madly in love with this man







the thing is lucius hardly knows ed. and yet he tried to reach out to him. when he first realised that ed was the one behind this, he called him “nygma”, to himself. but when he saw ed face to face, and saw how lost and confused ed was, he called him “ed”.

he stayed calm and rational in the face of ed’s mania, and he clearly pitied ed, and wanted to help him. even after ed tried to kill him, even after ed threatened bruce and harvey, even while ed had a gun on him, lucius stayed levelheaded and reasonable, and kept trying to reach him. because he could see how much ed needed an anchor, someone to help him.

in 2.21, ethel peabody asked lucius if he had much training in mental health, and he said “none. none at all.” but he didn’t need any training to see that ed was hurt, and confused, and unravelling. and he didn’t need any training to reach out to ed, and try to convince him to get the help he so obviously needs.

Fireworks - H.S.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I mumble. The twinkling lights are mesmerizing and I just can’t seem to focus on anyone else, not even the amazing man beside me that brought me here tonight. When Harry only hums a response, I take my gaze off the fireworks ahead of me and stare at his sharp jawline.

Lately Harry had been acting differently. At first I noticed little things, like him closing off and disappearing into his own head for short amounts of time, but after a while he started raising these walls around him, pretending to be someone who is not even though the real Harry I had met two years prior was something I wish everyone had in his life.

Of course, Harry did not only have a name to keep, but also a reputation. Yes, he was pictured as a womanizer and I think he did won best dressed male again last year, although I don’t keep up with that. I keep up with what actual Harry is up too, what ticks him, what he enjoys doing. Most of the things the media bring to attention aren’t very good small details of a bigger picture.

I think that’s why this friendship works so damn well. That might also be the absolute number one reason I fell madly in love with this man. I’d never risk anything to put our friendship in jeopardy, because I honestly believe I’d never find someone like him, ever again. He was the only real thing in a world filled with lies and misinterpretations.

I’m actually terrified I’ll never get to see the real Harry again. And whatever I try, I just can’t seem to get through to him. So when he appeared at my door, giant grin on his rosy lips and a bottle of expensive champagne held up in one hand, I couldn’t decline.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Harry laughs, pulling his bottom lip between his pearly white teeth before his glance is cast in my direction. I can feel the rosy hue appear on my cheeks, but they’re transparent to Harry’s gaze due to the harsh lighting of the fireworks going off in front of us.

“This lighting is doing you good.” I decide to go with a true compliment, although that wasn’t initially on my mind. I love the smile that it draws on his lips, the way his eyes crinkle and how he then casts his glance away. “Do you say that to all men?”

“Only you.” I shrug my shoulders with a grin and let a shriek flow from my lips when I feel Harry’s elbow collide with my ribs. “Hey, I gave you a really nice compliment and this is how you repay me?”
“What do you want to hear? How beautiful you look? You always do, Y/n.” Harry huffs as he rolls his eyes and fixates his gaze back onto the sparkly lights disappearing as quickly as they appear.

“You’re one of the most kind-hearted people I know Harry, you deserve all of this success you’re receiving, you know that right?” I decide to bring up the new single, the one that’s supposed to come out in just a few hours – at midnight to be exact. He hadn’t mentioned it since I had heard it when he had initially finished it. It was his baby, his first solo record and he didn’t seem to utter another word about it. It had been months and it saddened me because it was so damn good.

“How is that new man of yours?” Harry’s voice changes tone, and when I decide to peek I see the frown that has set onto his eyebrow. I guess we’re still not talking about it, and I decide to drop it. Last time I had tried to initiate conversation we ended up not speaking to each other for almost two weeks. Which were the worst two weeks of my life, really. “That’s over and done with, didn’t I mention that?”

“Well no, you didn’t.” Harry sighs and I see the small smile tug at his lips. I scoot a little bit closer to Harry, although I’m not sure why. “Well, sorry then.”
“Why did you break up? I thought you liked him.” Harry throws his arm around my shoulder and I lay my head on his shoulder, taking in a deep breath as I focus back on the popping flashing of light.

“I never really did, I think.” I mumble, dropping my hand onto Harry’s knee and giving it a firm squeeze. “I’m searching for something else.” I finish off, feeling my heart throb in my throat. Indirectly, in my own head, I had confessed my love for Harry. He would never see it as such, but that didn’t take away any of the anxiety coursing through my body.

“Well it’s great that you know what you want.”

