Yu-Gi-Oh! Archtype- Madolche

The names of the “Madolche” are puns of French and Italian desserts and titles or animal sounds, depending on the monster’s type.

The name of the archetype, “Madolche,” is itself a pun. It is a combination of the words “magic” (“Mahō” in Japanese) and “dolce” (pronounced “dol-chay”), the Italian word for “sweet” or “dessert”. All Madolche monsters stand on various sweets in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece. Also, on close inspection of the limbs of all the Madolche artworks shows what appear to be sewing seams, implying that all characters are dolls or plushies.


Most Adorable Monsters Ever

No matter what people say about these cards, I still say they’re worth more than people say. I’ve managed to win a few times with them, at least ;)

That’s right, Magic’s not the only card game out there worth playing :P