madrid fc

*me during international break* how do people survive without wonderful football it is brings so much peace and happiness to my life

*me after break* what is it like to be free of the strangle of football in your life and inevitable misery, suffering and pain it brings and the feeling of your soul being crushed by the weight of broken hopes and dreams and bad refereeing

Atletico Madrid confirms failed Costa pursuit:

Simeone: “He’s doing great at Chelsea and he’s probably a key to what’s happening to the team. Atletico tried everything to sign Costa, but in England there is no cancellation clause. Diego did his best to come.”

On Wednesday, Costa revealed that he attempted to engineer a move back to Atletico shortly after Antonio Conte was appointed Chelsea manager last summer. After exploring all possible routes out of London, Costa was eventually forced to make amends with Conte once it was clear the transfer would not come to fruition.

when our team loses, us football fans don’t say “my team lost today we’ll do better next time,” we say “i hate my joke of a team they can choke” and i think thats beautiful