I know some people suck at coming up with starters in group roleplays, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people stopped making masterposts, but I’m going to go ahead and make one anyway. Here’s a masterlist of things my aim contacts have posted/said, divided into gif chat starters and text message starters. Some of them have been edited slightly to apply to more than just one person, and they can work for different characters. Please like/reblog if you plan on using any of these.

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We Are The Eighties: A Spotify Playlist

  1. LL Cool J - “Going Back To Cali” from Less Than Zero (1987)
  2. Killing Joke - “Eighties” from Weird Science (1985)
  3. Prince - “Take Me With U” from Purple Rain (1984)
  4. Eurythmics - “Would I Lie To You?” from One Crazy Summer (1986)
  5. Altered Images - “Happy Birthday” from Sixteen Candles (1984)
  6. Spinal Tap - “Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight” from This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
  7. Busy Bee, Lil Rodney Cee, and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore - “M.C. Battle” from Wild Style (1983)
  8. Slayer - “Tormentor” from River’s Edge (1986)
  9. Ry Cooder - “Paris, Texas” from Paris, Texas (1984)
  10. Sinéad O'Connor - “Jump In the River” from Married to the Mob (1988)
  11. Yellowman - “Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt” from Something Wild (1986)
  12. New Order - “True Faith” from Bright Lights, Big City (1988)
  13. Romeo Void - “Never Say Never” from Reckless (1984)
  14. Salt-N-Pepa - “Let The Rhythm Run” from Colors (1988)
  15. Suicidal Tendencies - “Institutionalized” from Repo Man (1984)
  16. Klymaxx - “Meeting In The Ladies Room” from Secret Admirer (1985)
  17. Roger Eno - “Voices” from Nine ½ Weeks (1986)
  18. Madonna - “Crazy For You” from Vision Quest (1985)
  19. The Replacements - “Within Your Reach” from Say Anything… (1989)
  20. Dwight David - “The Last Dragon” from The Last Dragon (1985)

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Y O U N G B L O O D 


As far as back as anyone could tell, the troubles in Derry started to occur on the 1st of May, 1990.

That same day in the middle of spring had been marked as normal by most; for girls like Susanna Berry it marked three weeks until Madonna released her newest album, for boys like Mark Tuedin it marked the first time he’d been sucked off by a girl.

It was also the day that the Fennler family moved into the house on the corner of Kansas Street and West Broadway.

People coming to Derry just for a visit was a rarity, let alone having a family take up residency in the wealthiest area of the town. Although the worst house on the street, it was still on the street. It was run down, chipped and decayed, much like the rest of the town.

Gretta Keene had been the first resident of Derry fortunate enough to witness the family moving into the shitty house. Following her last class on the first day of May, she walked home to the sound of Belinda Carlisle on her Walkman. Her backpack hung low on her back and her bouffant of hair bounced around in its ponytail like an untamed animal. She’d been left to walk by herself by several of her friends who instead went to see a film at the theatre, leaving her to her thoughts. As she crossed Kansas Street onto the opposite path, she quickly became aware of the yelling that followed the wind from the direction of the Derry Town Dump, loud enough to rupture the cocoon of her music.

On the corner of Kansas and Broadway, several loaded cars where parked around the house opposite Memorial Park, where the noise was coming from. As she walked, pausing her tape and slipping her headphones to sit around her neck, she saw two men avidly fighting before the old, run down house which they where supposedly moving into. As she moved closer, she only caught the shrapnel of their heated conversation.

“-a bad idea! If you don’t want to listen to me, then go a-fucking-head. I’m not stopping you!” This man (though man may be a bit of a stretch) was much taller then the teenage boy opposite him whom barely reached his shoulders. They where brothers, that much was evident if not by the tone of the argument then by the too similar features they shared between them. The teenager’s head suddenly turned and Gretta found herself under the stare of several sets is eyes, those of the arguing pair and the single pair which had emerged from the doorway.

She awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to say.

“Hi!” The teenage boy turned away in annoyance, walking inside while the other approached her with a grin on his slim face. Stepping over some of the moving boxes strewn across the lawn, he stopped short of the rise bushes lining the base of the fence. “We’re new to the neighbourhood, do you live around here?” He was polite, smiley and Gretta couldn’t stop looking at his shoulders. Never in her life had she seen someone (potentially a teenager) so built before. He looked as though he’d be able to snap her neck if she pissed him off.

“Uh, yeah. I live further down with my dad”

“Oh really? That’s cool. What’s your dad do?”

“He’s a chemist”

The conversation was weird, at least for her. He smiled for a second before suddenly rapping his knuckles against his head. “Goodness! I’m sorry, where are my manners?” He held his hand to her over the fence. “I’m Nathaniel, though Nate works fine as well” She took his hand and the smile she reserved exclusively for Travis Huller pulled itself onto her face.

“Gretta Keene”

“Lovely to meet you Gretta. That-” He turned around and Gretta stared at the muscle which became prominent in his neck. Freckles brushed his cheeks and stretched downwards, doting his sun-soaked skin. “-is my brother David”

Like Nate, David’s skin was lightly tanned but his black hair ran in two straight sheets around his face which looked at her in disinterest. “Then Jude and Rosemary are inside. We’re the Fennlers”

Despite her intense hatred for small talk, Greta’s hormonal teenage mind had already built scenario after scenario of what she could do with Nathaniel. Forbidden romances, secret kisses when no one was looking, and she would lose her virginity to him while he whispered sweet something’s into her ear under the Kissing Bridge. It was her heated internal storyteller that compelled her to stay.

