mads mikkelson

Hannibal the TV series

I really love this show; it’s well written, the characters are very human, it’s creative, the set and crew are fricking awesome, and there are phenomenal actors. I do have some things that I absolutely loathe about this show though:

Freddy just needed to die, so many times, I hate her character and her sneering “I’m better than everyone but I embrace being a snake” attitude.

The investigation writing; l totally get that Will almost has a super power with being able to empathize with anyone, but there are a lot of quantum leaps he (and other characters, though they lack his unique skill) makes with absolutely zero evidence or suggestion to these suppositions. That’s not empathy and it’s not investigation, considering the vast spectrum of variables of human behavioralism coupled with how many times the “copy cat” killer screwed with the investigation team it simply becomes lazy writing. There’s no process here guys, Will’ll pull the entire killer’s profile out of his ass after examining a lint ball under the victim’s door mat on a split second whim. Will’s pronouncements take a flying leap out of the realm of empathy and dive into the supernatural; which would be fine, but supernatural phenomena is not a premise in this show. There’s a huge difference between having coalescing mental instabilities and neurodivergence that allow you to use observable data to make complex theories and being a fucking wizard. It’s complete bullshit, and honestly if the actors weren’t as good as they were I wouldn’t have made it half way through season one.

The investigation team would not agree and get along as well as they do all the time; while they disagree on things just often enough, having a team of +3 highly trained, specialized, experienced and intelligent people agree on such far fetched investigative methods and conclusions is absolute bullshit and lazy writing. No one in those professions would immediately and blindly throughout the series continue to take Will at his word for everything, especially not after he mentally shit his pants. These people are trained investigators, they have to rely on critical thinking, evidence and process. Not some guy showing up, having an epileptic panic attack and shakenly saying in a dark voice “the murderer is sick. He’s unwell. He murdered his victims because he was deprived of eating cat food as a child by seemingly reasonable parents and his victims epitomized this need by denying their mailman the number orange. He needed to teach them a lesson. He needed to feel in control. He needed show us that stuffing meow mix down this guy’s pants was his inalienable right.” Yeah no, dudes, it doesn’t fucking make sense to anyone. It doesn’t matter if that’s 100% accurate, no. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. And unfortunately a lot of Will’s proclamations are like this. No self respecting investigator would be like HOLY SHIT GUYS HE’S RIGHT IT’S LIKE MAGIC.

Jack is a human behavioral specialist for the FBI -I’m finding it hard to believe anyone who understands as much he does about how humans act and react to things that he would not only drag Will into the shitmire he did but also let him break as many times as he did. I call bullshit on Jack trusting Hannibal’s methods so completely as he did whilst working with the living and acting product in front of him, and as a human behavioral specialist he damn sure would have known that Will wasn’t botching/faking the clock test.

Alana and Margot hooking up out of nowhere really irritated me; I’m glad that LGBT couples are getting more publicity and I deeply respect Bryan Fuller but I found their sudden and graphic presentation of their relationship highly distasteful. There was absolutely no lead up or plot until it happened and although the writers/producers/actors are LGBT and LGBT allies it was just another glorified random naked woman scene. Until they were bare ass naked sensually humping on screen it was totally irrelevant to the plot. Funny, how it looked a lot less like what lesbian sex is like and more like a highly staged scene for a particular audience demographic. Idk about any other lesbos out there, but I’ve never humped another women and spent the major portion of it innefectively making out and staring vapidly at my partner’s seemingly expressionless face. If someone looked at me the way they did during sex I’d fucking quit because that’s just weird and I’d have complete doubt about them enjoying it at all. I’m not saying women aren’t horny, I’m not saying that women don’t spontaneously decide to have sex with other women -fuck, that’s how I figured out I was pretty gay, being drunk, random and horny; what I’m saying is this wasn’t about socio-political normalization, it was just another “let’s push the limit on how many titties we can show on American television before we get told no-no”.

Sexualizing bi/lesbian couples for the sake of having a nude/sex scene does doesn’t do shit for LGBT rights, enforces negative social and industrial expectations of women. Honestly they could have spent less time here and there with repetitive dialogue scenes and gave Margot and Alana a few minutes building up. 2-4 minutes of dialogue in an episode or so and they could have made a non confrontational statement about same sex couples being a really common and natural part of the population. Nah, let’s get these broads naked and have ‘em fuck in the most stereotypically objectifying way possible, it’ll be a novelty.