Jyn, if you’re listening, my beloved…so much of my life has been wasted.I try to think of you only in the moments when I’m strong…because the pain of not having you with me…your mother, our family. The pain of that loss is so overwhelming… I risk failing even now. It’s just so hard not to think of you. Think of where you are…my Stardust.


It’s been very popular to use British actors to play the villains, but for some reason they need an even funnier accent to play the villain which is the Scandinavian one. We’re the villains right now. Why they’re doing it, it’s hard to say, but I’m glad as, if the alternative was not to work in the States, I would do villains forever. I’ve been crazy lucky to be part of some wonderful projects, like the Bond film and Hannibal, where it’s very difficult to call it a one-to-one villain. I’ve been very fortunate.