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Sin #6: The Princess and I

Come stop your crying it will be alright;
Just take my hand; hold it tight.
I will protect you from all around you
I will be here don’t you cry.

While the Queen was away on a royal trip, the King and the Princess would sleep together, counting down the nights before Mommy comes home.

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Unseen pictures of Madonna for Harper’s Bazaar, 2017 february issue photographed by Luigi and Iango.
these photos were released by the photographer Luigi Murenu, you can find them here [x] [x]

They been off for a minute now
You know they all sentimental now
You know they all actin’ different now - Legend

I got people talkin’ down, man, like I give a fuck - Energy

My ex ask me where I’m moving I said “On to better things” - 10 Bands

Pray the real live forever man
Pray the fakes get exposed - Know yourself

Buncha’ niggas chasing after all these woman they don’t even know
Buncha’ out of season woman fuckin’ off-season niggas to get last season wardrobe - No tellin’

Laced up dripped up sauced up
Damn girl I wanna ride with you - Madonna

And just like every single other thing in my life
You can have her when I’m finished - 6 God

I am not a man, I can’t do this on my own
So I started askin’ them if they would put me on
And they did put me on - Star67

Doing is one thing, doing it right is a whole different story - Preach

Been a minute since we’ve slept together
Gotta get myself together
I’ve been thinkin’ about everything - Wednesday night interlude

When you get to where the fuck I’m at
You gotta remind ‘em about where you been - Used To

I am in the Matrix and I just took the blue pill - 6 Man

I had to knock down the wall
I swear to god that I’m gone
I’m leaving I’m leaving
No looking back when I’m gone - Now & Forever

I need a girl who gon’ love me
I need a girl who gon’ trust me
Someone to fuck me
Someone to make me feel lucky
Someone that’s so proud to be with me - Company

I pull the knife out my back and cut they throat with it momma
I’m “Game of Thrones” with it momma
I’m “ Home Alone” with it momma - You & The 6

What am I supposed to do after we done doing everything we do
Who is your replacement?
Are we still good? Are we still good? - Jungle

Some nights I wish I could go back in life
Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice - 6PM in New York

anonymous asked:

Those Billboard guys said a lot of great points. It's really interesting isnt it? Reputation maybe Taylor's 6th album but it's only her 2nd album fully in the pop genre world. She's pretty much a newbie in the pop scene.

Yes, exactly. There are so many fascinating things there to point out. For example, she had 4 country(ish) albums so far and they haven’t been the same. She always builds onto her old self. And then there was 1989, which even if it was like any other pop album would be perfectly fine because it was her first pop album, except it wasn’t like other pop albums. Which is even more impressive. And then there are little tidbits that we as fans know that indicate she has the skills to go into literally any genre she wishes. I always remember how Liz Rose spoke about Taylor writing the lyrics and even at that point telling her what the different elements of sound should accompany those lyrics. It obviously comes to her very naturally. Then there was “This Is What You Came For” and although we don’t know how far her involvement went, she obviously has the chops to go into genres that are somewhat polar opposites of where she started. So what I’m saying here is that this is her second pop album and she could have at least few more. Then she could go into something more rock or alternative or even R&B or even back to her country roots. That’s the point - like Madonna who always managed to reinvent herself and be on top, Taylor has those very same qualities. Now, will she stand the test of time like Madonna did? We’ll see. That’s the best part of being a fan, you’re just along for the ride.


Skyline Rouge with Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress wich used on

“Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend”

i just love the dress she wore…. i know Madonna wore that dress too.. but i just don’t like her XD

hope ya like it!

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Madonna's "Like A Prayer" was just on the radio and all I can think about is Father Watson. Seriously, if you haven't listened to it in forever, listen to it now from his POV. /Thank you!/

OH GOD YES!!! Like A Prayer is perfect for this fic!!! Hm, if that’s the theme song to this chapter, maybe Like A Virgin for part 2? 😇

mlm playlist for when you want to dance to Gay Dance Anthems™ that don’t sound like they were played at Eurovision or a sung by women what is up with that 

Homosapien - Peter Shelly

Dairy Queen- PWR BTTM

Do You Want To- Franz Ferdinand

This Boy’s In Love- The Presets

Hey- Le1f

You Made Me Gay- Gravy Train!!!

Rock Lobster- The B-52′s

All Over Your Face- Cazwell

Youth (Gryffin Remix)- Troye Sivan

All The Boys- PWR BTTM