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Hi fannibals! Here we have Will Graham’s thoughts while he’s waiting for Dr. Lecter to start their session. Please, don’t be shy and leave a comment if you liked…or even if you didn’t! ❤️🔪🐶🌈🗂

Hola fannibals! Aquí tenemos los pensamientos de Will mientras espera a que el Dr. Lecter abra la puerta de su consulta. Si os ha gustado, no seáis tímidos y dejar un comentario! ❤️🔪🐶🌈🗂

the amount of people who take the shadows in Persona 4 at face value and miss the totally not complicated at all meaning behind them is unbelievable

like the entire point of the shadows is that they can only achieve autonomy by killing their owner and they can only attack their owner if their owner rejects them

so the way they portray inner issues is always twisted to be embarrassing or vicious and repugnant (or both)

Yosuke is bored in Inaba and feels destined for greatness so his shadow portrays him as an entitled, arrogant sociopath who can’t feel empathy for others

Chie is scared nobody will want her if they don’t need her so her shadow twists it into her being an abuser who sets up situations where she can ‘save’ her friends

Yukiko wants personal freedom and feels trapped in inheriting her family inn but can’t come up with the courage to voice it so her shadow portrays her as a helpless princess who needs rescuing

Kanji puts on a hyper-masculine facade because he’s afraid he’ll be rejected if he shows his true nature (and avoids girls because hyper-masculinity is an instant path to acceptance with most guys in Japan, but there is no such easy route when interacting with girls) so his shadow is flamboyantly gay

Rise feels like her persona as an idol is fake and that she’s being portrayed and sold as someone who isn’t her, and feels like nobody actually likes her for the person she actually is, so she has a desire to show people the 'real’ her which is twisted into slutty exhibitionism

Naoto feels stress of having to live up to her family’s legacy but her age and sex cause people to not take her seriously and she wishes she could escape those prejudices, so her shadow takes the form of an unreasonable, immature brat (who exists in a TOKUSATSU SET and wears an OVERSIZED LAB COAT) who plans to swap her sex


none of this shit is really complicated

it’s all pretty much right there

all you have to do is like

pay even the slightest bit of attention


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 

To everyone woundering why Russel wasn't doing anything in Strobelite

Apparently Russ was going to fight the DJ (who gets punched in the face in the beginning) and Murdoc was going to fight Phil (the man who handed him the card) but Russel’s model must have not work causing them to add the 2D Russel instead

(It really sucks Russel didn’t get to do anything I really wanted to see him dance but don’t get on Jamie’s back for it he tried with this video, that’s probably why he released that Russel drawing today)

Jamie always leaves out russ and it’s got old a long time ago, Jamie what’s going on here

| the aesthetic from video games concept arts part 2|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
| Edits made by me :)|

the thing I love most about the Justice League in Young Justice is that in the first episode of yj the ENTIRE FUCKING LEAGUE came to chew out the kids.

like all 16 members, superhero powerhouses of the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, aliens and gods, flew/hitched a ride all the way to some random building downtown to see Batman chew out 4 kids, which were supposed to be 3 kids because Superboy was a surprise disobedient child

like these are literal guardians of the earth and they were all like ‘okay we’re done with the crisis of the day, let’s go see the Bats rip some kids apart for not following his orders’ even the none flying superheroes were like ‘yo lantern give us a ride we can’t miss this’