“Don’t you know what you want?”

“Yeah, but I’m sure she hasn’t even given it a thought. I think I’m nothing more to her than just a really good friend.”

“Who says that? Harry if you want this girl, go and get her. Do you even realize how amazing you are? You always put me up when I’m down. You watch the most horrifying movies with me whenever I want to, without any complaint. You once showed up at my door just because I sounded blue to you on the phone. I’m sure whatever girl you want is just as madly in love with you as you are with her.” I grin, squeezing his knee for emphasis as I let my eyes dart along the sky, trying to follow every firework going off.

“Do you know what sign of the times is about?” Harry suddenly questions and I feel myself stiffen in his embrace as he for the first time in weeks talks about his song or upcoming album.
“Well I interpreted it as hope.” I decide to voice my own thoughts and feelings as simply as possible.

“That’s the great part of it. I think – in whatever time of your life you are, it might – I don’t know – can be interpreted in whatever way it suits you.” Harry starts to stumble over his words as if he were nervous, his ring clad fingers toying with his jeans as he avoids my gaze as well as the sounds going on around us.

“So you’re saying I’m hoping for something?” I smile, somewhat feeling my own nerves bubbling in my stomach as I pull away from Harry, smiling brightly at his twinkling eyes.

“Yeah, you could say it like that. But I think we all hope something, right?” Harry grins right back at me and I slowly let my eyes close, nodding once, but firmly at his statement – or question.

“Hm.” I agree verbally, wanting to lay my head again against his shoulder but he stops me, his eyes searching mine tentatively as I keep frozen in my spot. I let a low breath slip past my opened lips, my tongue darting out to wet them before I suck my bottom lip into my mouth, slowly biting down on it.

Something seems to click in Harry’s mind and before I can completely comprehend what is happening or is about to happen, Harry leans in but hovers right before his lips are about to meet mine. He lets me decide if I want this – if I want to kiss him and as soon as my brain has caught up to current events, I lean the short distance and press my lips firmly against his.

Harry’s large hand cups my cheek and for a second I feel like I might burst out into tears of happiness, but instead I settle for a large grin which almost breaks up our kiss. I feel the vibrations of Harry’s chuckle against my lips as my eyelids flutter.

Harry pulls away, keeping his hand in place, as he seems to catch his breath. His lips press to mine once more in a gentle, simple peck right as the last few fireworks make their last pop in front of us, illuminating the dark night sky.

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pleaseee could you write drabble, Emma saying to Killian "I didn't know you could sing"

unrelated to the upcoming musical ep, but here ya go. sorry it’s rather messy. drabble became ficlet.


Emma has never really lived with a guy before. Well, she supposes that she and Neal did kind of live together in the Bug all those years ago, but this is different.

This is sharing a home.

And with that comes a few adjustments. Neither of them have ever owned very many possessions aside from their full wardrobes, but now they have this big house and it’s being slowly but surely filled with… things. Stuff. Books and trinkets on their shelves, an array of colorful toiletries and pretty things in their bathrooms, an admittedly overly stocked cabinet of alcohol, blankets and pillows meant not just for function but also for decoration.

She’s a bit disorganized and messy. Killian is kind of a neat freak after having run his own ship for so long.

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Sterek fandom, please gather around me. I have to talk to you about something extremely important.

Because today my friends, I discovered that something called the “Teddy bear hospital” exists.

And it’s even more adorable than you can imagine.

(It’s actually a French association, where parents bring their kids, who then have to find with the doctor what’s wrong with their favorite toy, check all the boxes on a chart with different diseases, then bring the teddy bear to the dentist, the radiologist, the surgery…

It’s mainly to teach kids not to be afraid of doctors and hospitals, and help kids that have to spend a lot of time in hospital understand what really happens there. The doctors are all medicine students, and like my sister, mainly dying inside from the cute)

Now can you imagine Sterek in that?

Stiles pushing the stretcher with the little bear on it, one paw wrapped in bandages because they suspect broken bones. Stiles following a little girl with really clear eyes and actual pigtails, smiling like a crazy person because of how cute the kid is, pointing decidedly at the different doors for her teddy bear’s next appointment.

And on the other side of the stretcher, Derek, the uncle/single dad, slowly melting in a puddle of besotted goo because of this guy in his doctor blouse, with the moles, and the smiles, and listening to freaking teddy bear’s heartbeat.



