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Jamie's reaction is not meant to be healthy - he's obviously mad and overreacting and projecting his lifetime of bad choices and disappointment on Cersei. His response may be gendered but at the same time the underlying emotions are entirely human - he's angry and hurt (as he should) that she wasn't as committed to their relationship as he was. The takeaway to me isn't 'patriarchy is bad' because Jaime had some non-PC thoughts but that their relationship is toxic because of the people involved.

That wasn’t my takeaway either. It was more “wow, Jaime’s a pretty sexist jerk (welcome to Westeros), but I feel like it’s presented in a way that created a lot of space for fandom apology.” My inbox tells me my suspicion was correct.


So i thought of making a playlist for the greatest songs by female artists. I tried to include as much as i could but of course i would love to get more suggestions/opinions from you guys. Enjoy !

For MadeMe and X-Girl’s latest campaign starring Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes “Lola” Leon, inspiration came from an unexpected source: Delia’s ads. “I looked through a lot of Delia’s ads because they have a real obvious ’90s vibe,” says MadeMe founder Erin Magee. “X-Girl is like Delia’s but cool and New York, and that is kind of what MadeMe is now." 

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WitchTips’ Halloween Video Playlist

(In No Particular Order)

🎃 Elvira Mistress of the Dark 🎃

💀 Thriller - Michael Jackson 💀

👻 Disturbia - Rhianna 👻

🎃 Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie 🎃

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