Charli XCX's Boys is our fucking anthem

I’m sorry that I missed your party
I wish I had a better excuse
But I can’t even lie you got me

I was busy thinking about boys

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b o y s

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Don’t be mad, don’t be mad at me
Darling, I can’t stop it even if I wanted
Don’t be mad, don’t be mad at me
Missed what you were saying, I was miles away, yeah
Don’t be mad, don’t be mad
Not like I had a choice

I was busy thinking about boys

Mad Intimidation-Jaehyun

Request(s): “Hi! Can I have a jaehyun scenario where you’re intimidated by him but admire him bc he does everything well so that leads to you not being able to talk to him but you’re friends with the rest of the members so he gets confused/hurt and confronts you” and “Jaehyun scenarios based on NCT 127’s Mad City? Thank you so much <333”

Note: I decided to combine these two requests just because whenever I saw these in my inbox, I kept thinking about them at the same time and i thought they could sort of go together. If you want them more separated, let me know!

Song: NCT 127-Mad City and Stay-Blackpink

“I can’t believe you woke me up for food at this hour.”

“I can’t believe you’re complaining!”

You stretched your neck to glare up at the taller boy next to you. He simply chuckled at your attempt at looking mean and took the bags of food from you.

“C’mon. The guys are waiting for us.”

“Let’s go then my bunny, Doyoungie~”

“Don’t call me that!”’

You pat his butt quickly and ran off towards his and the other NCT member’s practice room. You ignored his yells and giggled at your own sudden enthusiasm to see the other boys. It had been a while since they were all so busy with their own work. You decided to leave the warmth of your bed and visit them. Well, you were actually dragged from your bed by your best friend Doyoung. You still couldn’t figure out how he knew where you hid your spare key, no matter how much you had changed the position of it. You gave up telling him to stay out of your apartment anyway since he had been too busy lately to come over. You knew he would keep his word about visiting you whenever he had free time, but you didn’t know that included late at night when you were trying to hide from your daily responsibilities under your warm blanket.

You reached the practice room door and waited for Doyoung to catch up to you. Once he was standing behind you, you pushed the door open. You were immediately greeted by the older members of NCT (Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, WinWin, Taeil, (and Johnny, Kun, and Hansol (:)) sitting in a circle talking to each other. You skipped up to the first person to stand up, which happened to be Johnny. You jumped into his waiting arms. You two always greeted each other with a big hug and since the cold was becoming even more apparent, you made sure to receive a huge bear hug from him. This resulted in a line of the other members standing up and waiting to hug you while Doyoung arranged the food for everyone. You were finally pulling out from your hug with Hansol when you saw Jaehyun standing up from the corner of your eye. He took two steps towards you two, a small, dimpled smile growing on his face.

Please tell me he’s not waiting on a hug….I can’t hug him!

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Jaehyun. Everything he did to you was always perfection. He could dance, sing, and look perfect during it all. You also found out recently from the most recent season of NCT Life that he could cook. It was maddening how perfect he was! It was also intimidating. You weren’t extremely shy. You had to be at least a bit sociable to be Doyoung’s bestfriend. Somehow though, Jaehyun had managed to always bring out the quiet side of you and you weren’t used to it. It was too different and a bit scary. You told Doyoung and Johnny of this newfound trouble and they simply declared it as a heart of stone getting crushed by the crush himself. You brushed off their fake deepness and just took it as you being a normal being with eyes and a brain that understood a handsome, talented guy when they saw one.

Once Jaehyun stood in front of you, his bangs sweaty bangs hanging in his eyes, you did your best to give him a hug, which just turned into a very awkward side hug. You weren’t even sure if you touched him, you might’ve just let your arm hover behind his back. You quickly pulled out of it and jumped around the circle of hungry boys to sit in between Doyoung and Johnny. You missed the disappointed look from Jaehyun as you began eating. He too soon sat down. As you joked around with the other members and ate, you could sense Jaehyun staring at you. It was as if he was making it a point to have eye contact with you. You simply brushed it off and continued to joke around with the other members. Whenever you gave the other members more attention, it seemed like Jaehyun tried even harder to get you to look his way. It was growing tiring and made you even more anxious being around him so after a while you faked tiredness and told the boys that you would head off for the night.

(Ok, I’m gonna finish in a bullet list type format now. Sorry bbs!)