“Where have you all moved from?”

“Pennsylvania. Jude’s lookin to finish school ‘ere though” A sudden flush of realisation slid across his face. “You go to Derry High School?”

“Yes sir” She leant on her right leg, sucking her stomach in slightly. “Just finished actually. We only have a month left until summer vacation” He chuckled, pushing away from the fence.

Quite suddenly, the door opened and Greta felt the oxygen disappear from her body.

“Nate, I’ve finished cleaning my room”

“Rosemary!” Nathaniel’s grin widened slightly. “Perfect timing” Holding his arm out in a welcoming gesture, she gracefully leapt down the stairs and walked across the lawn to meet him. “Gretta, this is my sister Rosemary”

Gretta couldn’t look away.

It wasn’t a face you could forget easily, genetically the young girl struck better then all three of her older brothers combined. Jude could be the most attractive male on Earth and still wouldn’t compare to Rosemary’s angelic face. A small oval face dotted with freckles and large, glassy blue eyes. Unlike her brothers, her skin was fair, and rosy, her body slim and on the peak of developing. She looked almost too proper for Derry in her neat little slip on shoes and black baby doll dress. Her cross lay comfortably against her collar.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” She smiled and Gretta returned the gesture. “I hope we can be friends at school”

“Of course! How old are you?”

“I’m sixteen, but I’m starting my junior year next year” Gretta stared at her in awe. Beautiful, polite, and smart? If she wasn’t smiling at her so kindly she might have felt intimidated.

“I’m starting my sophomore year next year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still hang out?”

Nathaniel pulled Rosemary closer, “Well Rose and Jude will be starting school tomorrow, maybe you could walk together?”

“That sounds like a great idea! Yeah!”

“Uh..” Rosemary but her lip slightly and Gretta felt envy flush her. She was so unintentionally sultry, yet so innocent.

So many boys where going to love her at school, and so many girls where going to hate her.

“I think Jude wanted to drive? Maybe we could pick you up?”

“Your brother can get off his ass and walk” Nathaniel frowned, glancing at the house before he looked back at Gretta. “They’ll be waiting for you by 7:40”

That was far earlier then Gretta would regularly leave for school, but she said nothing.

“I was hoping to walk around Derry a little before school. Is that alright with you Gretta?”

“That’s fine, I can show you some of the best spots in town!”

They conclude their brief, albeit odd conversation, both companies reasonably content.

Gretta was content not only because she now had something to gossip about, but because she’d just become friends with the pretty new girl at her school.

Nathaniel was content because for the first time in a while, he had hope for his sister, that she may be able to move on from the tragedy that befell her prior to their move. Hope that their life may begin cleanly. Oh how wrong he was.

Rosemary felt nothing.

Better Than I Know Myself

based on this prompt:  Fics I would love you to write?! Hmmm. I’ve always wanted a Kurt/Blaine fic where one of them honestly assumed they were straight until they ended up falling for and kissing the other. And then in the middle of making out with them begins smiling manically and happily and saying, “Yeah. Definitely not straight.” More fluffy and fun and silly than anything else. Also based on tirpse‘s addition to this post. And also for my klaine bingo prompt “jock”. 
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Romantically speaking, Kurt’s always been a bit of an anomaly. At least in comparison to all of his friends.

High school had been… well, nothing extraordinary. He joined the football team at his dad’s insistance during his freshman year, then joined glee club at his best friend Finn’s insistance his sophomore. While all of his friends seemed caught up in the whirlwind that was every high school romance ever, Kurt instead chose to focus on his academics, football, and improving his singing voice.

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“#tbt Starting My morning off like @madonna …….. Jump video was Made 11 years ago this week 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 #madonna #styledbyb”

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Anything But

Summary: blackbirdprince prompted: early dalton fluffy klaine, where blaine learn some things about Kurt past like single ladies/football, or ohh push it, or there madonna week (cheerleading-4minutes)

Note: This got longer than what I had originally planned but it’s still a tiny little thing hehe. Threw in Wes and David because they’re awesome and totally klaine shippers. AO3

Smoothing out his shirt in front of the mirror, Blaine gave himself another spin and checked his outfit once again. He had reserved a table for two at the Italian restaurant near Dalton for Kurt and his dinner date tonight. It’s been 28 days, 9 hours and approximately 25 minutes since they started dating, and so far, it feels like he’s on a rollercoaster ride only heading up. 

The rush of butterflies in his tummy whenever he saw Kurt, the warmth of Kurt’s hand as they walked hand in hand to classes, and of course, the feel of Kurt’s lips against his; all of these, he probably would never get enough of them. Probably will never be able to get enough of Kurt.

Glancing at the clock, he realised that he still had 15 minutes before he due to pick Kurt up at his room. Maybe if he went early they could spend some extra time together…

His train of thought was stopped when there was a frantic knocking on his door.

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@thelovemagazine: Happy Birthday Madonna 💥💥💥We have worked on an extra special issue of Love, 16.5 featuring Madonna, Rocco and a cast of boys seen within a 70 page portfolio ‘Angels of Concrete’ all photographed by Mert Alas. This very special edition, supported by Marc Jacobs will be on sale during London Fashion Week. @madonna @mertalas @kegrand Issue 16 starring Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne is available world wide.