I would like to thank Stolen Soul Photography for these wonderful photos taken during a shoot with Faxen Cosplay at Anime Boston this year~! You are wonderful people. It was such a pleasant experience, one of the best conventions yet!

Medusa Cosplayer: Yours truly~ (also known as hebichancosplay on Instagram)

Stein Cosplayer: Faxen Cosplay (Faxen on Deviantart)

Thank you all so much for everything, I can’t say it enough, and if you ever see me at a convention please say hi or something… I don’t bite much ~ <3

Hello everyone~ I’m searching for any photos of me from #animeboston
Yes indeed I, #madnessmedusa, was running around all weekend with the light-up vector arrow tail stool and vector plate floor mat >;D
I know there’s lots of pictures floating around so please please please tag me so I can find them and thank you for being such a wonderful person.
#souleater #souleatercosplay #medusacosplay #cosplay

madnessmedusa said: If I may, give you some advice? (=゚ω゚)ノ Try bringing the inner corners of the eyeliner close to the nose down at an opposite angle of the wings. Like if the wings go up the corners go down! If that doesn’t satisfy you, then try some contouring too?

Oh gosh, thank you! I’ll have to test it again tomorrow c: And I absolutely love your Medusa cosplay! I’ve seen you as her at most of the cons i’ve went to this year and you’re absolutely amazing! 

//Hello everyone~ As you can see, this is a picture of my medusa cosplay at Another Anime Convention 2013, and I’m currently in the process of making some changes ^w^ One of those changes is that I am getting contacts~! My only question is….what ones should I get to match medusa’s golden eye color? As you can see my eyes are rather dark so I’m not sure what to look for… Also, I’m limited to more natural looking ones for now, and I’d rather not have bright neon yellow or neon yellow cat eyes, as those aren’t accurate to the character.//

A most amazing photo of my eyes as Medusa taken by Stolen Soul Photography (seriously, look them up people)
Their work is absolutely stunning and gorgeous, an I had such a wonderful experience working with them as a subject

Cosplay photos

Hello everyone~
Today was the last day of Genericon, and as I was there yesterday as well, I had many people ask me for photos! I was Medusa from Soul Eater, and I wondering if you could tag me in them~?

I was in the second place skit with my lovely Stein, as well as the chess match and Death match.
If you have any videos of those too I would greatly appreciate it if you could tag me, as madnessmedusa or leave a note in my ask~

(Sort of) Activity Update?

// Well hello again all you lovely people that I can call my followers <3
I’m ever so sorry I have been rather….dead lately, but school work and health problems tend to be like that. Thank you if you took the time to stop yer scrollin’ and take a look at this, because I’d like to say that I’m working on a second edition of my Medusa cosplay! I hope to have it done around Christmas time or early January, so that it’s ready for Genericon 2014 where I hope to participate in cosplay chess again, as well as the cosplay contest and deathmatch. If any of you can get to Troy, NY (Near Albany) for Gencon this year, I’m hoping to run a Soul Eater Q and A panel as well! It would mean so much to me if you could be there…we aim to put on a lovely show just for you guys <3

Genericon 2014 Update~

//Well hello there again all my lovely Followers and Friends and Strangers (whoever is seeing this)~! I apologize for my lack of activity as of late but that is because I have been very busy with black-blood research planning for Genericon 2014! As the date of the con draws near I have much to still get done, such as improving my Medusa cosplay. Perhaps I will post updates as it grows, but right now its still just a pile of fabric ^^;
A n y w a y, I also apologize for the long post but what I am really so eager to say is that our PANEL GOT ACCEPTED~
It is a Soul Eater Question and Answer Panel that will be held in DCC room 324, also know as Panel room 2. the full title is Weapons, Meisters, and Witches! Oh my!And it will be held from 12:30-2:00 with yours truly hosting along with the help of a handful of other characters.

Now…There may be space on our panel, so if you are attending Genericon 2014 in Troy, NY at RPI on Saturday, March 1st, and are interested in possibly being on our panel and you think you have what it takes, let me know.
Of course there are no guarantees but if your cosplay is one which we do not already have you are eligible.
The characters we already have are Arachnae, Crona, Medusa, Stein, Maka, Blair, Soul, and Death the Chick(Fem!Death the Kid).

After the panel and Masquerade Contest I am trying to organize a meeting location so that we can have a photoshoot for those who want pictures, as the panel cuts close to the masquerade and some of the panelists can not spend time to take pictures immediately after the panel.

Most of this info is still subject to change, but I will continue these updates as I gain the info and until things are finalized.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this and I will try to be more active and keep all of you updated as things progress!
I hope to see you there~

also I will be at Anime Boston this year as well but thats a different subject