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Body, be who you need to be. Brown girl in an orange dress.
Red macaw in a canopy. Be flock. Be the oldest living thing
rooted beneath the language of things. The cypress your mother
called Sarv-e Abarkuh. Be a life less heavy with history.
Be the little boy who skips school to sell tea on the street. Be a box
of pears clothed in gold paper. Be something more tart. Lime. Be mouth,
be kingdom. Wear something made of infinity. Be sunset
over a silk Zardosi sea. Be the young girl who survived a drowning
by her loved ones. Be acid. Be sailed. Be colony. Be endangered
and dangerous. Wear your own damp skin. Body, be something
useful. Be dam and river the desert like blue streamers.
River the village like the saddest epic. When you lay in the street
with blood pooling around you, be memory. Be at the center
of living. If nothing else, be a shadow of the thing.
—  Shireen Madon, “Dear Body”

“I will love you forever” - brett talbot imagine

Request: nope
Warnings: Death, sad
Song: fix you by coldplay

You and brett had been together for god knows how long

He kept you sane when all was going wrong

You were so happy when you found out that the pack had accepted him and that lian accepted him enough

You were ao glad you even got along with lori who took a while to get used to you

You remember the first day you met all too well


“Geez y/n hurry up” scott called over his shoulder as him and stiles walked to their car

“Im coming geez” you said falling beind as the bag you had was full of book’s

You had just made it out the door when you bumped into mason

“Y/n? You’ll do. Come on!” He said walking away

“Wait mason. Whats wrong?” You asked following him

You soon stopped when mason stopped right in front of you

“It’s his old school, that is his old enmy” madon said

You remember looking as the boy and feeling the love already

You quickly snapped out of the day dream you had and walked over to Liam

“Hey li!” You said to grab his attention

He looked at you and you could tell he was trying to calm himself down

You looked to the new boy and smiled sticking your hand out

“Hi! Im y/n! Nice to meet you!” You said in a happy tone

He looked at your for a few seconds beforw grabbing your hand in his and bringing it to his lips where he placed a soft kiss to your knuckles

“Nice to meet you. Im brett” he said with a dazzling smile

*flashback over*

You were currently walking to your car after having a study day woth lydia

“Bye lydia ill call you tomorrow” you said waving to her as she walked to her car

You placed your bag and folders in the back seat and quickly got in the front of your car

You started the engine and put the heater on to get warm

All you wanted to do was to go home and cuddle brett all night

As you turned your phone on it began filling with notifications

Messeges from liam, scott, malia and lori all filled your screen

The one you looked at first was brett’s


Hey baby girl,
By the time you read this i will most likely be gone as i doubt that the pack will find me in time.

I know i say this a lot but, baby girl, i truly am so happy that we found each other that day and im so happy that weve had so many great memories together. I honestly wouldn’t give it up for anything, even food and i love food.

I remember all the times we had food fights because we got so frustrated trying to cook the simplest thing’s.
I remember all the times we just stayed in bed all day and watched disney movies.
I remember all of our hugs and kisses. They will be the things i will miss the most.

I’ll miss your beautiful voice and that beautiful smile and your Georges eye’s.

I’ll miss you.

Baby girl when im gone promise Me one thing. Promise me that you will always remember me and the memories we shared but i want you to move on.

I want you to have a loving family of your own even ifbits not with me and i want you to find love again.
I know it will be hard but i know you can do it.

I love you, forever and always.



You frowned as you opened the one from lori


Y/n its brett, hes being hunted. We’re looking for him now but we don’t know what to do. Im scared y/n. Please help..

You frowned again and decided to immediately go home

Hoping that they would be there and that this is all a joke

As you sped on your way home you were about two blocked away when something caught yohr eye

The lid to a hole popped up and as you scrunched your eye’s you could see brett and lori come out

Pulling over you got out and started calling out to them

“Brett! Lori!” You said

You suddenly heard the screeching of tires and looked to your right

A car was very fastly making their way towards brett and lori

“BRETT! LORI! WATCH OUT!” as you began to run

Everything suddenly felt like it was in slow motion

As you continue to scream for them to move you see brett look at you before hes thrown across the street

“NOO!” you scream

You make your way over to him and place your hand on his cheek

He has blood all over his jumper and his face was all black and his eye’s were dull

“Y/n….go to lori” he said

You shook your head as tears began to blur your vision

You went to move your head to see were lori was when you felt a hand grab yours and see another grab brett’s

“Please dont leave me guy’s. I need you” you said as you saw lori was in no state to heal either

You saw her veins in her hand turn black

“I cant take his pain” she whispered as her eye’s closed

You squeezed her hand

“Lori…lori open your eye’s”

She didn’t open her eye’s and you placed her near your lap as you still held onto her hand

You looked at brett with tears as he cracked a smile

“I love you, forever and always” he said as his eye’s closed

His grip on your hand loosened and you screamed

“I LOVE YOU. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” you leaned down and grabbed his cheeks kissing him

“Please come back….” you whisperd as you kissed him but felt nothing

You heard a growl and looked to your side to see liam

“I couldn’t save them” you whispered with tears in your eye’s as your voice and body shook

In that moment you felt all of your faith and hope go

You felt your humanity turn off completely.

From that day you vowed to find the people that did this and to snap every single bone in their body one by one.

“Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace”

Mais le sexe n'est pas de l'amour ? L'amour et le sexe sont enfants l'un de l'autre. Qu'est ce que l'amour sans le sexe ? Une vénération de statues, de madones. Qu'est-ce que le sexe sans amour ? Une bataille d'organes génitaux et c'est tout.
—  Goliarda Sapienza
Je veux bâtir pour toi, Madone, ma maîtresse,
Un autel souterrain au fond de ma détresse,
Et creuser dans le coin le plus noir de mon cœur,
Loin du désir mondain et du regard moqueur,
Une niche, d'azur et d'or tout émaillée,
Où tu te dresseras, Statue émerveillée.
—  Charles Baudelaire, “À une Madone” (extrait), Les fleurs du mal

Que diras-tu ce soir, pauvre âme solitaire,
Que diras-tu, mon cœur, cœur autrefois flétri,
À la très belle, à la très bonne, à la très chère,
Dont le regard divin t'a soudain refleuri ?

— Nous mettrons notre orgueil à chanter ses louanges :
Rien ne vaut la douceur de son autorité ;
Sa chair spirituelle a le parfum des Anges,
Et son œil nous revêt d'un habit de clarté.

Que ce soit dans la nuit et dans la solitude,
Que ce soit dans la rue et dans la multitude,
Son fantôme dans l'air danse comme un flambeau.

Parfois il parle et dit : “Je suis belle, et j'ordonne
Que pour l'amour de moi vous n'aimiez que le beau ;
Je suis l'Ange gardien, la Muse et la Madone.”

Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal
(1857 : XXXVII / 1861 : XLII)