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An award winning documentary

Well that title sounds pretty damn awesome. We finally did it. We made an impact. So much so they couldn’t ignore us anymore. We won an award.

Mandeep Sethis Rumble In London won an award at the SikhLens Film Festival in LA this past weekend (November 16th - 18th 2012). How amazing is that!? A piece of work that I did actually got noticed enough to be awarded an award. I have an award winning documentary.

I truly don’t know what to say. It’s amazing. I feel like im floating right now. Big thanks to Mandeep Sethi who made this happen. Thanks to SikhLens for giving the documentary the award.

So please. Check out my award winning documentary with Mandeep Sethi: The Rumble In London


Hey Harman 6 | Queens English


Jagmeet Singh :: Safe Space

The Immortal Technique

It all started with a simple tweet. The big homie Mits/Tony/The Godfather asks me if I want to film the Immortal Technique gig in Birmingham. I don’t think I’ve replied to a tweet so fast. Not once did I hesitate or even think I may be double booking. This was Immortal Technique. Possibly the biggest underground artist.. ever.

So now its a cold Saturday night in November. I’ve just left a family event and driven to Birmingham. Walk straight through the barriers like a boss and meet with Tony. The man is quite simply a legend. So humble and down to earth. I could never say a bad word about him. And he was a member of the Hustlers Convention. This is a link again made via Mandeep Sethi’s Rumble In London Documentary. So shouts to Mandeep again! 

I shoot some B-Roll, check out the stage, shoot some more B-Roll. The show begins with the supporting acts. They each had their own dopeness. Swave Sevah and Poison Pens were awesome supporting acts. DJ Static held it down. Then get told I gotta go backstage. I was so nervous at this point I’m outside the door to the room tech is sitting. I walk through. It was like a movie. He was sat comfortably two guys behind him awaiting fans for a meet and greet. All nervousness escapes me as I walk confidently towards him. I shake his hand, tell him my name and that its a pleasure and honor to meet him. He thanks me and we begin to have conversation. This is so surreal. He didn’t talk down to me. He didn’t act like he was a king he just sat and spoke to me man to man. I already had respect for his art and him as a person. But that was elevated to an all new height now. For me as a fan of his message this was pretty fuckin awesome. I’ve just met Immortal Technique.  

The fans who have bought tickets for the meet and greet begin to flood the room. They are die hard fans. Some had been to other shows and had come to see him again. Tech didn’t just speak with them and take photos, he laughed and joked with them. He knew his fans. He knew some people would find it hard to speak because they were that excited to meet him whilst others just wanted to let him know how much his music had effected them. Tech spoke with respect for his fans and also respected the people for coming out to see him. He gave words of wisdom too. He also took the time to listen to them. They had stories in which he was genuinely interested in. It was hard not to be in awe of the way he interacted with his fans. He didn’t have any ‘Bling’ either. 

Fast forward to the show. The. Best. Hip Hop. Show. Ever. Thats how I’d describe it. It was real. There was no pit area so the fans were literally against the stage. They were bumping fists and slappin hands with the performers. They got their moneys worth (which wasn’t even that much). The show was awesome. There’s absolutely no point in me trying to explain what it was like. If you weren’t there then I can’t tell you how dope it was. Swave Sevah fell off stage and carried on rapping like a true G. That was scary but funny at the same time lol. Tech gave an amazing performance. Showed the people a damn good time. The energy in the room was insane..

After the show Tech and his crew then went downstairs to sign autographs with the fans. At this point I had recorded loads already so did some B-Roll but really took the time to talk to DJ Static, Poison Pen and Swave Sevah. Again I can’t tell you how nice these guys were. They were full of positive energy. Not one bad vibe. I made Swave laugh which made my night more awesome lol. Having jokes with these guys was a surreal experience. They just loved the fans and the people around them. I truly hope to meet them again. 

I have to big up Tony because without him this would never have happened. So big love bro! Truly honored to have been a part of it! Thank you bro!


- The MadTatter

Oh and remember.. Stay grounded.. How can you see the life you’ve built around you when your head is so clouded..

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