Mandeep Sethi - Rumble in London Part 1 - The homieMad Tatter Films followed SETI X around London for week and put together a mini-documentary. Much love and respect to all london massive!


Good mornin!

Exciting news!

I made a very specific edit for a very specific website and guess what. They did an article on one of my films! Hypebeast, a website I have been following for the longest time now, have put up an article on Can Control; the mini film I did on Nisha from the Kalakari Crew. This is going to excite me because Hypebeast is up there as one of the biggest lifestyle websites around so I am SO happy that this day has come where one of my dopest pieces is on their site! 

You can check out the Hypebeast version HERE

- The MadTatter

And remember

As a famous actress once said.. Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming..

Re: Rants

It’s easy to take to twitter a explode emotional discharge over the internet but does that even solve anything? Yeah you’ll feel a relief as you receive tweets from like minded people but in the long run. What was the point of it? Recently I ranted on twitter and it did nothing. I felt a lil better but it never solved the situation. A good friend of mine sent me an amazing email putting many things that I was feeling into context. From that email alone I felt better about the situation than I did from ranting.

One of the important things I took from the email was not to take to twitter so quickly but to write down my frustration and come back to it in 24hours. I was told I’d be surprised by how many things I’d end up just letting go of. I thought I brushed things off very well but turns out some things dwell inside the caves of my mind. I ended up writing them down. Yeah my twitter might get “boring” but I feel like a balloon behind my eyes has been popped.. I can breath..


- MadTatter

And remember,

You cannot live a positive world when attracting negative thoughts.

The Inkquisitive Documentary

It all started with a thought. 

I was talking with Ink about stuff when I asked the question…

“Bro.. What if we went to Canada?”

From there the world wind that was this journey started. From a thought in a conversation to contacting my big bro Rick Matharu to walking off the plane. We made this happen. This family of freaks. This circle of creatives. This crew of visionary villains. We did this. 

When I was filming this I knew I was capturing something special. To see the growth of Ink in front of my very own eyes was something. He was this timid guy who blossomed into this passionate artist. ‘The Ink Face’ was brought out with no worries about judgement. I feel as though we both learned so much on this trip. We learnt to go 200 miles an hour and not to look back. 

I’m not speaking for Ink but this trip changed me for the better. Personally speaking I came to realise I was only doing half of what I should be. I realised my true potential. I found out what I could do. It was way more than what I was doing at the time. Being recognised for my work in another country was a huge deal for me. To be totally honest before I went I felt as though I was being overlooked. Seems that wasn’t the case. 

Fast forward to the now. The documentary is finished.. its been released. So many hours went into this and I just want to say. Thank you. To everyone involved. 

Ink - It seems it was fate that brought us together. We have this strange connection that I can’t really understand nor do I care. We’re like two old souls reuniting.

Rick & Jot - I’ll genuinely never find the words to thank you enough for what you guys did. You were the architects of this. You’re what made this a success. If you guys weren’t involved it would never have been what it was. Your hospitality was ridiculous. We were cousins before this but being with you guys and going through what we did I don’t see you as that. You’re my big brother and amazing sister. I’ll never forget what you guys did for us. I’d never met Jot before this trip but my God if we had anything more in common I think we’d be the same person lol. PS thanks for igniting my fire for vinyls! 

Priya - I hate you. LOL just kidding! My words will echo the above. We have an awesome relationship. I see you as my sister not a cousin. As you said I’m that annoying little brother you never had lol. Thank you for taking me all the way to Montreal. Thats something I will never ever forget! I owe you so much! 

I don’t want people to think “oh this guys just tagging along”. I was no means a tag along. I’m not going to toot my own horn but I was a part of this as much as anyone else. Editing this documentary was a genuine pleasure. Something I feel blessed to have done. I’ve been able to give something to someone in a way that I know.

So Ink. Happy birthday bro. Heres to another successful tour ;) 



 - The MadTatter

And remember…

There are always going to be moments where you won’t be successful at something. When that happens, you really find out what character you have as a person. Get up. Accept defeat. Move on. 

