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Mady G’s illustrations are seriously a blast! Beautifully inked with smooth, exaggerated expressions, their art takes me back to 90′s cartoons like Ren & Stimpy or Rocko’s Modern Life. But with a nice queer twist! 

Drawn in the same cartoony style, their autobio comics literally feels like reading a page from a diary. I feel like I’m invading their personal space as they discuss intimate thoughts on anxiety, depression and more importantly, their identity as a nonbinary trans-person. And unlike most diary comics explaining events in an artist’s life, reading Mady’s comics feels like having a close friend confide in you. 

Because of Mady, I’m on a quest to read more nonbinary identity comics (I’m open to recommendations!) <3

You can see more of Mady’s work at:

-Kat Fajardo

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages and now, having finally done it, all I can think is: “shit, I know I left stuff off, I know I forgot stuff”. Oh well, though.
Starting from the top:

•The Planet of the Apes  •Eric Powell  •Looney Tunes  •Terry Gilliam  •Morris  •Bruce Timm  •Sylvain Chomet  •Klaus Nomi  •Egon Schiele  •Don Bluth    •Jamie Hewlett  •John Kricfalusi  •OutInTheWastes  •Mady G.  •Beetlejuice tas  •Katsuhiro Otomo  •RogMont  •Odlaws  •VerticalArt  •Mike Mignola  •Moebius  •E.C. Segar  •Monkey Punch (Lupin III franchise) •Eiichiro Oda


7 Native Americans who should be on the $20 instead of Andrew Jackson 

Let’s not mince words: Andrew Jackson presided over one of the largest genocides of Native Americans. So why do we continue to honor the former president’s memory daily?

Mic cartoonist Mady G. has created a few alternate versions of the currency that pay homage to a dramatically underrepresented — and arguably more authentic — group of American leaders.


New commission special! Trying something different.

The gifs will be 500x500px, 300dpi, use 4-8 frames total, and loop seamlessly. All gifs include wiggle lines + one extra animated element. Any more animation will cost extra based on complexity. 

If you want one of these, just send me a message with your paypal info (for invoicing purposes) and a description of what you want.

You can also send an email to


I might add more if I’m feeling jazzed, tho.

 Thanks folks!!