nerdyburdie  asked:

Hey! I just finished my 3rd reread of MS (and that's just since the update) and I realized that I really want to know what Yuuri's entrance song used to be. Is that info we're allowed to have or would it be a spoiler? Also, it goes without saying that I find your work to be an absolute madterpiece!

Third re read omg 😭🙏🏼💕 thank you. I have a few options for Yuuri’s entrance song that I don’t mind saying 🤓 Phichit would be the one who picks Yuuri’s music. 😂

The songs I have in my head are:
Believer - Imagine Dragons
New Blood - Zayde Wolf
Humble - Kendrick Lamar (this would be Phichit’s choice because he wants Yuuri to walk in to something that’s as bad ass as he actually is and if his fights gonna be against JJ then this song is perfect)