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Regular Life (Marco Asensio)

Your phone dinged and you flipped it over to see who the message was from. Of course, you kind of already knew it would be from him. His name was saved in your phone, embarrassingly, as Mysensio with multiple different heart emojis.

Opening the conversation, you saw it was a picture of him in training with one of his close friends, Isco. You smiled, replying that he should probably not take selfies in the middle of practice with the balls flying everywhere and all that.

Little did he know, you were about to show up at any minute.

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In the past weeks we’ve been learning different Spanish expressions, now it’s time to continue. This time we have expressions with food.

We all know that Spanish food is tremendously good and they can’t stop continuing talking about it but with different meanings. Check it out!!Do you have similar onces in your native language?

Felipe Juan F. de Marichalar y Borbón, fourth in the Line of Succession to the Spanish Throne, graduated from Blue Ridge School, an all-boys boarding school in Virginia, United States of America. His parents, Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, his maternal grandmother, Queen Sofía, and his little sister, Victoria Federica de Marichalar, attended the Graduation Ceremony. Felipe de Marichalar will study in the IE Business School in Madrid.

Nooreva AU

Imagine an AU where Noora stayed in Madrid for high school, Jonas and Eva are dating, and Jonas and Noora are work buddies, studying journalism at Oslo university together.

One day Eva picks Jonas up from a lecture to go get lunch or a coffee and she sees her boyfriend talk to the prettiest girl on earth!! She is naturally shook and can’t get her eyes of Noora as she says her goodbyes and walks away down the hall.

Jonas misinterpretes this as jealousy and informs Eva that he and Noora are definitely not a thing, he would never cheat on Eva and besides Noora is a lesbian.

Eva manages to pretend that this was what she had been worried about and they go about eating lunch as usual, even though Eva is kind of distant because she can’t stop thinking about this girl, a literal goddess walking the earth if you ask Eva.

Cue Eva picking Jonas up from his lectures at every possible opportunity just to get a few glances at Noora.

One day Jonas is out of town but Eva goes to the auditorium as usual. Noora approaches Eva with confusion, “Don’t you know your boyfriend isn’t here today?” “Yes I’m aware of that, I came here for you.” “For me? What do you want then?” “I want to take you out for a coffee and get to know you.”

Noora agrees, flustered (because you can bet Noora noticed Jonas’ pretty girlfriend as well) and they go to KB and talk about their studies and their hobbies and everything under the sun. Eva keeps flirting with Noora the entire time, Noora is baffled and has scruples to flirt back because this is Jonas’ girlfriend and Jonas is her friend. Yet she agrees to a second “meeting” (because they wouldn’t dare call it date yet) on Saturday.

Until then Noora has a lot of time to think and she comes to the conclusion that she won’t let herself be played in any way, if this girl wants something more, she has to break up with Jonas and Noora is going to tell her exactly that, that’s the best for the three of them.

Of course the whole speech gets forgotten once Noora is around Eva, but at least when Eva leans in for a kiss at the end, Noora manages to clear her mind enough to pull away and say: “Eva, I don’t know if it’s that easy for you to cheat on your boyfriend, but Jonas is my friend and I won’t allow this. If you want anything at all with me you’ve got to break up with him. But I wouldn’t advise you to do that if you’re not interested in anything serious, because I don’t do one-night-stands or anything like that.”

Eva would like nothing more than to kiss Noora right this instant but she understands, even though the choice is hard. She’s been together with Jonas for four years and it would be the easy option, because what if this thing with Noora doesn’t work out and she’s thrown a good relationship to the wind… But on the other hand she wants Noora, they seem to complement each other perfectly and it’s hard to believe this could not work out. She needs time to think and Noora grants it to her, they agree not to meet or talk again until Eva has come to a decision.

This night Eva can’t sleep and she realises she needs to talk to someone, so she asks Isak if she can come over. He and Even are usually up late anyway so he agrees and Eva pours her heart out. Isak gives her a hug and says “Look, remember that bullshit advice I gave you when you hooked up with Chris in our first year of Nissen? Right, no more of that. Keeping secrets like that is never good for anyone involved, so you gotta tell Jonas everything. You’re both my friends and I don’t want either of you to get hurt. But for the rest maybe Even can help you, he knows more about this kind of dilemma.”

