“I just want to say how much Meg means to me and to other people as well.” -me. “Oh that means so much to me!” -Rachel “I love you, you are one of my favorite actresses and you are so beautiful” -me

At this point Rachel looks like she’s going to start crying and then she says, “And I love you, you don’t know how much it means to hear that!”

i just need to post this on its own because it took me so damn long.

so, breakdown: the united states is now shut down. here are your new lord and masters.

pros to joining morgasminia:

  • colin morgan is your king and he’ll come to your house and cook you a delectable vegan meal while reciting shakespeare
  • daily required flashmobs
  • my face and colin’s face on currency
  • you can stay up past your bedtime
  • i’ll be your queen
  • we’re the COOL nation

pros of joining all the other nations:

  • you’ll be able to travel to morgasminia and see all the glorious and diverse sights we have to offer