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uh yes hello, do you know where i might be able to watch or download pokerfjæs episodes? please its for science.

Hey, actually I did find a place to download them all, but it required payment :S

Our new hope was madsorama, but they ran out of space to send videos on tumblr and started running out of time in their real life (girls I miss you!!) so it’s been a while we don’t hear from them.

They did have all the episodes, and as you’ll probably find in their page, they were looking for danes to help translating them so we’d watch with subtitles. At first some people were excited to help, but after the first episode they all just stopped and we couldn’t find help anymore, so we were stuck.

Anyways, when their videos went offline, they started a channel on YouTube, but they haven’t sent them all yet! The first episode of Pokerfjaes isn’t there, but as I know they aren’t around, I just uploaded it for you. Click!