Stiles and Derek, the medical students that meet during the event. Derek being the surgeon (because he’s kind of worried about handling kids) (and of course he’s amazing and the kid adore him but he worries anyway because he’s big and scary and Laura told him he has too much eyebrow for one person).

Stiles being the charming radiologist, that comes into Derek’s surgery room clearly to torture him. Because he comes in with the most radiant smiles (and Derek always smiles back, even if they have seen each other thirty times already and even if he still doesn’t know the guy’s name) and a kid clutching at his hand, before helping them into little surgeon outfits. Derek can’t even look at him directly; it’s that stunning a view. He doesn’t understand how someone that must spend 23 hours a day studying and leaving on junk food can glow so much.



Stiles and Derek are single parents that bring their kids to the Teddy bear hospital, and both get promptly sent to the waiting room by their independent four and five years old.

They both meet in the waiting room, where they are the only one not enjoying these few moments of freedom, but pacing all over the place like trapped animals. Both of them have really bad memories of hospitals, and they bond ver it after  buying their fourth coffee in the vain hope of distracting themselves.

They get caught making out in a supply closet by a nurse. Both of their kids give them very disappointed looks.


Laura bringing Derek there without any explanation. Because she’s 6 months pregnant, and Derek will be there to see his nephew coming into the world, hospital phobia or not.

So Stiles raises his eyes from his planning to find that the little Derek is in fact one big, strong ball of muscles, pale eyes and blushing cheek, and closer to thirty than 3. Stiles immediately decides to forgets the “only kids from 3 to 8″ rules and calls dibs (because he saw Jeanine’s greedy eyes).

Derek may well be a weirdo, but he’s a beautiful one. Who mumbles when his sister kisses him on the cheek and actually resists for a few seconds before handing Stiles the teddy bear. It’s absolutely adorable.

Then Stiles starts the list of fake diseases and diagnoses a bad burn on the bear, when he catches Derek’s expression. The man looks completely broken and sad, and trying very hard and badly to hide it.

So Stiles backpedals so hard he physically gets back, hands in the air, and changes his diagnosis to a sprained paw and a bellyache. For the hour long visit, all of Stiles’ colleagues look at them both with bewildered eyes. Derek looks hounded, head hunched and either fixed on his shoes, between embarassement and real anxiety. He stay close to Stiles, and Stiles looks at his beautiful face and marvels. Sometimes, Derek even takes notes.

Stiles is madly in love after forty five minutes.

I don’t know I don’t have the time to write this, but if someone feels like it, please, pleeeease tag me in it.

I need it. For reasons.

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Do you have any fics where draco leaves the dark side for one reason or another and develops feelings for harry? Preferably in the medium-long range

Yup, can do fandomlybloggable​! Enjoy and remember to leave love for the authors!

Drarry Recs: Draco Changes Sides

Allegiance and Sedition by SilentAuror  - NC-17, 98.5k - The war is in its fifth year, and Harry finds himself caught up in the confusion of friend versus enemy, spy versus traitor.

And I Know the Spark by firethesound - NC-17, 15.5k - All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. 

For All That Ails You by Frayach - NC-17, 17k - Voldemort forces Draco to drink a love potion so that he’ll fall in love with Harry, and he does - madly.  But then Harry does too.  When Hermione finds an antidote for the love potion, neither knows who loves who.  But then along comes the anonymous poetry contest to save the day.

Brave New World by SilentAuror - NC-17, 22.5k - The first post-war Christmas is coming to Grimmauld Place. As the Order of the Phoenix ponders its future, Harry sorts through a maze of war records and quickly begins to see that not everything is as it should be..

Kailash, When it Rises by Mirabella - PG, 3.5k - Harry can’t sleep.

No Quiet Find by distempered/blithelybonney - NC-17, 10k - War makes a man tired…some more than most. Draco needs rest.

Not Through With You by dark0feenix - NC-17, 11k - Draco doesn’t remember, and Harry doesn’t let him forget.

Noticed Him Fading by marksykins - NC-17, 3.5k - Draco hates France, the Ministry, owls, and Harry Potter.

Paris by abbycadabra - R, 9k - “So you want us to keep running?  To run and hide?  Until when, Malfoy?  Until they win or lose?  Forever?”

Starts with a Spin by Maxine - M, 120k - It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Duinn Fionn - R, 11k - Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend. (with sequel Delicate Sound of Thunder)

Under the Cold, Wan Moon by slytherincess - NC-17, 38.5k - He does not seek war, but when attacked he knows better how to die than surrender.

