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A Stupid Way to come up with Original Characters and Stories (That Somehow Works)
  • Find a character from a work you admire. Any media will do, but Children’s media works the best.
  • Ask yourself a few questions about the character in question. I don’t have a complete list, and the questions are likely going to vary, and most of this is coming off the top of my head, but yeah, here are a few suggestions.
    • Was there anything about this character that ticked you off? Maybe this character did something that you thought was ooc? Or maybe this character is too perfect and could use a few more flaws.
    • Does the medium or genre prevent the character from performing certain actions? Furthermore, do certain aspects of the characters life, including sex, gender, social status, and age prevent this character from acting in a certain way?
    • Is there something you want to see the character do that you know will never happen in the show?
    • And finally, is there anything you want to change about this character?
  • Rant to yourself or to tumblr about everything the show apparently did wrong. Constantly switch between getting mad at yourself for nitpicking a show you love and being mad at the work itself for not being 100% perfect. 
  • Scream into a pillow, make yourself some hot cocoa, eat a full dinner, and then take a hot shower. 
  • Get out a sketchpad or a word document or anything else you use to brainstorm and start drawing and or writing about the character in the show. But write the character the way you think they should be, as opposed to the way their presented in canon. 
    • Take into account that changing some aspects of your character will effect the story in some pretty big ways, especially if what you changed is an action the character performed. Maybe that Magical Princess ran away at a young age under the stress of becoming queen before joining a gang and ultimately becoming a crime boss? Maybe that Alien supervillain can be reformed by showing them the good things about the planet Earth. When you change an aspect of a story, justify the change by having it affect every other aspect of the story. Whatever you do, though, don’t handwave the change. Instead embrace it… those changes are where the heart of your story lies.
    • Don’t be afraid to add in elements from other works of fiction other than the one you’ve chosen. Most of the plot elements of Gravity falls and Rick and Morty, for example, are just similar enough to make a meeting between Ford Pines and Rick Sanchez possible. 
  • Look over your work and note just how far you’ve drifted from canon. If you’ve changed the idea enough, it should feel kinda alien to the original work. If it’s too similar, then if might be a good idea to repeat the previous steps.
    • Some of the things to note include tone, genre, level of obscenity, and target demographic. Considering how fanworks typically go, we almost unconsciously make dark shows light and fluffy and light and fluffy shows dark and gritty. This can be a good thing when done right.
    • The humour of the work will also depends on the type of humour you feel comfortable writing. Sometimes your humour will be almost exactly like the original work, and sometimes it’ll be drastically different. Aim for the latter.
    • If you added in elements from another work of fiction, then certain patterns are inevitably going to be formed. using the Rick and Morty/ Gravity Falls fandom above, one can’t help but make Ford and Rick foils of each other; two interdimensional science dorks, but one has a stronger sense of morality. The character reactions between the two of them is dripping with potential that we’ll never see in canon, because these two shows air on different networks and are aimed at different target demographics.
  • If necessary, repeat the process again, but this time apply this to your version of the character. Continue until your happy with what you have.
  • Finally, rename the characters, and if you’re an artist, re-draw them as well. The new names and designs should reflect the character you wrote, not the character you were inspired by. 
  • And bam, you just made something original. 

Now obviously, this isn’t the only way to make characters or write stories… artists tend to draw from real life just as often as they reference other works of fiction. But the great thing about this process is that it depends entirely on your own personal interpretation of not only the work of fiction in question, but also of how the world around you works. I believe that we, as humans, are natural complainers and nitpickers, constantly believing ourselves to be the sole authority on how the world should work. On one hand, it might be easy to just rant about it and call it a day, but I believe these rants hold quite a lot of creative potential. Writing isn’t about coming up with something wholly new and original… story telling is pretty much limited to the human experience, and we’ll always fall back on something familiar (note the tropeless tale)… instead, its about writing about the familiar in a new way.


A good friend of mine asked Trigger on my behalf, “Are Ryuko and Mako a couple?”

The answer, “We can’t confirm that. But Mako and Gamagori are definitely not a couple.”

I’ll take it.


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here’s something that got away from me just a tad bit. first war-era r/s, assholes in love* gently ripping each other limb from limb, etc etc. if you ever catch me saying i can keep something to 10k again please come break my fingers.

‘You keep pushing me, and one’ a these days you’re going to cross the line, Harley.’
'Then what?’ she asked.
Joker laughed. 'I dunno. We’ll draw ourselves a new line, and another, and probably cross them, too.’
—  my favorite lines from the Suicide Squad novelization
Love disappointed in its excess, and especially love deceived by the fatality of death, has no other recourse but madness. As long as there was an object, mad love was more love than madness; left to itself, it pursues itself in the void of delirium.
—  Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason


Part 6 of ‘Desi Remix’ series [Remix of “The Murder of Paolo & Francesca” by Joseph Noel Patton]

Mohini is the female avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. She is known for being an enchantress and for driving lovers to madness. Her name itself is derived from the verb moha, meaning “to enchant, perplex, or disillusion” and her name as a whole translates literally to “delusion personified”. 

