madness in skyrim

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why the fuck did the nords of skyrim think dragons were just a legend? i get they were gone a long time but literally at any time during history they could have looked around at the plethora of fucking dragon graveyards and seen there were goddamn bones in there. actually no they didn't even have to do that, dragonsreach literally has a fucking dragon skull right over the jarl's head. did they think he fabricated that thing? and what about the draugr? they said they were former servants of the dragons but didn't think dragons exist BUT THEY'VE SEEN THE DRAUGR SO WHY WOULD ONE EXIST AND NOT THE OTHER? and what about the fact there was literally a dragon language that people in the mountains had learned and mastered and were able to use? where else would that have come from? what were they thinking? i need answers

Nimoyd Dev Update: Publishers, Publishers, and Villages

Hey guys

It’s been a few busy weeks in a row, because publishers. Yea, we talk to a few publishers, doing presentations, a demo. Nimoyd is quite playable already, although it is not polished, nor well animated. After all, it’s only the two of us, so, well, you know, we’re focusing on gameplay and world first, and hope that you and all the others, like the publishers, like it as both of us do. : )

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“Time for a celebration! CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!” -  Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness, The Elder Scrolls

My favourite prince currently. If you don’t know him or want to listen to his story again, check this out!

So, yeah. I might refine this later. I pulled this off really last minute for our AMC convention this weekend. I feel bad for not having anything new since 2 cons ago. Come check us out!

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