avengers compound and although they are nice to me. I also know they can my ass easily.

“Do they know I took her out on a date?”

“They know a nice boy named Peter took her out on a date, that’s it.” One my gosh why didn’t I piece together that she was their daughter ! ! ! I mean come to think of it she does look like Steve.

“What do I do ! ! ! She doesn’t know I’m spider man ! What if they tell her I’m Spider-Man when I go to pick her up for the date.”

“Kid clam down” mr. Stark got up and rested his hands on my shoulder. “I’ll talk to Steve and Bucky ok. I’ll tell them that it’s you that’s taking y/n out on the date and that she doesn’t know that your Spider-Man.”

“What if they don’t approve of me”

“they will I promise. They always tell me that you are a good kid and that I made the right call in recruiting you to the team. It’s also a big plus that y/n has been talking you up and saying how you’re such a gentlemen, she really likes you.” I already knew I was starting to blush.

“Really ! ! Oh god then the pressure is really on then and I can’t even get a reservation”

“Calm down, I’ll make some phone calls for you.” I watched as mr. Stark started playing with his phone before bringing it up to his ear “Just text her the name of the restaurant, hello yes this is tony stark I’d like to make-” I tuned out the rest and texted y/n The name of the restaurant I was taking her to. I really hope tonight goes perfect.