Even seconds the counsel to talk to Jonas about everything. He also says that even though staying with her boyfriend seems the easier choice, if Eva is seriously considering breaking up with him, then maybe it’s better if they quit so both have a chance at finding the live of their life. Even pulls Isak close as he says that and Eva smiles, remembering how their relationship started out and how happy they are now. She thanks them both for the advice and goes home. Now that she got this weight off her chest she is able to sleep.

She talks to Jonas the next day and tells him everything. Or almost everything, she leaves out the part where she tried to kiss Noora and she posed this ultimatum because she knows it will make him appreciate the fact that she told him everything more.

He is sad about their relationship ending but agrees it is for the best. They remain friends, although it takes Jonas some time until he’s comfortable with talking to Eva one-on-one.

Eva calls Noora, tells her that she and Jonas broke up and they meet again. This time it’s an official date and starts with a passionate kiss. Many more kisses are shared this day and in the years to follow, and never once does Eva regret the decision she made.


It was the first day back to high school and the strawberry blonde wasn’t pleased that the summer was over. Especially since they had been away the whole summer to be in Italy. Something she had loved. All the stress she had just went away. She looked over at her twin sister and smiled weakly. Her sister was completely opposite from her. Becca had always been the strong one and the daddies girl. While Madrid had pretended her whole life that she was strong and a mommy’s girl. Madrid usually didn’t put a lot of herself out there when it came to social life and school, but this year is going to be different. This year was going to be a year she wasn’t going to forget. “ Do you think they will like it?” she asked while she looked down at her new outfit. David stood by the locker. Tired since he haven’t been able to sleep a lot. He had stayed up all night mostly with his step father. Training. He messed around in his locker. Searching for his book a little bit before he looked over at Riley. “ Who are you looking at?” he asked while he watched her look. Turning his head to follow her look he gave out a small laugh. “ Of course “ he smiled weakly before he looked into his locker again. “ Maybe you should maybe talk to him instead of creeping?” he asked her with a teasing smirk.
School. The thing he hated the most.  The only good thing about it was being social and of course sport. He was at the senior team also. Which was going to be fun. He put books in his bag before he locked his locker. He turned his head a little bit and looked at the familiar brunette he had been watching for months. He have had a crush on her for months, but rumors said she wasn’t single. Mostly because she walked around with David Daniels all the time. Her boyfriend? Many people thought that. They were always together.
Luca Zidane: The TEA (for now...)

📱Basic Information:

Full Name: Luca Zinedine Zidane-Fernandez (yes, you read that right, Zidane middle-named his second son twin, after himself)

Birthday/Birthplace: 13 May 1998; Marseille, France

Age: 19

Height: 1,82 m (6 ft)

Position: Goalkeeper

Education: Lycée Français de Madrid (Bachiller = High School Diploma) , graduated in June 2016.

‘Fun’ Facts and Factoids

  1.  💻 He has a Tumblr, won’t release his user to (more than likely) maintain ‘some’ privacy on the interwebz.
  2. 📱 Although his IG bio does infamously say “Je n ai ni twitter ni facebook“ (I don’t have Twitter or Facebook) …..He’s lying, through his perfectly straight teeth 😬. I have receipts 📝 
  3. 📰 He is VERY popular in French tabloids, his yearly Holiday photos always cause a riot in press and TV.
  4. 💗 Clearly values his relationship with his current girlfriend, chose to go on Holiday with her rather than be with his family in Cardiff (and skipped out on Milan to be with her as well) during the CL Final. Probably due to their long-distance relationship.
  5. 🏽VERY close to his cousins (Driss and Mehdi, specifically) and childhood friends from Marseille (OM midfielder, Maxime Lopez among those). Is known to pop up in Aix-En-Provence, every now and again through the Winter. Especially later this year, while he was injured.
  6. 🐝He’s in the Béy-Hive, y’all  !
  7. 🏼 Likes to bust a move here and again in the club. I have a video that I may (or may not) release eventually 😂.
  8. 🎵 🎵 An avid fan of the afro-trap genre, specifically of the artist MHD (give his music a listen, even if you don’t understand French, 🔥🔥)
  9. 📷 🙅‍♂️ As photogenic as he is, he really is not too keen on giving interviews or being photographed off the field. His Castilla days, don’t have many interviews on record. As well as his stints with the French NT, you can see him here (a bit after the 4 minute mark) trying to dodge an interview after a tournament his team won 😂 .

This list will develop as I gather more info that I deem potentially interesting or relevant. Enjoy, anon!