Walking the Line by SilentAuror - NC-17, 180.5k - Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him.

Don’t Say Anything (part 1)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angsty angsty angst


“Nat?” you spoke softly as the two of you laid on your bed, staring up at the ceiling.


You turn your head to her. “Do you think it’s time I tell you know who that I like him?”

Natasha looks over at you and smiles. “I’d say yeah, you’ve been talking about him for years now Y/N. You’re madly in love with this dude which, by the way, I still do not know.”

You blush. You weren’t about to tell her that the man you’ve been crushing on is Bucky. No one knew how you felt about him and you’re surprised that Natasha didn’t already figure out who you always talked about.

“Well, if everything goes well I’ll tell you who he is.” you say.

“You better. It’s not nice keeping your best friend in the dark like this.” she jokes.

You laugh. “Oh hush.”

“I need to interview this guy. Make sure he’s good for you.”

“Soon my dear, soon.”

Your door suddenly opens, revealing the man you’re in love with.

“Hey Y/N, I just came by to ask if you wanted to go get a milkshake with me.” he smiled.

“I’ll get going. See ya later, snooka.” Nat says, kissing your cheek before leaving your room.

You look over at Bucky. He’s so beautiful.

“So, what do ya say?” he’s now leaning against the doorframe.

Steve would kill you if you drank a milkshake, especially since you’re training with him tomorrow. But Bucky throws on his best pouty face and you’re done for.

“Let’s go.”

You enter your room after a tiring training session with Steve only to find Wanda sitting on your bed with a smile on her face.

“What are you doing here?” you question.

“I’m here to train you.”

You scoff. “I don’t know if you knew this but I just got back from training with Steve so..”

Wanda playfully rolls her eyes. “Not that kind of training. I’m here to train you for when you tell that guy that you like him.”

You nod. Wasn’t Natasha supposed to help you with that?

“Nat said she had something to do and asked me to help you.” she adds as if she could read your mind.

“Okay.” you nod. “So what should I do first?”

“Well if I knew who he was..” she trailed off and you laugh.

“You’re not getting it out of me, Wanda.”

“Darn.” she frowns. “When am I going to meet the guy? He could be a murderer for all I know!”

You chuckle. “If he feels the same way about me, you’ll meet him soon.”
Although you’ve already met him.

“He’d be a fool to not like you back, Y/N. You’re a big ball of happiness mixed with cute things and sprinkles.” she tells you and you smile. “Okay so we have to work on what you’ll say to him. You don’t want to be stumbling over your words or stuttering. That’s really awkward.”

“This is going to be harder than I thought.” you sigh.

“Pretend I’m Jake.” she says and you give her a confused look.

“Who’s Jake?”

“The guy, duh.” she spoke. “You won’t tell me who he is so we gotta improvise.”

“Oh, right. Okay.” you clear your throat and close your eyes, Bucky’s face coming into your mind. You can see him smiling at you, waiting for you to speak. You open your eyes. “Hey.. Jake.” oh god saying Jake was so weird.

“Hey, Y/N. What’s up?” Wanda responds. Your throat began to feel dry. Why - how?

“I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love yo- your sweater.” you sigh and squeeze your eyes shut.

“Wrong! Do it again. And be less.. Cringy.” Wanda says.

You glare at her. “Oh jeez, thanks for boosting my confidence.”

“I’m trying to help you get laid here.” she gives you a look.


“Do it again.”

You take a deep breath and nod, speaking from your heart. “Jake.. We’ve known each other for quite some time now and every time we hang out it’s amazing. You’re amazing. You know how to make me laugh and our conversations are never boring. You’re a really interesting person Jake. What I’m trying to say is.. I like you. I have since the day I met you, and I want to know if you feel the same way.”

You exhale, not knowing you were holding your breath before and Wanda’s lips turn upwards into a smile. “You did it.”

“I did it.” you breathe out. Wanda chuckles and you break out into a grin. “Thank you so much Wanda.”

You pull her into a hug and she squeezes you. “Go tell him. You got this.”

You rush down the hall, nearly tackling Tony down in the process. Bucky’s door comes up into view and your heart starts beating quickly. You’re going to do it. You’re going to tell Bucky how you feel. Finally.

You stop in front of his door and take a deep breath before twisting the knob and pushing it open, not even bothering to knock. At the sight in front of you, your heart drops.


