Wow, thanks! :D

So many great recommendations in response to my last post! Thanks, everyone!

@zenvaleyard AHHH thank you for reminding me that I’ve been meaning to start Merlin! I think that’ll be the next one I get into :D I love fantasy, sci-fi, or comedies when it comes to TV shows.

@carrienkaboodle I’ve heard really good things about Vampire Diaries. From the previews I’ve seen, it looks like a romance/drama? Am I right? It is something I’ve been meaning to take a look at, so consider it added to my “To Watch Soon” list :)

@madmim Ahhh, yeah, American Horror Story. So, I’m sort of afraid to watch this…. at least by myself :P it seems really creepy/freaky. I appreciate that sort of thing, but I think I’ll need to recruit my boyfriend to watch it with me :P I was channel surfing last night and put it on for a second and was pleased to see Zachary Quinto on it! I hope to muster up the courage to watch this show, eventually :)

@samuraininjakoriin Haven? Never heard of it. Now I’m intrigued. What’s the genre?

@rishaofthecaribbean I LOVE Community!! It’s hysterical. I’ve been watching the newest episodes on Hulu lately, but I haven’t seen the earlier seasons yet. Maybe it’s time to backtrack :)

@angellesworld Pretty Little Liars is a drama, right? Previews of it seemed reminiscent of Gossip Girl (which, to be fair, I’ve never seen :P). Not sure if the teen drama is up my alley, but I’ll give anything a shot. What’s Lieing Games all about?

@lolcave OH thank you! Another reminder of a show I’ve been meaning to watch. Yeah, I’ve heard awesome things about Dexter (but I heard the books are better!) Have you read them?