  • Ok so you were doing fake yawns over and over until TaeYong was considerate enough to ask if you were tired
  • Doyoung obviously didn’t ask since he already knew you were just uncomfortable bc if Jaehyun
  • Since you kept texting him on the low
  • Yet little did you know Jaehyun was also texting him when he wasn’t looking at you
  • To complain about you ignoring him
  • But it really was wasn’t your fault
  • You just became. A nervous mess at the young man since he was the definition of perfect for you
  • But yeah you were all ready to leave even though you weren’t tired
  • So doyoung, being a good friend :)
  • Asked you if you wanted to stay for a few minutes more to hear a small sneak peek of one song from their new album
  • You agreed since you were still a fan
  • (And someone might have mentioned that it was Jaehyun favorite one)
  • So you there you were, in the recording studio
  • Just you doyoung and Jaehyun
  • About to hear a bit of the song
  • When doyoung suddenly got a call from Johnny (his partner in crime) to come back to the practice room
  • So before you knew it you were stuck in a room alone with Jaehyun
  • Literally stuck bc they locked the door on you guys
  • “oh, y/A, the lock is broken! We’ll find the handyman! Stay put and listen to the song”
  • Wow, sm is one of the largest entertainment companies yet they can’t fix a door???
  • Jaehyun didn’t seem to mind
  • He did seem pissed though
  • You didn’t know what to do as he sat there finding the song to play it
  • So you just sat there awkwardly
  • Seeming kind of disinterested in what he was saying about the song
  • Which made him even more mad
  • Which made you see how hot he was even when angry as hell
  • You wanted to comfort him though
  • But you were too nervous to say much
  • So you pulled out your phone to text doyoung for some pointers
  • Only to receive a few random laughing faces and a firm lmao you better do something bc we’re not opening the door until you do!
  • And while you were texting
  • Jaehyun just angrily clicked the song
  • Startling you
  • He just stared a hole into your head while you tried to calm your nerves
  • Which was hard since the song itself was very sensual
  • To sensual to be alone in the same room as Jaehyun
  • You starting fidgeting and halfway through the short Chorus you stood up, trying to find a way to open the door
  • Which caused Jaehyun to immediately stop the song
  • And stride towards you, pulling you away from the door
  • He pulled you by your arm, almost bringing you to collide with his chest
  • Luckily you caught yourself before that could happen
  • You just stared at him unsure of what to do or say
  • So you waited while he breathed harshly, finally letting go of your arm
  • He paced around the small recording studio
  • You finally spoke up
  • Asking him what was wrong
  • He stopped pacing and turned back towards you
  • He finally began talking
  • His voice was low and at a normal volume
  • But you had never heard somehow sound so mad
  • Not even doyoung when you call him a bunny
  • He was ranting about how you didn’t seem to like him and it was almost as if you looked down on him and how you never seemed to acknowledge him like you did everyone else
  • Then the rant somehow lead to him voicing his feelings for you
  • And how badly he wanted to be close to you
  • And how cute and great the thinks you are
  • But can’t admit to you until you became closer
  • Even though he somehow just did
  • As he finished he seemed to quickly reflect on speaking so harshly to you and almost embarrassed at his outburst
  • You could understand why
  • But not because it was irrational
  • But because it wasn’t true
  • You admired him so much
  • And you told him that quickly
  • Bc this was a once in a lifetime chance
  • Someone as amazing and talented as Jaehyun liked you too and wanted your attention
  • And doyoung would kill you if you didn’t respond honestly
  • So you took and deep breath and began your own little shy rant about how much he meant to you and how nervous you became around him because of how incredible and talented he was
  • And how handsome and good looking he was
  • And how you didn’t hate him
  • But you were intimidated bc you didn’t feel as worthy to be in his presence
  • Or be his friend
  • Or significant other, even if you thought about it all the time
  • You didn’t mean to say that last part
  • Once you realized your slip up you grew silent and anxious again
  • Making Jaehyun realize how much he also liked you too
  • He hugged you to try and erase your embarrassment
  • Which really made it worse on your end but oh well
  • Jaehyun was hugging you!
  • He also began telling you how perfect you were and how you shouldn’t be intimidated by him
  • He even told you something super embarrassing about himself to prove that he was just a normal guy that you could be close to
  • Like how he forgets some of the English he learned in America sometimes so he just says “dude or bro” a lot in a sentence and hopes Mark doesn’t notice
  • And you laugh
  • A lot
  • He’s embarrassed but he admires how cute you’re being while you laugh
  • When you notice him staring you grow shy again
  • But he simply cups your face and kisses you softly
  • To let you know that even if you had to work on being comfortable around him
  • He would always be there to show that he wanted to be close to you
  • and to comfort and hold you if you ever got nervous around him or anything else again
  • And when you two finally text doyoung to tell him you’re dating now
  • He “fixes” the lock
  • And you two run out and chase him to punish him
  • Together :)
Got7; When they’re jealous

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Jealous Mark would include:

  • since he is the quiet one, he would try to avoid you
  • like; really avoid you
  • No texting
  • no calling
  • no facetiming
  • and no secret looking

I am also pretty sure that you have to comfront him with asking what is wrong, because he wouldn’t come to you with it.

