Ding Dong, The Dragon is dead (2015)

I’ve waited for this a long time. Combine Dante/Vergile, the Divine Comedy and the Hannibal Series. I hope you like it!

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  • Will: Promo picture Hannibal Season 2: Photo by Michael Muller/NBC [x]
  • Hannibal: Promo picture Hannibal Season 2: Photo by Michael Muller/NBC [x]
  • Tattoo:  The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun by William Blake [1803] [x]
  • Painting: Dante and Vergile by William-Adolphe Bouguereau  [1850] [x]

ben-ja-m-art-in-i asked:

I am actually really glad that Mads was cast as Hannibal. While I don't think it would be essential for a stunning performance, his bi/multilinguality & European background add a certain sophisticated feature which I enjoy a lot about his acting.

Me too! It’s friggin perfect casting, this generation needed a new Hannibal that could make it scary in a more subtle way, and he’s utterly wonderful. 

I’m really glad they got away from the evil British accent thing. As much as I love David Tennant I just think it’s so much of a cliche now it’s hard to take seriously. Particularly as a Brit myself. It’s just a bit boring. 

Danish doesn’t really come with that kind of history cinematically and that does aid an audience response particularly in the US.

Not only the accent but the nature of his voice just generally is superb. Bless Mads he can’t do various accents himself but his own voice has such an incredible range. From fun and light, through to dangerous, and then you have severe and you can still sense that fun behind it. If you’re looking for utterly masterful control of this savoureux is my favourite example, the scene after Will escapes and is in Hannibal’s office, when Hannibal begins to reveal what he is, Mads voice absolutely plummets right the way down, you can almost feel how he’s doing it, it’s wonderful. 

Also it draws you in. I do find myself leaning in when he talks. 

And that script, Mads can speak 4/5 languages fairly well, English isn’t his best (Danish and Swedish are) and he has a coach for the script (because he lied about how well he could speak english, good on him! *applauds*) AND SOMETIMES THE COACH GETS CONFUSED. 

So not only is his voice utterly perfect but it’s perfect under such severe circumstances too!

Yeah, I could talk about this for a while. Best just leave me. XD


Peaches. Sand. Ice cream. Burned wood. Wind so loud in your face you can’t breathe. Sun in your face so bright you can’t hear.

With those words flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy prompted this comic.

I cleaned it up a little for fivewivesweek‘s free day.

My submission for the furyroadfanzine! I was heavily inspired by Akira Toriyama for this one. I love the exaggerated features of his vehicle designs, so I thought it would be fun doing the same with the War Rig and giving the characters a chibi look to them. Topped it off with using Kyle T Webster’s Screen Tone Brushes, which I had never used before and actually quite like! Thanks to priceart for recommending the tones :).

For those interested in the physical zine, a kickstarter will be going up in about a month to fund the printing. I will let you all know when that happens! In the meantime, check out all the shiny and chrome art all the other members made at the furyroadfanzine page! Hope to see your support when funding begins!


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