mae jo


OK, last thing before I quit spamming you guys and hit the hay for the night - an Anon requested that I share Mae Brumfield, so I’ve uploaded her to the Gallery. She’s CC-free, and you can find her under my origin ID silrosse or hashtag jenba. She’ll be happiest somewhere she can have a nice little garden. Be kind to her. :)


Mass sky lantern release, Mae Jo, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The most magical night I’ve ever experienced was where I took these images. The festival was organised by a local Buddhist community and we learnt how to pray to The Lord Buddha. Hundreds of people were there from all over the world and it was truly beautiful. Thousands of lanterns were wrote on beforehand, asking for blessings, wishes and dreams then they were all lit by stand alone candles and released. Everyone cheered and there was true happiness all around, I felt very alive at that moment. 


1. Party’s over; now for the arduous task of cleaning up all the dishes. Mae had drunk some coffee and was on a caffeine buzz, so she was up to the challenge.

2. Chris tried to start a fire in the firepit and set his copious arm hair ablaze instead. Yikes!

3. Dominique was completely unfazed by the whole ordeal. I sighed in relief when Chris was able to shake off the flames. That was enough campfire for the night.