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Jaelous Jaebum would include:

  • This boi is short tempered
  • he definitely would be a angry one
  • like: Oh HELL no
  • jaw-Tightning
  • hand clenching
  • when u would ask him what’s wrong
  • he would be bitchy
  • “Why don’t you ask ‘randome guys name’“
  • “you two seemed to be really close”
  • angry sex
  • It could end in two ways
    • you trying to explain him that there is nothing and that u only love him
    • or him realizing that it was really dumb of him

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Jaelous Jinyoung would include:

*you are Mark*

  • He would be calm on the outside
  • but boiling in the inside
  • also jaw-tightning
  • when he would see u with someone else
  • coming up to u two
  • laying is arm around your shoulder or waist
  • bit stronger grip than usual

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Jaelous Jackson would include:

  • showing off his muscles to that guy
  • going from smiley and bubbly
  • to quiet and angry
  • would kill that person with his looks
  • not smiling at all
  • he’s not playing games when it comes to you
  • always saying something like:
  • “Me and my girlfriend(..)”
  • “Y/N and I(..)”
  • “I know she’s beautiful”
  • at the final end:
  • “stop starring at her like she is a piece of meat”

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Jealous Youngjae would include:

  • he is really emotional
  • at first
  • quiet about it
  • but when u two have some alone time
  • he would ask if he his enough for you
  • “Am I that boring Jagi?..”
  • “You still love me right?..”
  • “I do love you and the guy don’t..”
  • he would feel really bad
  • really really bad
  • that poor baby
  • sobbing
  • maybe crying

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Jaelous BamBam would include:

  • oh he is gonna be  BITCH
  • LIKE
  • but only because he would be hurt af
  • “oh you wanna hug me? go and hug that guy from before”
  • “no i am not calming down”
  • “No I aM noT JEaLoUs”
  • rolling eyes
  • tz-ing

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Jealous Yugyeom would include:

  • he would be mad
  • not angry
  • but mad
  • kinda at you
  • but more at that guy
  • why are u touching my girlfriend?
  • why are you even talking to her
  • like BamBam
  • “No i aM NoT jEalOUS At aLL”

(This all is just my opinion!)

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Ok so I'm Latina and in most latin countries, when you greet people you kiss them on the cheek (imagine my surprise when I moved to America to find out that people don't do that). Could I have some hc with Midoriya and Shinsou with a Latina s/o who does that to them? Like how they acted the first time she did it, their thoughts on it, or even if after they started dating if they picked up on the habit too?? asdfghjkl sorry for such a weird request, I just really love everything you write💕❤️

Not strange at all! I have a close friend who’s Italian and her family always kisses my cheeks when I come visit. It’s a really sweet gesture! :) And I’m glad you enjoy my blog! Warms my heart~

Midoriya Izuku:

  • The first time his S/O kisses his cheek, he’s blushing like mad
  • Not really sure why they did it, all he did was invite them inside his house…
  • He’ll ask them when he’s calmed himself mentally
  • When he understands he’ll allow them to do it, he doesn’t want to offend them or their culture
  • He thinks it’s rather sweet how different affection is for their Latina heritage compared to his own.
  • When they start dating he’s already used to kisses, but doesn’t mean he doesn’t get flustered still.

Shinsou Hitoshi:

  • He just kinda stares at his S/O confused the first time they kiss his cheeks
  • He figures out pretty quickly that it’s part of their culture
  • He enjoys asking them more about their culture afterwards, he wants to know all about it. It’s so different from his!
  • Gets a tad jealous when they do it to other people, but knows it’s just their way of greeting others
  • When they start dating, he begins to pick up on it. This makes his S/O very happy.
  • Might even crack a small smile when his S/O says how much they appreciate his effort to learn about their culture moe.

So this has been going around.

Someone translated Yuri on Stage and said that Victor has a line which said roughly, “I am Yuuri’s now” but I honestly couldn’t find those line at all.

There was however, a part when Victor said, 

That time, I was mad

Not at Yuuri, but at myself who knew Yuuri’s everything and still bothered anyway

Sha… Chihoko


Who the hell is that?!

No… it doesn’t matter who Chihoko is. 

Because it’s thanks to the past that the current Yuuri exist.

So, Victor IS jealous. He tries to convince himself that it’s also thanks to Chihoko, if they’re Yuuri’s unforgettable more flexible more dazzling ex, that Yuuri is who he is in the present. The Yuuri who he loves is thanks to Chihoko, so to speak.

