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MaeBea Month :

Miss kobayashi’s dragon maid parody for May-Mae’s Month. Wish I could make the whole openning but I can’t afford it (Time issues). Just some software and animation training, and for now on, maybe turn into something more original or whatever.

I don’t understand why but if you diffilculties to read the animation check this post link MaeBea of mine, one video post of this same post.

2016-2017 Color Stories | PANTONE 18-3949 TPX Dazzling Blue

Gabrielle Daleman - Rhapsody In Blue; Wakaba Higuchi - La Cena; Ashley Wagner - Sweet Dreams; Laurine Lecavelier - Experience; Mae Berenice Meite - Tristan and Isolde; Polina Tsurskaya - Light Of The Seven; Viveca Lindfors - Persian Dance; Mai Mihara - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

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Do you have any Parental!RoyEdAl headcanons? I love reading headcanons, especially if it concerns one of my favorite btotps! ^.^

Of course, of course! My top two favorite headcanons include:

  • Roy constantly calling the places that he has sent the boys to, to make sure they arrived safe and have a place to stay. At first he was just calling to make sure they weren’t destroying things, but after a year or so, the questions were less “what have they done now?” and more “are they settling in well?” He will not tell the Elrics that he does this, and he makes sure that whomever he spoke to knows that they should not know he called.
  • Ed and Roy are both introverts, who like their quiet spaces and alone time. They both recognize this in one another, so when Ed is feeling a particular need to introvert, he’ll come stretch out on the couch in Roy’s office and read, research, whatever. Roy knows, when Ed is making a certain face or acting a certain face, that he actually needs something, and should not be teased. It’s one of very few times that Roy actually actively works on his paperwork

That’s not all though!

When Ed first started in the military, he had no idea how to budget. He was a kid with money, who wanted to pay back Winry and Pinako for the automail. His paychecks often ran out… so Roy sat him down and showed him how to budget

When Ed was taking the exam, he stayed at Roy’s. Just because he couldn’t afford a hotel and couldn’t stay in one without an adult anyway. Roy didn’t want to pay for the hotel, so he let Ed stay on his couch.

That’s not the last time that happens.

The day that Ed, Breda, and Armstrong met with Maria Ross, Ed had almost never been so relieved. It had scared him to know that Roy had been such a monster that he would kill Ross for petty revenge, and knowing that he hadn’t was more of a relief than he expected.

Roy totally gave Ed the sex talk. Ed was not amused.

Alphonse never stopped looking up to Roy. Not even after the Ross Incident. A strong part of him just kept saying “there’s no way that such a good man would do something like that with no good reason” even though all logic and sense said that was exactly what happened.

Roy and Riza go ring shopping with both Ed and Al. Ed was embarrassed, but Al was delighted.

Roy braids Ed’s hair when either of his arms are out of commission. Al couldn’t tell how hard he was pulling, and Riza could only do it behind her head. More than once, he has put Ed’s hair into a fancy braid, like a fishtail or something out of the ordinary, before Ed even realized it.

Hughes once half-jokingly said that Roy should just adopt the Elrics and get it over with. A few days later, holding another damage report from one of their missions, Roy seriously considers it “if only so they would just listen to me”.

The day Roy regained his sight, he sat in Alphonse’s hospital room and just stared at him as he slept. It would take a very long time to associate a living, breathing, human child with Alphonse.

Roy and his team are the only ones allowed to poke fun at the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother, and Roy will make sure that everyone is aware of that.

That cat, that Roy as supposed to take in after Ed beat him in 03 ep 13? Roy went out and found it, and kept it. As soon as Al knew about it, he visited every day.

Ed has never full-on cried, full sobs and everything, in the military. There were times, however, when he may borrow Roy’s shirtfront, when he feared he may come close.

Roy keeps a close eye on Ed because Ed acts exactly how Roy used to act at his age, and that could only end badly.

Roy occasionally threads money into Ed’s account. Not often, but Roy wasn’t about to let his boy starve because Ed was too embarrassed to come ask for money.

Roy slips up and calls them “his boys” instead of “those boys”. More times than he likes to admit.

every voice on atla is great

its all engraved in my head

when i read lines from them, i hear it in their exact voice


FMA Edits noone asked for: Ishbalan!Hughes.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch: does push-ups
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: in full Doctor Strange costume
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: ON.ASPHALT.
  • Me: Take me. Take me now. *swoons*
Is there a magic money tree? Yes children, there is. But that’s the wrong question | Ellie Mae O’Hagan
Theresa May knows that the issue isn’t whether we can grow money or not (we can), it’s that it’s then given to banks rather than nurses
By Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Ellie Mae O'Hagan examines the “magic money tree” trope bought up by Theresa May during the special Question Times for the leaders of the two most major political parties in the UK.  Yet we do seem to have funds for stuff…

Does anyone who has witnessed the pomp and circumstance of the Queen’s Jubilee, the funnelling of public money into Syrian airstrikes, or the systematic cutting of taxes for the rich really think we’re not paying nurses properly because we simply don’t have the money? Absolutely not: we don’t pay nurses properly because the government makes a choice not to. This fact calls to mind the words of the Texan minister Robert Fulghum: “It will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need, and our air force has to have a bake-sale to buy a bomber”.

O’Hagen then goes on to examine how economics work, noting how money is indeed made by the Bank of England to buy debt from the private sector using a mechanism called quantitative easing. The money, however, is focused on being paid to the banks rather than public services such as the wages of workers in the NHS.

As O’Hagan comments:

The “magic money tree” is a trope politicians such as May use to treat voters like children, to make the notion of fair pay seem like a possibility so remote, only fantasists believe it could happen.

And the only reason she reached for this flimsy, embarrassing metaphor is because she couldn’t look that voter in the eye and admit the simple truth: the government could give nurses a pay rise. It just doesn’t want to.