madrona labs

just playing around with aalto. i designed a few presets and i’m just going through them here.

I love that synth, it sounds quite “woody”, as an old buchla or a serge (well, it’s “serge-ish”…), and i quite love the spring reverb emulation and the vactrol lo pass gate.

You can play a liveset with just one aalto loaded, if you patch it up correctly.

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Madrona Labs’ Kaivo

I recorded this little video as basic kind of introduction to Madrona Labs’ more recent offering - Kaivo.

I’ve been pretty excited and enthusiastic about this instrument since Randy released it in early 2014, mainly because it’s really unique and at this point it occupies it’s own little space amongst the vast sea software instruments. In short, it’s based on an interesting combination of granular sampling and physical modelling packed into a tight semi-modular package. The GUI is strikingly similar to Aalto which is somewhat comforting to those already familiar with this.

The video basically explains most of functionality of the components, and demonstrates some of the sonic territory the instrument lends itself to. The physical models produce remarkably natural sounds, but the modulation possibilities expand and push these sounds into new and experimental contexts and directions. If you’re just wanting tried and tested kinds of timbres, it may not be your cup of tea, but those that are a little more sonically adventurous and enjoy challenging sounds, it’s a fun and rewarding tool. The amazing sound quality comes at a cost though, and has a pretty hefty hit on the cpu, is some pretty complex math going on under the hood in relation to the physical models. It’s not based on IR’s or sampling in that regard.

I’ll be posting some patches soon but in the meantime check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.