Ah, yes, episode 9. The Kyousaya episode. Or, the episode where Kyouko and Madoka finally interact, and get along pretty well, and are bound by a common goal, and where Madoka opens up about her insecurities, and they spend the whole fight protecting each other (hell, Madoka gets in the way to stop Oktavia from grabbing Kyouko), and it was beautiful.

Ah, yes, The Different Story. The Kyoumami manga. Or, the manga where we got to see that Madoka and Kyouko can instantly sympathize with each other and, under the right circumstances, they could develop a beautiful relationship. Oh, and they are secret friends, a term that clearly excites Madoka and embarrasses Kyouko, and if that isn’t cute, then I don’t know what it is.

Madoka had never been to the principal’s office before, and was squirming and sweating as she waited outside in the chair. The redhead in the chair next to her was the one who was truly to blame, Madoka hadn’t even been in the room when Kyoko pulled the prank but she’d managed to steal one of Madoka’s ribbons and used it as false evidence. “Why did you do this to me?” Madoka would whimper, looking at Kyoko who didn’t look at all worried about being here and would just be casually leaning in her chair and tapping her foot. “Your friends are noisy, I wanted some time with you to myself.” She would whisper into Madoka’s ear, causing the poor girl to blush and squirm even further. “B-but Kyoko, this will go on my record!” She would whine, but Kyoko would lean closer and smirk. “If all goes well it won’t be the only thing on your record.” She would tease, making Madoka blush even further and cry out slightly in confusion. Kyoko loved how easy it was to make her squirm, but even she was starting to be unable to tell just how much of what she said was teasing and what she meant. 

Road Trip (30 Day PMMM Ship Challenge, Day 4)

All the cute madokyous today. OTP prompts is a life saver if you cant think of something to do. The prompt I did was: “Imagine your OTP going on a road trip together.” I really love how MadoKyou pans out too. Non-Magic AU set when they are in their twenties. Enjoy reading! Also available on AO3 here

Madoka had been sleeping when her phone rang. Sluggishly rising, she let out a yawn before blindly groping on her nightstand for her phone. Picking it up, she was blinded a little by the light of the screen while trying to figure out was calling her.
“Kyouko, I was asleep. What are you calling for?” Madoka asked, yawning loudly after.
“Get ya cute little ass down here, Madoka,” Kyouko replied, “I’m outside your house.”
“Kyouko, you have a key, if you want food I told you could raid my fridge whenever you wanted,” Madoka said, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
“I’m not here for that, y’know,” Kyouko replied, “Jus’ get dressed and out yer front door, kay?”
“What about breakfast?” Madoka questioned, picking out the clothes she wanted to wear.
“Don’t worry sweet cheeks. I got that handled.”
“Okay then. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

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