i just need to post this on its own because it took me so damn long.

so, breakdown: the united states is now shut down. here are your new lord and masters.

pros to joining morgasminia:

  • colin morgan is your king and he’ll come to your house and cook you a delectable vegan meal while reciting shakespeare
  • daily required flashmobs
  • my face and colin’s face on currency
  • you can stay up past your bedtime
  • i’ll be your queen
  • we’re the COOL nation

pros of joining all the other nations:

  • you’ll be able to travel to morgasminia and see all the glorious and diverse sights we have to offer

blushingsteve-deactivated201509  asked:

Ahh I need some dark!will fics

OHOHOHOHO Hold oh my cute danish penis I love dark!will fics

um but I wasn’t sure if you wanted like dark will as in darkfic or just different alignment fics (ie serial killer will) so I included a bit of both c: I don’t think there is that much of this even though I love it so I probably haven’t recced anything groundbreaking but yeah here they are anyways

there is DarkmoonSigel’s the notes played inbetween which personally isn’t always my cup of tea in terms of narrative voice/style but does have a bunch of fics about dark or serial killer will which makes me pretty happy

It’s third of a series, but you don’t have to have read the first two, althought they’re both pretty good, and there’s a part in this fic that makes me quiver with delight at how dark will is

revisiting that good staple of the serial killer! will tag: sequel to another fic but yet again I like this one better uvu

idk if this is what you’d want: alignment switch/role reversal one more role reversal oops I’m rly sorry yet another sequel I liked better idk reccing just in case but I think everyone adn their grandmothers have read the borderland state cracky serial killer will? idk if that counts I feel like also everyone and their grandmothers have read the getaway but just in case AW MAN rEAD THIS this isn’t just a rec this is me tearfully clutching at your shirtfront begging not very plot heavy AU where young!will is hannibal’s protege Ahhhh this is ah,read the warnings I just,a person I don’t want to die dies

+ oblig mentions of crystal ship and warrior and maggot because I’m pathetic even though they’re not 1000% dark

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what if the first time dean had sex with a girl, dean was bragging about it for weeks and sam was getting all angry and jealous. and then dean was fucking sam one day and was like "come on sammy. she wasn't anything special. no not like you. you're so much tighter sammy. oh you feel so good"

dean reminding jealous!sammy that he’s the only one that matters (✿◠‿◠)

dean telling sammy how tight he is (◡‿◡✿)

dean praising sammy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