And his solution to make Yuuri forget Chihoko is to climb the Hasetsu Castle where Yuuri said Shachihoko is always seen doing reverse-shrimp position and try to best them in flexibility and surprise factor.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Neil Josten saying fuck it to gender norms started as a slow burn and now my world is on fire (thanks to this x) so here, take this:

  • Allison has just finished painting Neil’s toes in Essie’s Viva Antigua
  • Now she’s painting her own Allison and Neil with matching toes, i’m cryin
  • She’s talking about Ryan Reynolds while Neil is not paying attention admiring his turquoise af toes
  • Even though he’s obsessed with the color, he continues looking through her makeup bag at all the other colors bc they’re so poppy and bold and nice
  • Neil comes across a tube of lip gloss
  • Neil holds the tube in his hand
  • Allison stops painting her nails, stops talking about Blake Lively’s baby belly
  • “Neil”
  • Allison holds her hand out, motioning for the tube
  • He hands it to her, she opens it, and he leans closer to her
  • Allison paints his lips
  • Shit Neil
  • She nods approvingly when she’s finished and goes back to painting and gabbing
  • Neil takes himself in using her full length mirror
  • Neil approves too
  • Bc his lips feel and look fantastic
  • He spends a minute rubbing his lips together because of the way they feel
  • Neil and Allison spend a few hours together because Dan and Matt are out, Nicky and Aaron are surely causing trouble somewhere, Kevin made Andrew take him to Whole Foods, and Renee is not outside skype dating with Jean and enjoying the nice SC weather
  • So unfortunately for them, the other Foxes don’t see Neil glossed ),:
  • A few weeks later, Neil joins the lady Foxes on a mall run and Allison stops in Sephora for a few lol things
  • Dan is admiring palates of eye shadow, Renee is accompanying her, and Neil is looking around in awe as most do their first time in Sephora
  • Ten minutes later, Allison bumps into Neil while he’s searching Smashbox shades
  • Of lip gloss
  • “Hold out your arm”
  • Ofc Allison knows exactly what shade goes for Neil bc she’s Allison, but swatching is part of the experience
  • Allison picks fours shades and makes perfect rectangles on his skin for comparison
  • Neil picks one and Allison is proud of this kid
  • (He picks her second favorite choice but she wants him to do what makes him happy)
  • They check out and continue shopping
  • Before they walk into Fox Tower, Allison turns to Neil in the front seat of her convertible and paints his lips in Disco Rose
  • Dan and Renee smile like proud mothers from the back seat
  • They walk in
  • The cousins, Kevin, and Matt (wtf???) are in the same dorm room when our ladies + Neil find them
  • They’ve been playing video games (maybe but not really explains Matt??)
  • Matt looks up
  • “Dude” he grins
  • The boy is internally screaming
  • The others look up at that
  • Kevin is infuriated
  • Nicky is bouncing off the walls, externally screaming (and low key jealous he hadn’t tried pulling this off yet)
  • Aaron is counting down the days until graduation
  • And Andrew
  • Andrew stands and already has a cigarette to his mouth by the time he exits the dorm room
  • Gd it Neil
  • He follows the tiny angry blonde up to the roof
  • Andrew lights his cigarette and waits until Neil is sitting to pass one to him
  • It’s very quiet
  • Andrew’s mad
  • Not because Neil is wearing lip gloss
  • But because Neil is wearing lip gloss 
  • And he is infuriating
  • Andrew waits until there’s nothing left to occupy his lips before turning to Neil
  • “Yes or no?”
  • Neil presses his lips to Andrew’s and Andrew makes a disgruntled sound
  • Not only does this biscuit of joy look fucking irresistible in his lip gloss, but his dark pink lips taste like chocolate
  • So nice, so soft
  • Neil pulls away with the most god awful grin on his face and Andrew feels the percentage raise all the way in his bones
  • “247%”
gone mad between bread and white / with a hole to our feet

eating banana bread in antartica
on a snow covered sea
while we carve a hole into the ice
to fish and in between hold
numbed hands that are never skin
to skin
but cloth to cloth and the glaciers
around us make me thirstier
than in europes july,
while the white drives us mad
not used to the off
colored sun reflecting none.

your lie in april - chloé bourgeois

… and here is the promised part 3! This is literally from soooo long ago, but I had time to write before working on my bio homework, so I decided to finish this little ol’ thing which was just sitting in my drafts and rotting for months!

This is so messy, and it’s just pretty much a mush of my thoughts and horrible attempts at reinventing Your Lie in April without watching the show itself because I will binge watch and forget to do homework, and that’s no good.

