Thank you for years and years of your dedication and devotion. Thank you for being an amazing leader on and off the pitch. Thank you for being the best captain you could be and always being there for the club. Thank you for being the heart of Real Madrid. You’re irreplaceable and will always be our #1. Good luck with what your future has to offer you. Remember that once a madridista, always a madridista  ♥


Int: “It is the first time that you are going to meet with La Diosa Cibeles as a Captain, with a league under the arm. What are you going to tell her?”

Sergio: “Well, I’ll tell her that I’ve missed her and that my wife lets me be unfaithful with her…because every time I’ve had the opportunity, I’ve given her a kiss…”

So this is the meaning of Isco’s second goal : a day before the match, a girl told him to celebrate with🤘🤘 (which means i love you) for her deaf parents if he scored. And he did it. He really got a big heart #HalaMadrid

  • Sergio: *does THE thing*
  • Me: YES MI CAPI!!❤💘
  • Sergio: *does THE thing again*
  • Me: i've never seen anyone do that before omg *cries*
  • Sergio: *once again does THE thing*
  • Me: has anyone ever done that before?
  • Sergio: *does THE thing for the 1631936193627th time*
  • Me: so blessed. so moved. so grateful. can't believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you