mads stoned

I love Ephraim and I think he’s an interesting character but it does frustrate me that everyone says he’s stronger and a better ruler than Eirika when Eirika was the one who stuck around to deal with everything falling apart with her country while Ephraim took his buddies and basically disappeared to go act out a little mercenary fantasy when his country needed him the most. 

I don’t think it makes him a bad person by any means, but strength includes moral fortitude as well as physical bulk and tbh in that aspect Eirika is incredibly freaking strong and I’m sick of people portraying her as the weakling compared to Ephraim.

“A lot of us were born in the 60′s. It was a big generation. A lot of things came out of the 60′s. Fantastic things. And a lot these things are still here. Like people who are 50. Like the brand Marc O’Polo. Like some of the cars that we loved. And we still make them shiny and drive around in them. So it’s a retro year and I’m part of it.” -Mads Mikkelsen