Bucky moves away from Natasha, both their hair a mess. Nat’s shirt was discarded, thrown across the room and Bucky was just in his boxers. His lips were red and swollen from kissing. You almost forgot how to breathe.

“Oh god..” Nat murmurs, throwing her head in her hands.

“Y/N, hey.” Bucky grabs your attention again, standing up from his bed. “Listen I-I.. No one knows about.. Nat and I.. Please don’t tell anyone.”

You look between Natasha and Bucky. How stupid could you be? To actually think that Bucky might like you back. Of course he doesn’t. Of course he likes Nat. Of course they have a thing going on. Why wouldn’t they?

You muster up a fake smile. “Your secret is safe with me.”

Bucky lets out a sigh of relief and pulls you into a hug. “Thank you so much Y/N.”

You keep your hands at your sides, not daring to wrap them around him. When he pulls away, you clear your throat. “I’ll uh.. Get going.”

Bucky nods. “Thank you.. Again.”

“No problem.” you back out of his room and he shuts the door, leaving you to stare at it.

If only you knocked.

A/N: Tell me what ya think :)))))))))) It’ll get better, I promise.


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It’ll All Be Okay

Originally posted by bagelbarnes

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky recently broke up with his girlfriend and now its your job to pick up the pieces 

Words Count: 687, just a lil drabble

Genre: slightly angsty, nothing too bad

Warnings: Language

So my last fic actually got notes! thought i might as well do another one :) Also, I’m still super new so if y’all have fic ideas, don’t hesitate to request fics! Don’t forget to follow like and reblog, I’m loving all the notes<3

 not my gif but oHMYgOd how cute is he in this gif??

   You woke up to the sound of cupboards slamming down the hall. As you flip over onto your side, you look at your alarm clock and groan. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Who in the right god damn mind is slamming cupboards in the middle of the night??

You sit up and stretch out your back, ready to give whoever it was a piece of your mind. You stand up and mentally prepare what you’re going to say as you walk down the hall to the tower’s kitchen, but what you find there shocks you.

“Bucky?” you ask alarmed, “what the hell are you doing on the floor covered in corn flakes? I thought you were staying with Clair tonight?”

He looks up at you with eyes full of tears,”(y/n)..” 

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I honour of Valentine’s Day coming up here’s a list of words and phrases related to love and romance.

Pet Names

  • Aşkım - My love
  • Canım - My life (can be used by friends and family as well)
  • Bi(r ) tanem - My only one
  • Hayatım - My life
  • Sevgilim - My darling
  • Balım - My honey
  • Yarim - My love (Similar to aşkım, but meaning a destined written in the stars kind of love)
  • Sultanım - My sultan  
  • Tatlım - My sweety (generally used for girls)
  • Güzelim - My beautiful (used for girls)
  • Çiçeğim - My flower (used for girls)
  • Gülüm - My rose (used for girls)
  • Meleğim - My angel (used for girls)

General Love Related Words

  • Sevgililer günü - Lovers’ Day (Valentine’s Day)
  • Evlenme teklifi - Marriage proposal
  • Nişanlı - Fiance 
  • Rüyalarımın erkeğisin/kadınısın - Man/Woman of my dreams 
  • İlk göz ağrım - First pain of my eye (can be used with first love or first child/grandchild)
  • Ciğerimin köşesi - Corner of my liver (term of endearment used with loved ones to relay they are precious)
  • Buluşma/Randevu -  Date
  • Nikah - Islamic marriage
  • Düğün -  Wedding
  • Sevgili - Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Manita - Girlfriend (slang, used for casual short-term relationships, can be offensive)
  • Öpmek -  To kiss
  • Öpücük - Kiss
  • Buse - Peck  
  • Sarılmak - To hug
  • Sarılma - Hug 
  • Kara sevda - Black love (meaning blind love or intense love)
  • Mecnun -  Insane/Obsessed/Possessed (meaning madly in love, reference to the character Majnun in the 11th century Arabian tale of Leyla and Majnun. Qays falls in love with Layla as a child but once they are grown he is forbidden from marrying her. Qays becomes obsessed with Layla hence gaining the nickname Majnun meaning possessed. If you call a man Mecnun it means he is head over heels in love with a girl and obsessed over her.)
  • Meftun - Strongly infatuated (poetic word, rarely used in regular speech)
  • Ruh eşi - Soulmate
  • Koca - Husband
  • Karı - Wife
  • Eş - Spouse 
  • Sevmek -  To love (to have deep affection for, not romantic in all cases)
  • Aşık olmak - To fall in love
  • Aşk/Sevda -  Love (romantic)
  • Sevgi - Love/Affection (usually used in the platonic sense) 
  • Gençlik/Çocukluk aşkı - Young/Childhood/Puppy love 


