madness this was madness

  • Adrien: Mari, I want to introduce you to my kwami. This is Plagg.
  • Plagg: 'sup.
  • Marinette: *starts making high pitched noise*
  • Adrien: Oh! Geez!! Please dont freak out. Hes harmless-
  • Marinette, squealing: Tiny baby kitty with widdle ears and smol paws!!!!
  • Tikki, deadpan: You called /me/ a bugrat when we first met.


Laith vs Klance (aka I can’t stop laughing)

The whole Laith debacle from SDCC is honestly so HILARIOUS to me.

Because I have such vivid images of poor, poor poor Lauren silently fuming at the voltron fandom for over a year now.

Like I can just imagine her, sitting down 3 years ago or something to go over the scripts and storyboards. And she’s wondering how the show will be received when it finally premieres. Will people like it? Will they not? Who will be the fan favourite characters? What episodes will people quote the most?

But also…. ALSO… because she’s not an idiot… I imagine her knowing that Keith and Lance will be shipped together, and she’s cackling to herself as she’s writing these episodes with Dos Santos. She knows that these characters will be shipped together, and she’s been referring to them lovingly as “Laith”. FOR. YEARS.

Then season 1 premieres, and she releases her babies into the wild. This thing that she’s been working on and stressing over for years. Now she will finally be able to see how people enjoy it. What jokes are coming out of it, all the amazing fan art…

But creators don’t name ships. Fandoms do.

And I imagine her… seeing the first bit of fan art tagged as “Klance”… just stopping and going 

And basically she’s been in a silent rage for a year now. But then SDCC happened and she went “FUCK YOU SHITS, YOU HAD ONE JOB.”


Preview of season 3 episode 2 it’s the Mad Max parody

So @blacklionshiro got me thinking about some shiro-centered sheith. And thinking. And thinking.

Shiro, who crushes pretty hard on the ace pilot the class below him who doesn’t seem to care about much aside from flying.
Shiro, who finds the perfect spot in the garrison library to both study and catch unobstructed glimpses of Keith studying across the room. Shiro, who pesters Matt to help him find out more about Keith.
Shiro, usually confident and sure of himself, getting flustered when he talks to Keith for the first time.
Shiro, awkwardly stumbling over his words as he finally befriends the boy that’s occupied his thoughts for the better portion of the semester. Shiro, longing to reach out and lace his fingers with Keith’s as they sit together at lunch.
Shiro, the Garrison’s “golden boy,” suggesting to Keith that they sneak out at night so they can walk and look at the stars together even though he knows that he’ll be too focused on Keith to pay attention to anything else.
Shiro, saving up his money quietly to buy the hovercraft that Keith wants desperately. they’re not even dating yet, Shiro is just /gone/.
Shiro, finding the desert shack with Keith on one of their late night excursions - the same desert shack that they share their first kiss in.
Shiro, whose heart was pounding when he asked Keith if he could kiss him, so worried that he misread the entire situation and anxious that Keith would turn him down.
Shiro, who tangled his hands in Keith’s hair when Keith returned the kiss enthusiastically, feeling like everything had gone right for once.
Shiro, finding out that he had been selected as the pilot for the Kerberos mission and being torn between excitement at the prospect and upset at having to leave Keith behind, especially since their relationship was still so new.
Shiro, who may have cried a little the first (and last) time they made love, the night before he left for the mission, overwhelmed at the sensation and not quite believing that this is real. Keith never mentions it because he may have been crying too.
Shiro, who has a small picture of him and Keith hanging up on the wall of the spacecraft next to a calendar that marks the day of their return.
Shiro, who fights everyday in the gladiator ring unafraid of death because he’s certain that he’s never going to get back home.
Shiro, who lies awake sometimes at night, worried that Keith thinks he’s dead. That Keith has forgotten about him. That Keith has already moved on and found someone new.
Shiro, waking up in the desert shack, blinking as the sunlight hits his eyes.
Shiro, catching sight of Keith, sitting next to the couch in an uncomfortable-looking chair, sleeping in a hunched over position next to where he lay.
Shiro, moving slightly and feeling his hand brush against Keith’s, their fingers touching as Keith sleeps on, unaware that Shiro has finally woken up.
Shiro, falling back to sleep, safe in the knowledge that he is finally back home where he belongs.

Imagine Shawn’s mad at you, but you both had already committed to going to a party together so he picks you up just like he said he would the day before, before he was mad at you. He has a reason to be upset with you, but its nothing too serious, and you’re pretty certain it won’t last long. Neither of you talked about the argument, and you both didn’t have the time or energy to talk about it before the party. As you get into his car, you say hello, which he returns, but he doesn’t bother saying anything more as he drives out of the parking lot of your apartment building. Since you know you’re the one who upset him, you’re letting him take the lead on when you’ll sort it out and talk it through. You know him and you know there’s no point in taking about it until he’s ready. To be very honest, you’re surprised he still picked you up and wanted you to go to the party with him. He barely looks at you for the next few minutes, but just as the stoplight you were stopped at turns green, he presses the gas and at the same time as he chances a look at you. You’re staring straight ahead, but you see him in your peripheral vision. His voice almost startles you as he says, “You look really nice tonight.” He doesn’t mean anything by it except that he thinks you look nice. There’s no underlying message, no agenda for telling you that. He thought you looked nice and didn’t see the point in not telling you just because he was mad. His eyes are back on the road, and you know he’s still mad, but you try to hide a smile as you quietly say, “Thanks, you too.” And you always knew you would be alright, but that was just more confirmation. It warms your heart that even though he’s still so upset with you that he’s barely talking to you, he still takes the time to tell you you look nice.