I am not a filmmaker

As time goes on your thoughts change. The way you look at people, projects and life in general. You can start something and begin to feel different about it. I wanna say theres absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you’re not happy with how things are going then changing your outlook on it will help you progress. Holding grudges and being miserable is not a healthy way to live and the only person who can change that is you.

So I come to my point. I’m not just a filmmaker I’m so much more. Now that statement is going to sound so egotistical to some but is being confident about your ability being egotistical or refreshing. I’m not saying I’m going to stop making films because that’s my passion. And I’m so grateful that film festivals like Filmi and VISAFF are pushing me as a talent. On This Souled Out journey I’ve been put into way more situations than I usually would dare to put myself in. I’ve run AV, designed business cards, curated an art show and all sorts of other creative things. I’ve been taught the hard way by The Glass Museum that I am not JUST a filmmaker. I can be anything I want. I’m a creator. I don’t want to have myself boxed in. I’m learning how to take photographs properly. I can film. I can design. I can cut and sew. I can paint. This isn’t me stroking my own ego its me embracing the fact I don’t have to stick to one thing. You CAN master more than what you think you should and this isn’t age specific. My dad has been showing me this for years but I never really noticed. He takes photos, does gardening, is a master engineer and one of the funniest guys I know. He has been MadTatter way before I was even born. Seeing someone else do it in the same field just makes you realize how blind you are to those around you. 


- The MadTatter

and remember

Progress is when you can see what you’re doing and realize you can do more without being scared to fall..

Vancouver! Are you ready for this?!

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The Glass Museum is excited to announce that special guest IISuperwomanII will be joining us for the exclusive meet and greet for one day only at the Souled Out Tour - Vancouver!

The meet & greet is First Come First Serve and runs from 3-5 PM with a question & answer period with Inkquisitive, MadTatter Films, and IISuperwomanII from 6-7 PM.

The Souled Out Experience will be from 3 - 8 PM!

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Back at it again coming with ANOTHER international collaboration this time with my very good friend Lilly Singh aka iisuperwomanii.

I was truly honoured to be asked by Lilly to come along to one of her amazing school talks to create a small film. I really wasn’t how to go about it to be honest. How do you create something and still capture the vibe in that assembly hall?

When Lilly started talking even I was mesmerised for a moment. The way she can relate to these kids and talk to them on a level they understand without thinking they’re just being preached to by someone who has no idea what they are going through was awesome. As she says in the video, it’s like she’s talking to her little brother or sister. 

So please click HERE to check out the 3rd iisuperwomanii X MadTatter Films collaboration.

It wont be the last trust me lol. Make sure you check out Lillys awesome videos on YOUTUBE and follow her on TWITTER.


- The MadTatter

And remember.

Nobody owes you anything. Not even your closest friends. So do things out of the kindness of your heart and don’t be upset when you don’t receive anything back. 


Here’s something we can all relate to. When someone does something or acts like they’re huge fans of a musician / brand / person you adore and you’re there like… dude.. You wouldn’t have known who they were if it wasn’t for me. It’s THE most annoying thing in the world. When someone pretends they’re this huge fan of something they’re just not. I like to call it the “Hey I’m Cool Look At Me” Syndrome. Seriously why are people so DESPERATE for attention? 

It’s not always the case. I was introduced to a band or clothing line but I have a genuine appreciation for them. I’m seeing too many people jump on things because it’s the cool thing to do. I’ve hated this for such a long time. When I was at school all my homies were into Bhangra and grime. I was like nah mate imma listen to Korn, Nirvana, DMX and Jay Z. Growing up it was worse. “I have to impress everyone so that this girl likes me”. Seriously? You’re 14 chasing girls like you’re in a Disney film. 

When did people lose the ability to like things because it was dope to them? I see too many situations where people are trying so hard to stay relevant by using irrelevant methods. Stop trying to please everyone around you and start pleasing yourself. If you like Miley Cyrus new jam then don’t be afraid to admit it. If you like weird toppings on your pizza then don’t be scared to order it. If the people around you can’t accept you for who you are then maybe you should be looking for people who do.


 - The MadTatter

And Remember,

You’re only as strong as the support you have around you.