mado draws things

My crappily-drawn OCs, Julian and Rosary. They’re song writers.
This is what I do at 2:30AM instead of sleeping.

fun fact: I can’t draw.

wanted to post something, but I might delete this cause it looks like shit.
good night c:

Julian and Rosary again, OCs from my novel, being drugged up and clingy.

My working title for the first part of it is Kings’ Fall (fall as in autumn) and it’s where they’re seen together a lot, but not as a couple. The second part, Spring (German for “jump”, also derp Julian is half-German so it’s all hipster-y play on words and symbols and whatnot) is a lot more difficult, I haven’t decided Rosa’s part in it yet.

Erm, so yeah, they’re not like a couple couple, she’s his understudy so to speak. But man do I like shipping them :[ Unlike the canon couple where I pair Jules with some annoying rich girl.

I don’t know what anatomy is, leave me alone. B[
Also I couldn’t really draw his messed up/infected needle wounds all that well, fml.

Another request for Jackie who wanted Engie and Sniper being bros. She also wanted a bonfire but I couldn’t really fit it anywhere :I

SORRY IF THIS ISN’T EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED, because I know you mentioned “cuddly” in there somewhere, but you know me D:

LET’S SEE, time to bash myself again. I didn’t notice I messed up Sniper’s jacket until I colored it. Also the guitar is messed up, I tried to draw it at an angle but didn’t shade it properly so it looks weird. Also I keep forgetting to draw their uhh those yellow circles on their shirts, damn. AND NOPE, I WILL NEVER DRAW SNIPER’S HAT. Also Engie’s face bothers me a little, but I’ve been looking at it for too long and can’t put my finger on it.

Hamstinkers :U

Okay so since I’m most likely getting a laptop, I need to put gay shit on it. And since it’s not really worth ordering stickers from anyone else because I live IN THE ASS END OF NOWHERE, I decided to draw my own. Gonna try hard to MAKE THIS HAPPEN but I can’t really chibs :c

here’s a 5 minute doodle. dicking around with a style. too kawaii for my tastes.