ultimate shipper meme: [5/5] “for which i started shipping them” moments → the doctor + rose tyler

You look beautiful.


Things I want to knit:

Madman with a Box by Elanor Sakamoto

On the outside, designs inspired by traditional motifs, suitable for even the most conservative environments—work, grandmother’s house, church…

On the inside, a tribute to our favorite time traveling alien—Two Hearts and the T.A.R.D.I.S.—to wear when you really want to let your inner geek fly free!

Pattern available HERE


Happy Birthday Doctor Who. Thank you for fulfilling my life with magic. Thank you for making me believe in miracles. Thank you for the hope you give us with each episode. Thank you for this wonderful characters . Thank you The Doctor for being part of my life.  One day i will have my own adventure in TARDIS of life. Thank you to all the cast and crew for running this show for over 50 years. Thank you for giving us the madman in the box. Thank you for showing us impossible words, thank you for making the impossible- possible. Thank you for breathtaking stories, thank you for the message that show has in itself. I love you, Doctor Who. Many happy returns!