Lol also: I am so sorry this ended up so long oops

Anyway, it looks like there’s gonna be a part 4? bc I’m too invested in this AU lol

← Read Part 1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 → (To be added)

Anyways, let’s go: 

  • Chloé Bourgeois as Tsubaki Sawabe
  • She’s been best friends with Adrien for the longest out of their friend group
  • She’s fiercely protective of him and always made it a point to go to his piano recitals and competitions, especially after his mom died
  • Although they have the same wealthy background, music was always a giant canyon between them, a great divide that she could never cross
  • Sure, she did listen to music—Jagged Stone and XY come to mind in particular—but simply liking popular artists isn’t quite the same as Adrien’s attachment to music
  • She knew her place, and she knew that she could never reach Adrien’s
  • She understood, and that was enough
  • At least, she thought it was
  • She saw Marinette and the way Marinette played and the way Marinette’s playing affected Adrien
  • Her vigor and enthusiasm for playing was strikingly beautiful, and when she looked over at Adrien, she saw that he thought so too
  • And for some reason, she feels a strange twist in her gut
  • There is an angry voice—her voice—shaking with irritation
  • She feels infuriated— Infuriated that, through all their years of friendship and staying by his side, she could never once put a sparkle in his eyes the way Marinette did
  • But at the same time, she can’t exactly…. stay mad
  • Not mad at Marinette, who was such a sweet and nice girl 
  • What right did she have to be mad at Marinette anyways? 
  • It’s not like she owned Adrien, or had control over the people he liked or the people he hung out with
  • It was strange, that feeling, and weird and murky and twisting in her gut
  • So Chloé’s elected to ignore that feeling, waving it away
  • She decides to be happy, to dwell in the fact that her playing blew her away because Marinette’s vigor and passion for the violin very much deserved praise
  • Chloé leans over her seat to elbow Nath in the arm. “So?” she asks, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. “What’d you think of that, Nath?”
  • Nathanaël looks on with cheerfulness and an excited gleam in his eyes
  • “She amazing,” he says, completely breathless
  • And when it’s all over they meet Marinette in the lobby of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, they all watch as she receives flowers from a group of little girls who were just as awestruck as her playing as they all were
  • And Adrien admires that little interaction and looks on with a faint smile tugging at the ends of his lips
  • And when she comes over to ask how she did, to ask Nath how she did, Marinette’s eyes flit over to Adrien’s and her cheerful smile grows solemn for some reason
  • (Adrien takes it as a sign that she’s still mad at him for the incident— Oh hey look it’s time for a flashback!)
  • Adrien hadn’t really meant to do that…… he’s still very embarrassed about what happened
  • He was just curious because he saw shoes and tights hanging from the branches of a tree like how could he not show some form of curiosity like who the heck throws tights up a tree @ Mari
  • So he looks around, ready to shout something stupid and embarassing like “hey anyone missing tights?” but instead he saw something beautiful
  • He was… so awestruck by how effortlessly she played such cheerful and joyful music, the way the music itself breathed life to the air around her
  • Suddenly color was flooding his vision— the pale blush of the cherry blossoms suddenly looked like a vivid pink, sparkling in his eyes and dancing in the air before floating down to rest gently on the ground
  • He’s never felt such emotion, such admiration for something as simple as falling cherry blossoms and it was all because of her
  • He raised his arm to take a picture on his phone; he wanted to capture this moment, precious and golden, when all of a sudden—
  • Snap! 
  • The wind rushed in at the most inopportune moment, and while Adrien captured lovely cherry blossom petals taking flight, he had also accidentally snapped a picture of her underwear
  • It was awful. The only thing that registered in his brain was regret regret regret! abort mission! i repeat: abort mission!!
  • …. the rest is history. Neither Marinette nor Adrien want to talk about it; pictures were deleted and shoes were thrown, but there were minimal injuries for the most part
  • ………… and Adrien remembers their brief encounter, his first impression of her as he swallows his throat and gives her his honest opinion
  • “Those girls…,” he mumbled. “They don’t even know you, but you… Your violin, your playing… You moved them.” Your feelings reached them. “They just had to go out and buy the nearest flowers.”
  • He starts overthinking what he said again; overthinking and regretting when she gives him a sweet smile
  • “Of course!” Marinette sounds chipper, happy. She turns to Nath and asks him for his opinion, too, and Adrien snaps back to reality. 
  • Right, he thinks. This is a girl who’s in love with one my best friends.
  • Meanwhile, Chloé silently watches him. She’s just steps away from him, but she can’t help but feel far, far away. The distance in his eyes seems too far to reach.