Revoltech Novi Stars

So, a while back, Ash posted up a  picture of a Novi Stars Mae Tallick with the note that I was “going to do something with it, but I was keeping it a secret” or something like that.  I did end up doing a bit, though she’s been kinda on the back-burner while we work on stuff for Youmacon, so I’ll post up what I have so far.

First, here’s the full picture:

The bags next to her are Revoltech spare joints (which they used to sell, not sure if they still do). The simple fact of the matter is, Novi-Stars are pretty lacking in pose-ability, something that collecting Monster High dolls has spoiled me with, so I figured I’d do something about it.

So, I cut her arms into pieces (and failed to take a picture of that), drilled holes in the individual pieces with a pin-vise (also lacking in pictures) and, with the aid of some hot water, fit the joints at the elbows and wrists.

The result? I think she’s much more poseable now:

Granted, I still need to dremel out a bit on the pieces so that the “ball” part of the joint fits more snugly, and they aren’t elongated quite so much. I also plan to use the larger ones on the knees, to give her the full range of MH poses.

Until then, hopefully this shows some potential for customizing Novi Stars… They’re usually on clearance.

Did some work on Revoltech Mae Today...

The positive reaction I got to my progress on Mae Tallick inspired me to space her arm joints up better, and after some tweaking, I think her arms are about done and ready for paint and whatnot:

There was also interest in a tutorial on how I did this, which I won’t really be able to do full-on until I get my Mimi Merize (which might be my next credit card purchase, but that will have to wait until next month), but I can offer some hints of sorts. First, I got the joints from Hobby Link Japan (, just search under “revolver joints”, though at last check, they were all on back-order)

Second, I dis-assembled her right arm:

The parts with the joints still attached have been super-glued, to make posing easier (it’s also based off MH joint-placement; if it works, why mess with it?)

Lastly, some close-ups of the tweaking I did to the holes to promote a more snug fit:

Admittedly, the left hand looks pretty shoddy when photographed with a digital microscope setting; I’ll clean it up when I do finishing touches (after the legs, which are going to be a whole different ball game >.>)

Hope this helps!

//Ahhh! I finally got my shelf in my room and thank god it fit all of my Monster Highs and Novi Stars! I hate I lost the stands for a few, but eh it happens. I wish they wouldn’t have discontinued Novi Stars they were beautiful dolls. 

They did release a few more in…Russia (i think), but I can’t find them online and now the prices have went up into the 70-100 anddddd i’m not spending that on a doll. >.> // 

So today I went to target, and 2 Justice stores and managed to score 6 dolls and 3 outfits for a little over $30. 

what I got/paid at Justice:

-Ari Roma ~ $2.88 

-Mae Tallick (not in pic) ~$2.88

-Una Verse ~$2.88

-Alie Lectric ~$2.88

-3 outfits ~$1.72 each


-Malie Tasker ~$7.48 

-Orbit Beach Mae Tallick ~7.48