mady g

Concept illustration for a kid’s book I’ll be doing soon called ‘Billy-Bob - Boy Ballerina"

It’s basically a story geared towards 6 year olds about a tough kid who wears tutus to school and likes to dance. I want to promote an abolition of gender-roles and emphasize the importance of sticking with your hobbies and the things you love just because you love them.

I believe that no child should be punished for expressing themself.


Mady G’s illustrations are seriously a blast! Beautifully inked with smooth, exaggerated expressions, their art takes me back to 90′s cartoons like Ren & Stimpy or Rocko’s Modern Life. But with a nice queer twist! 

Drawn in the same cartoony style, their autobio comics literally feels like reading a page from a diary. I feel like I’m invading their personal space as they discuss intimate thoughts on anxiety, depression and more importantly, their identity as a nonbinary trans-person. And unlike most diary comics explaining events in an artist’s life, reading Mady’s comics feels like having a close friend confide in you. 

Because of Mady, I’m on a quest to read more nonbinary identity comics (I’m open to recommendations!) <3

You can see more of Mady’s work at:

-Kat Fajardo
Rick and Morty #13 - Exceed Exclusives Cover - Pre-order
Issue 13 from Oni Press for Rick & Morty. This is the Exceed Exclusives variant, a division of Jesse James Comics.

Don’t forget to pre-order this RICK AND MORTY #13 “Neutral Milk Hotel” variant cover illustrated by @madygcomics, available only at Exceed Exclusives!

Mady got a hold of my sketchbook today and turned a “meeeeeh” sketch that I was never going to do anything with into something the both of us can be proud of! 

So yeah, more Hank/Dermott (or as we like to call it “Dank”) from the both of us. This one’s kinda angsty…inspired by Mady’s gorgeous piece here. Poor babies… <:C

Will color this one later ;)


“You Don’t Know Me” by Ben Folds

A fantastic fan video actually done by one of my friends with some amazing make up skill (yes, they’re all her). Hope you all enjoy!

If you want to check out her other videos, which include some vlogging, more music videos (I highly suggest watching I can’t Decide), and some drag kind tutorials and tips, you can check out her you-tube channel here:


My bestest friend Mady and I came up with a fun little challenge - we each designed a character. The character could be any gender and anything we wanted. We set a time limit and when the clock struck whenever, we had to show each other what we had. 

And no matter what we had, our characters had to be a couple. And we had to figure out how that happened and what their relationship is like. 

So this is our gay couple - I made Gil Belcher and she made Simon Paisley. Simon is a Northern bunny - rabbit of a man from Leeds and Gil is the front man of a mediocre Rockabilly band from the Bayou touring in London. He has bad facial scaring from cystic acne and truly believes he’s a mutant alligator man because of this. 

(I will be drawing them all the time. You’re welcome.)

This exercise was stupid fun! DO IT EVERYONE!


i spent that night at madygcomics’s place and they fucking made me a cake for my bday

what the amazing thing about this cake is that it took 2-3 hours to make

WHYYYYY YOU ASK????? because their oven wasnt turning on so lmao they put it in the ricecooker which took like 2 hours or something to actually cook somewhat and then they steamed it on the stove