madrid press conference


Joshifer Daily Reminder: There are so many examples of Jen and Josh being in their own little world, but this one is my favorite - Catching Fire Press Conference, Madrid.  The whispering, the writing of private notes to each other, the heart eyes, the LEANING IN.  Oh the lean in!  And this all happened in the middle of a live press conference with reporters - reporters asking them questions, but they didn’t care.  Jen and Josh were too wrapped up in each other.


Most gifs by @joshifer-cfpromo-masterpost.

Did you take anything from set with you as a souvenir?
  • Jennifer: I have a couple bows.
  • Josh: That was short. I kept the locket, the little necklace that Peeta gave Katniss in the -
  • Jennifer: That's so Peeta.
  • Josh: *pause*
  • Josh: ...and I also kept a pair of really comfortable, futuristic sweatpants.
  • Liam: I actually took nothing at all.
  • Jennifer: You took us.
  • Liam: I took friendship and good memories.