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The raffle ends when I return from vacation! It ends on August 6th!

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I’m incredibly saddened by the death of Jack Davis. He was the first artist who’s style I recognized, whether it was EC Comics, Mad, Rick Barry & Dr. J selling Spalding basketballs, or Dracula and the Wolfman eating Slim Jims.

If you’re reading this, you’ve seen Jack’s artwork. You maybe didn’t realize, but the man was PROLIFIC in advertising, album covers, celebrity caricature… everything that could involve drawings of people, he did.

He’s been one of my all-time favorites the entire time I’ve been into comics, which is basically my whole life. I’ve always been a huge fan of horror and comedy, and he was a master of both. He drew for decades, and I’ll miss not seeing new art from Jack Davis.

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Wait, if Nuvola can turn into a cloud, what about Nebula?

Sadly, Nebula can’t. The only reason Nuvola can transform into a cloud is because Corona’s weapon caused her to gain the ability to transform at will, it’s a mystery how that happened, all I could say something went wrong with his shot. 

But here’s what she would look like! <3


Rest in peace Jack Davis.
When I think of Jack Davis art I of course think of all the beautiful work he produced for MAD magazine, but I specifically think of the art for the MAD magazine card game that I played as a kid in the 70′s and 80′s.

Many days spent laughing at his art in this game and in the magazine. Such wonderful animation and kinetic energy in his work.

psa about criticism or call outs towards you.

if you’re going to deactivate your account over a mistake you made that you could’ve easily fixed, then how can i respect you and take your apology seriously?

you removed the post, that enough was a good deed and a step into the right track. all you needed to do was source artwork. instead, the pressure got to you, your anxiety tripped up, and you deactivated (or moved).

don’t let these things push you to stop enjoying your life or your blog. learn from your mistakes, don’t take it as a punishment. if you can’t take criticism, no matter how harsh, then it’s going to get a hell of a lot rougher.

EDIT: they just moved to a slightly different url. my point still stands cause this happens a lot.


It is with great sadness that we note the passing this morning of long-time legendary MAD artist Jack Davis.

Jack was one of the founding members of MAD Magazine’s “Usual Gang of Idiots.” An enormously gifted and versatile artist, Davis’ work appeared in the very first issue of MAD and virtually every issue over the next four decades.

“There wasn’t anything Jack couldn’t do,” said MAD editor John Ficarra. “Front covers, caricatures, sports scenes, monsters — his comedic range was just incredible. His ability to put energy and motion into his drawings, his use of cross-hatching and brush work, and his bold use of color made him truly one of the greats.”

“More than any one piece, it was Jack’s immediately recognizable style that revolutionized comic illustration,” said MAD art director, Sam Viviano. “There is not a humorous illustrator in the past 50 years who hasn’t been influenced by him.”

A list of Jack’s most legendary pieces would run several pages in length. Among his most iconic parodies from MAD’s comic book days are of The Lone Ranger and High Noon. From the magazine, his notable parodies include spoofs of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gone with the Wind, and M*A*S*H.

Jack’s final cover for MAD, depicting Howard Stern being plunged into a toilet bowl by Alfred E. Neuman, is beloved by Stern and remains a MAD classic.

“Jack will always be remembered for his charming modesty and southern gentleman manner — which completely belied his rascally sense of humor and wry wit,” said Ficarra.

Everyone at MAD and DC Entertainment send their heartfelt condolences to Jack’s wife, Dena, and the entire Davis family.




Starring: Maxine Rockatansky, Pricerator Chloeosa, Kate the Fragile, Vic the Knowing and War-ren Boy.

After years of absence, Maxine (Max Caulfield) returns to the dusty outpost of Arcadia Bay and reunites with her long lost partner, Pricerator Chloeosa (Chloe Price), a rugged and daring warrior desert-punk princess. Together, the two search for a missing member of their convoy. With every clue uncovered, they begin to realise that there is something sinister happening beneath the sand …

Oh, and Max can control time lmao. And she causes an apocalyptic storm. She dun screwed up now, fam.