Mohini also has a destructive side known for slaying demons. One day, she intervenes when she sees the ash demon Bhasmasura, who has the ability to turn anyone to ash by touching their head, misuse his power on the very god who granted him this ability. Upon seeing Mohini approach him, Bhasmasura is so breath taken by her that he immediately asks her to marry him. Mohini agrees, but only on the condition that he mimics her moves in a dance. As she precedes to charm him she cleverly places her hand on top of her head. So entranced, he unknowingly repeats the move and reduces himself to ashes.

Here you see a more metaphoric depiction of the 2 sides of Mohini. On one hand you see her as the enchantress, pure, seductive, and deceivingly innocent in white and on the other hand you see her as the demon slayer, ruthless and unmerciful in red.     

Tom’s Reaction To Versace On The Floor

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Listen guys, I really don’t write Tom fics, Tomdaya or Tom!Imagines or anything “xReader”. If you send me a request, I will do my best but I will most likely suggest someone else to you that would be willing to take your request on. 

However, this was my first request ever and I didn’t want to disappoint. I love my followers and I would sell my soul for y’all. I thought the least I could do is try. I had a fun idea so this was my best interpretation at this request. I hope y’all like it. I really, really, really tried.

Ship: tomdaya T/W: None.

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Remember the phases of the moon: new, crescent, quarter, gibbous, gelatinous, full, very full, swirling, angry, unsure of itself, mad with power, disappointed in the newest Marvel movie, very very full, feeling like an impostor, jealous toward the sun, being extra nice to the sun to make up for the jealousy the sun is unaware of, trying to sabotage the sun’s happiness but only succeeding in sabotaging its own happiness, and finally new again.

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how about something like poe and the reader get into it so bad, she leaves the resistance and ends up joining up the first order and they meet during one of the TFA battles and he sees that shes together with hux or something.

The mission was a complete disaster. Civilians had died in the line of protecting their loved ones and all Poe had to say was that you weren’t doing your job as a member.


You wanted to go over to Poe and punch him right in the nose but you were better than that. But the pressure that Poe put on you was too much, even on a Jedi they couldn’t handle it.


Everyone else on the wing remained silent. They didn’t want to over step their boundaries and have their leader go off on them either.

“It’s a wonder how Leia has you working for the Resistance still. If your that reckless, the Resistance does not need someone like you,” Poe said before he turned around and left.

Just as the X-WING landed, you heard people calling your name out but you were done. Done. Poe had threw you over the edge. If he didn’t want you apart of the Resistance, fine.

You went into your quarters and started packing your things. You didn’t know where you were going but you were leaving. If Poe thought you weren’t worthy of being apart of the Resistance, you had to leave. He was one of the greatest pilots the Resistance had ever seen. 

A while later, after the debriefing and getting dinner, Poe realized he should apologize. It wasn’t fair that you had so much pressure on you. He should have sent more fighters along with you. He was also upset that so many kids had died in the line of fire but that wasn’t your fault. 

As he approached your quarters, the door was open and the bed completely made. He immediately went to check if any of your things were there. They weren’t but he did find a note. 

“You said the Resistance doesn’t need someone like me, fine, I’ll leave.”

Poe let out a scream. One of the greatest fights left and it was all because he blew up on the first person he seen. Not only that, Leia was going to have his head for it. 

You got off the of ship with your blaster in your hand. You immediately shot off anyone who went to attack Kylo. You were Kylo’s apprentice and he handpicked you specifically as he knew who you were and the information you held. 

“Master Ren, there goes the owner of the BB unit,” You said as you pointed to your former Resistance member. 

Kylo and you went towards him. Poe had shot off his blaster towards Kylo but you knew that was one of his biggest mistakes. 

You nodded towards Kylo signing that you were heading back onto the ship. While you were heading into the ship, the trooper that held Poe handed him over to you. 

“Take him to the interrogation room,” The stromtrooper said before leaving. 

You grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him towards the room. You could tell that he wanted to say something but didn’t say a word. He felt all the guilt of the argument wash over him. 

You opened the blast doors and started cuffing him on the chair. You didn’t understand why he was so freely letting you do it to him. He would had put up a fight with a stormtrooper but not with you. 

“Why? Why the First Order?” Poe said finally. 

You laughed, “The Resistance doesn’t need someone like me.” 

Poe sighed, “You knew I was mad at the mission itself, not you. Everyone felt awful for letting me yell at you like that. Leia suspended me for piloting for a month after that.”

“Well, that isn’t any of my business Dameron. My loyalty lies with the First Order. Now, I assure you that you should be quiet before the General or the Commander comes in here and hears you speaking,” You said. 

“Please, this isn’t you. Your loyalty is still with the Resistance. General Organa knows you and Ren are apprentices. Please come back,” Poe said with sincerity in his voice. 

“YOU KNOW NOTHING OF ME. You don’t know what I went through and what I seen after I left the Resistance. Ren took me under his wing and now my loyalty is only with the First Order!” You screamed with tears running down his face. 

You heard the doors open and you expected it to be Ren but it was Hux. 

“I heard you yelling. Is everything alright, beloved?” Hux said as he wiped the tears from your face. 

You sighed and kissed him. Poe flinched. You were with General Hux now? 

“Lets go and let Ren deal with him. Goodbye Dameron,” You said as you grabbed Hux’s hand and left Poe to yell in protest. 

-Mod Anastasia Aurora