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I have an unique kind of update on writerly stuff, and not just fun fanficish writerly stuff, neither. Like, profesh writerly stuff.

Some of you might remember that short story I mentioned a bit ago, ‘Math & Art’ ? Well, since it’s focusing on a group of highschool students in a special needs class finding a magic book that only they can read, I wanted to make sure my research was sound. I’ve done a lot of online stuff, but it just hasn’t felt like enough. I want to do this sort of thing right, you know?

Anyways, in a fit of fucking madness and/or badassery, I looked up my old highschool, which I still live by, and found the contact information for the principal.

I used it.

I sent him an email basically saying, “Hi, Principal Guy, my name is Pop and I used to be a student at your school. It was fucking awful, but you were always pretty cool. I’m contacting you because I’m currently writing a short story that I’ll be attempting to publish concerning Special Needs students, and I was wondering if I could set up an interview with one of your Special Needs teachers. If I could have a pass to sit in on a couple classes, that would be hella awesome, too. Id love to get to know the kids so I can do characters like them justice in my writing. Danke, Pop.”

*exhales loudly* YEAH, so uh. Fucking just did that. Mm! Cross your fingers that he replies to me positively.


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