madonna looked nice in this era

What's On Your Desk?

The desk of Joey Tennutti—Post Production Supervisor on “Bob’s Burgers”

Bottle of Fat Burning Pills

“I work out quite a bit and being a former fat kid I’m afraid of getting back to that. So, I constantly take fat burners through out my day to help reassure myself that I’m okay.”


“This is my little lap dog, Meatball, weighing in at 91 pounds. He’s light as a feather, I’d say.”

Bowl of Stuff

“Ironically enough, that little dish used to be Meatball’s food bowl when I used to bring him to work at Bento everyday as a puppy. I decided to keep it here to hold my sex dice, binder clips, and the occasional pack of salt that never gets used.”

Madonna “This picture is of my favorite person ever… Madonna. In cartoon form! Even better! I also have a Madonna tattoo on my arm from that era.

"Be Nice.” “This is the motto I follow throughout the day. If you’re going to be mean, get out of my office!”

Family Guy “I purchased this figure set on one of my visits to the FOX Studio store. Who hasn’t felt like they are fighting a giant chicken at some point in their day?”

Desk Drawer “Well, I never really open this drawer. Hey, there’s my watch! I was looking for that! I should probably deal with that parking ticket in there too, I guess.”

Gold Flash Drive “Joel Kuwahara gave it to me! When I started in April 2011, I helped arrange a business trip to Korea for him. He brought back some neat stuff from the overseas studios and gave me the flash drive. I really liked the color and its light weight. It’s from Dong-Woo Animation Studio in Seoul. Unplug it and the show doesn’t get on the air…”