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Así viví la protesta del 20 de abril. Seguimos en resistencia.

Venezuelan economy for dummies

Let’s see this hypothetical scenario:

My mommy opened a bank account for me when I was born, those would be 22 years and 10 months, or 274 months. Let’s say she put 1 Bolivar in the account every month, that would mean that right now, as I type this, I would have 274 Bolivares (the old ones, I’m not falling for that Bolivar fuerte shit). You know what THAT amount of money is? Slightly higher than the smallest circulating coin, slightly higher than a quarter. Back when I was born, in 1992, you could buy around 3 US$ with 274 Bolivares.

Today you can buy around 1,70$ with 274000 Bolivares (or 274 Bolivares fuertes). 274 Bolivares can buy 0,0017 US$.

*the Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte was an economic measure taken by Hugo Chavez, removing three zeros from the Bolivar, as a way to abbreviate the sky high numbers caused by inflation. And it has been wildly effective to confuse people about real numbers in everyday scenarios: making people believe that, with CADIVI, the dollar has the exact same price as it did many years ago, at 6,3Bs per US$. And many other similar situations. When it reality, numbers were so long they didn’t fit in checks.