“I just want to say how much Meg means to me and to other people as well.” -me. “Oh that means so much to me!” -Rachel “I love you, you are one of my favorite actresses and you are so beautiful” -me

At this point Rachel looks like she’s going to start crying and then she says, “And I love you, you don’t know how much it means to hear that!”

i just need to post this on its own because it took me so damn long.

so, breakdown: the united states is now shut down. here are your new lord and masters.

pros to joining morgasminia:

  • colin morgan is your king and he’ll come to your house and cook you a delectable vegan meal while reciting shakespeare
  • daily required flashmobs
  • my face and colin’s face on currency
  • you can stay up past your bedtime
  • i’ll be your queen
  • we’re the COOL nation

pros of joining all the other nations:

  • you’ll be able to travel to morgasminia and see all the glorious and diverse sights we have to offer

saw a thing about Bucky wearing American flag pants and oh my god

imagine if he started teasing Steve by just doing little patriotic things - like, maybe he did it too during his time in the Howling Commandos, but it’s even funnier now to him after everything

so he tries to get in the back of all Steve’s photos with a miniature American flag; when he gets the hang of snapchats, he takes secret ones of Steve and decorates them with stars and stripes and sends them to Sam and Natasha

And he casually whistles the national anthem when Steve is trying to speak to a citizen who recognised him in the street 

And when Steve asks him if he’s free later, of course he answers, ‘of course I’m free, this is America, isn’t it, Cap?’ with a cheeky grin pls can we just

blushingsteve-deactivated201509  asked:

steve becoming a teacher and bucky coming to visit him and all the kids love bucky and think his arm is really cool

a little girl even put stickers on bucky’s arm

bucky keeps the stickers there because once when he came back after a previous visit the little girl looked heartbroken when she saw they weren’t there any more

it becomes an official thing that she adds a new one every time he visits and because he visits so often for both steve and especially the kids themselves he ends up with what was once a badass metal arm now covered in a rainbow of stickers with animals, quotes, and smiley faces on them

blushingsteve-deactivated201509  asked:

what if sam was in one of those class plays for thanksgiving and had the main role. but then john said it was time to pack up the day of sam's play. and dean knowing how much it meant to sam begged and begged john for just one more day. and john finally gave in. and dean doesn't even care if he gets the silent treatment from john for a few days. he just loves seeing his sammy happy

how dare you