madrock climbing

Spice up your typical pull-up bar workout…
2-3 sets of the following:
- Typewriter: left & right
- Around the World: clockwise & counter clockwise
- Zig Zag: Typewriter movement during slow pull-up. Reverse.

Keep a wide grip for larger range of motion. Its important to keep a slow controlled movement through each pull-up and lower.
I feel my lock off game has improved because of these sets! 

Try it out for yourself and let me know!

[Natalie Duran.]

Ay yo Pantene Pro-V, if you ever expand your outdoor chick dirt bag product line… i’m down.

Made a trip to Madrock HQ, grabbed myself a pair of the new models: Lyra, Lotus, and Redline!

Psyched to see a climbing shoe company make a female climbing shoe that isn’t something just “comfy”, but downturn and aggressive… just like our personalities ;)

Time to break these babies in!