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The Happy Ending Con 2017 - Michael, Robbie & Giles Panel
  • Robbie would play monopoly if all the Golds had fam game night (x)
    • Giles would like the Gold Family to play Twister (x)
    • Giles would play Barr Knuckle Boxing and Rumple would win bc he would bring a knife (x)
    • If all the gold men got together for game night what would you play Robbie: Monopoly Giles: Boxing Michael agreed (x)
  • Robbie: PP would want to corrupt both his grandsons and would stop at nothing to make sure they were not great ppl (x)
    • Peter Pan would make sure they are corrupted. Couldn’t have happened to bicer actors though (x)
  • Micheal felt uneasy yesterday and overwhelmed but loves how lovely everyone has been (x)
    • Michael- Cons are something unnatural for me but its nicer than I thought. Everyone is very sweet (x)
  • Neal would have loved to meet Gideon but the reality is his focus would have been on Henry, he would want Gideon to be an uncle (x)
    • Neal would have been happy to meet Gidden but only if he was willing to be a good uncle to Henry because Neals world is Henry (x)
  • Michael just got freaked out by his own reflection - Giles: He’s a vampire (x)
  • The identity of Gideon’s heart is Belle. Gideon’s family is important and he would have made a genuine effort to reach out to Bae (x)
  • Robbie would HYPOTHETICALLY love to explore  his relation with his son in s7 (x)
  • What was the funniest/weirdest moment on set? Robbie: this panel! Giles: On set!!! Robbie: we’re being filmed right now. This is S7! (x)
  • Giles couldn’t stop laughing in one scene with Jaime (x)
    • Funny moments Giles: Jaime Murray in gold shop he   couldn’t stop laughing for some reason & Jaime kept making a faces (x)
  • Funny moments Robbie: after a long day on set people get more funny as the day goes on everything gets funny (x)
  • Robbie: after a long time the threshold for what’s funny just goes down and it gonna be difficult takes ahead (x)
  • Robbie : at 3 am (shooting) everything becomes funny cause everybody is just tired and delirious (x)
  • Funny moments Michael: Colin & I had a competition to see who could get the other to laugh first by sneaking into scenes ect (x)
  • Micheal didn’t see season 6 (x)
    • How do u think Neal would feel about Runples efforts to be good at the end of season 6?MRJ: remind me again what happens in season 6? (x)
  • Neal would support any effort of Rumple to be good (x)
  • Giles and Michael Raymond James are crying of laughter at the panel, this is amazing (x)
  • Michael just decided standing is better than sitting. And now he is sitting behind the couch (x)
  • Favorite line “Peter Pan never fails… well, except for those 2 times he died” - Robbie (x)
  • Favourite line? MRJ: To jamiechung: there’s a movie of you! Giles: loved lines w/ Jen. I’m bot going to kill you. You’ll see. (x)
  • Favourite TV-Shows: Robbie: House of Cards. He watched all of it in a few weeks. Giles loves Documentaries. Loved “Strike a pose” (x)
    • Robbie loves House of Cards, Giles loves documentaries and Michael everything with Robbie in it (x)
    • MRJ: Everything starring Robbie Kay is good for me. I really like a show called Peaky Blinders (x)
    • Giles: I loved the show “strike a pose” where it was about madonnas backing dancers in the 80s it was interesting (x)
  • Which Characters from ouat would you FMK? Robbie: Gideon for all three. In that order (x)
    • Giles: Kill Wicked Witch, marry Emma, sleep with “let’s just say. She’s evil. (x)
    • Who would you marry, kill and sleep with Michael: Kill Gidden fuck myself Marry Robbie (x)
  • MRJ achieved his life goal when becoming a father.biggest goal he could ever hope to achieve.and to see them happy. (x)
  • Giles: career goal: roles that mean sth to him. Personal: someone he loves that will always have his back (x)
    • Life goals! Robbie: a life fulfilled Michael: becoming a father seeing my kids happy Giles: playing more range off characters (x)