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I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!!
I spent Friday rearranging my altar and setting up that new crystal shelf, had a family event Saturday afternoon and was supposed to see that guy again but he ended up having to work fifteen hours but still drove all the way to my small town at ten pm to see me for a little bit and apologized so much (even though I kept telling him I understood it was out of his control aha) then I went to my sister’s house and my bother in law took me driving ─ I was on the road for so long and drove all the way home!! 😁

Working on prolly the final chapter of ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’. There may be a bonus chapter, but this last one will probably be long as heck. 

u can make fun of soft stans all u want ….. but at the end of the day …… i’m still havin a good pg-rated time nd that’s all that matters bithc !

Mad Max fic: Green

There were so many Norse myth references in Mad Max: Fury Road that this crossover was pretty much inevitable. I couldn’t help myself.

Technically, everyone in this fic is dead, but it’s G-rated aside from that.


Nux wakes to a wild heady wet smell and a vague feeling of strangeness. It takes him a moment to realize that what he’s feeling is the absence of pain. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t hurt.

He reaches up to feel Larry and Barry, and they aren’t there.

He sits up then, eyes snapping open, and scrambles to his feet. He’s barefoot, and there’s something soft beneath his toes, soft and wet. He looks down, and sees that it’s green.

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omg so for anyone who was keeping up with my bullshit experience with fashion nova, my mom didn’t receive a refund at all and they tried to act like they refunded us on the 12th when they would have had to literally just do it today considering they told us to wait 2-5 business days for a refund! anyway that all happened when my mom emailed them bc they just aren’t answering their phones and she told them that nothing they’ve told us has made any sense and their response still doesn’t give us any answers, like why they never emailed me abt my first order being delayed and issued a gift card instead (which btw they sent a separate email confirming an order cancellation at OUR request like no i didn’t request it, you told me i wasn’t gonna get the item????) or why my second order was cancelled and supposedly refunded immediately even though their website says out of stock items will be shipped when they get another shipment of the item, and the shirt i ordered is in stock and has been in stock since i ordered it! sooooooo my mom is gonna wait the 5 days or whatever for a refund but like if any of y’all wanna order from them just know this is how they deal with shit if you have any issues with your order lmao you won’t be notified and you will have to go to them for answers but you won’t get any

u guys today was So Stressful im gnna c*y 😣


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"#i still kinda hate akechi" cool do you need to put it in his character tag

I just made a meme?? Why are you getting so upset over this lol. Please don’t attack me just because I somewhat dislike a character in the game. Not everybody is always going to like every single character in the game and quite frankly, I’m not very fond of Akechi. (I’m not fond of other characters as well) I put it in his character tag because the meme involved him, plus he’s in the game. I’m sorry that I offended you in some way, but you could have approached me in a much kinder manner, such as asking me to take the meme down, or taking that out of the tags.


[Press Play]

==> Lord English: Destroy the Green Sun.

==> Jade: Pass out.

[Jade gets a severe shock because the part of her that was once Becquerel dies and she can’t teleport anymore. She was only capable of teleportation because of the Green Sun. Her power level has taken a severe dive and her powers are now blue instead of green]


Jade wakes to find the Incipisphere slowly collapsing around her. All of the universes under the domain of the Green Sun are being destroyed and drawn to the black hole. Even if she tried to fly away she wouldn’t get far. Paradox space and everyone in it have been marked for imminent destruction.

As LOFAF breaks apart, she saves Karkat from getting crushed in the debris. All the planets are falling, Skaia is falling. They dodge the trees and rocks that fly past and eventually the pieces settle into a gradual descent towards the spot formerly occupied by the Green Sun. They land on the largest piece of LOFAF still intact.


It’s chaotic and they wouldn’t be able to hear each other even if they tried to find words. But they both already know, they’re completely fucked, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop this.

Jade and Karkat just stand there in each other’s arms, waiting for the end. They both tear-up a bit because wow, what a fucking cruel twist of fate. Finally getting to meet face to face, and their impending doom is preventing them from even saying hello. The ground is trembling beneath their feet and piece by piece it breaks away. The gravity is intensifying.

It won’t be long now.


There’s so many things they want to say but it’s all lost in the chaotic darkness, along with every tear that falls from their eyes. The light is beginning to fade and as they near the event horizon, memories from this life and the last go through their minds. Burning irons and pictures on cave walls.

It’s strange. Seeing your past lives as well. People you’ve never known, but somehow, its so familiar. As the last bit of earth dissolves around them Jade looks at Karkat and smiles. He looks familiar too.


She kisses him. 

And in that moment, a thought occurs.

There is an overwhelming realisation that this was it. That their whole lives, the alpha timeline, everything, it’s all been leading up to this one kiss.

It couldn’t have happened any other way.


Suddenly a blinding flash, a comet of light streaks across the void.


She appears with bright wings before them. But this is not the Calliope that Jade knew.

Another light, so brilliant and blinding, then complete and total darkness overwhelms them. They awaken, far from danger and they are alone. Has the impact of her arrival has thrown them this far? Or perhaps she saved them?


Calliope is now fighting Lord English inside the black hole. 

Part of the Incipisphere breaks and Horrorterrors are being violently cast into the fray.

The amount of power being released is amazing and it bursts forth from every direction. Jade recognises this light. It is the same energy released when a god tier is made or reborn. Jade and Karkat continue to flee. Flying as fast as Jade can carry them in order to avoid becoming collateral damage.

Their power quakes through paradox space and the remaining planets continue to crumble under the force of the energy blasts. Colossal snakes appear and fight, entangled in a seemingly endless spiral and the colorful light bursting forth is beginning to change. Everything becomes pure white light or endless void. The black hole becomes unstable and collapses in on itself.

It’s gone, and so are Calliope and Lord English.

More than half of the planets are crushed beyond recognition and dragged out in a long, scattered trail. What remains of the Incipisphere is virtually unrecognisable. The Dark Gods skim the mirror’s edge, their songs silenced.


Jade and Karkat are left standing on the ruins of Skaia, hand in hand, as the last of the debris settles in place.

For lack of a better word, it was a miracle.


I am so over going on the CLACE tag and seeing both Hate and other things that shouldn't be on there.

IF YOU DON’T SHIP CLACE OR LIKE THEIR CHARACTERS, by all means you are entitled to that. I don’t really care, but for the love of everything, stop posting the hate, and how they should just get rid of them two all together and make room for Malec. I love Malec too, but I am so done with all the hate towards Clace and having it in the Clace tag. I know there is a specific tag for that to be posted. Don’t be rude, and know that others would like to go on a certain tag and not see the hate. Just like you wouldn’t like if someone posted hate in the Malec or Sizzy tag. Oh, I could only imagine the backlash it would get.

A/N: This is a oneshot i came up with this morning and I felt i had to at least try and write it down. I kind of like it. And i am no writer by means. I never write like this. But it was fun, so why not aye? Let me know what you think! 

* * *


After they both had finished collage Rae and Finn decided that wich ever road destiny seemed to lean forwards the most  that they would walk that road together. And destiny seemed to really speak up when they found out that they had both been accepted to the same university, they had both felt an ecstatic excitement and relief. So when summer came to an end Rae and Finn packed their bags and went up north where they would start a new chapter. Rae had her heart set on psychology since a few years back and felt a real desire to truly understand how the mind works, and it does work in mysterious ways, she knew that from her past and ongoing experiences. Finn however chocked a few when he wanted to go on studying history, everyone guessed that knowing Archie his whole life, that all of those ramblings and impromptu lectures actually had an inspiring effect on him.

They shared a flat with three other students, and they all went along perfectly with each other. Both Finn and Rae breathed a big sigh of relief when they discovered their new friends had decent taste in music and that no one had to suffer in silent as one of them would inevitably play a crappy CD that had to blast through their flat, and pain the others with no mercy. As expected they all lived very stressful lives. Long lectures and group assignments and countless hours spent at the library made it hard to sometimes connect with each other, and even though they lived in the same flat and shared the same bed they would still miss each other. So as time went by they made up for the lack of secret communication mode their education took away from them and instead came up with the great idea of post-its.

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