  • Benimle çıkar mısın? - Would you like to go out with me? 
  • Sevgililer gününü benimle geçirir misin? - Will you be my Valentine?
  • Benimle dans eder misin? - Would you like to dance with me?
  • Benimle evlenir misin? - Will you marry me?
  • Biraz daha kalabilir misin? - Can you stay a little longer?
  • Seni bir daha ne zaman göreceğim? - When will I see you next?
  • Sensiz ne yapardım? - What would I do without you?

Romantic Phrases

(Some of these phrases aren’t common, but when I saw them on the internet I thought they were cute and worth sharing.)

  • Seni seviyorum. - I love you.
  • Senden çok hoşlanıyorum. - I like you very much.
  • Seninle olmak istiyorum. - I want to be with you.
  • Seninle kalmak istiyorum. - I want to stay with you.
  • Seni çok özlüyorum. - I am missing you very much.
  • Seni görmek istiyorum. - I want to see you.
  • Çok güzelsin. - You are very beautiful.
  • Çok  yakışıklısın. - You are very handsome.
  • Sen benim herşeyimsin. - You are my everything.
  • Sen benim ilk ve son aşkımsın. - You are my first and last love.
  • Seni bütün kalbimle seviyorum. - I love you with all my heart. 
  • Seni her zaman düşünüyorum. - I think about you all the time.
  • Seni kelimelerin söylediğinden daha çok seviyorum. - I love you more than words can say. 
  • Sensiz hayatımın tadı olmaz. - Without you my life has no flavor/ sweetness/ pleasure.
  • Ellerini hiç bırakmazdım. - I’d never let go of your hands.
  • Tek ihtiyacım senin sevgin. -  All I need is your love.
  • Sensiz yaşayamam./Sensiz yapamam. -  I can’t live/do without you.
  • Sana aşık oldum. -  I fell in love with you.
  • Sana ihtiyacım var. -  I need you.
  • Seni her zaman seveceğim. -  I will always love you.
  • Aşkım gün geçtikçe büyüyor. -  My love gets stronger day by day.
  • Aşkımız ömür boyu sürecek. - Our love will last forever.
  • Hayat seninle harika.  -  Life is wonderful with you.
  • Uzak olmamıza rağmen hep kalbimdesin. - Even though we’re far away from each other, you’re always in my heart. 
  • İlk tanıştığımız gün benim kalbimi çaldın. - You stole my heart the first day we met. 
  • Seni gördüğüm an aşık oldum./ Seni görür görmez aşık oldum. - I fell in love the second I saw you 
  • Sen benim için çok şey ifade ediyorsun. - You mean so much to me. 
  • Sana olan aşkımı taşıyabilmek için yüz kalp yetmezdi. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. 
  • Sen benim güneşimsin, aşkım. You are my sunshine, my love. 
  • Biz birlikte olmak için yaratılmışız. We were meant to be together. 
When They Realized They Loved You

Bucky: He was at one of his weakest moments, having just woken up from a nightmare with an earth shattering yell. Within moments you were there in his doorway, asking if you could come in. Keep in mind, the two of you had just become acquaintances since he moved into the Avengers Compound. So you were cautious as you approached, Bucky’s chest was still heaving up and down and glittering with sweat. Despite his horrid appearance, you still kneeled down next to his bed and put your face close to his. You put your hands on both of his cheeks, brushing away the tears as well. After having a few moments of just reminding him of where he was, and who he really was, the shaking subsided and he finally looked into your eyes. Bucky knew in that moment that he found his true love.

Steve: Everyone treated him like he was some kind of lab rat that needed to be handled with extreme caution, or else he would shatter like a vase. But then you came along, fresh out of agent training and ready to take on the world. Tony lassoed your raw talent and energy, and brought you along an Avengers mission as soon as he possibly could. Once the team hit the ground in Russia, everyone realized how severely outnumbered you all were. Instead of wasting a second, you assumed second in command and got everyone out of their trances and into the battle. This included giving a pep talk to Steve that made him realize how much he could really get done on these missions. Just having you stand there, and whip him into shape was enough to really see that you knew what he was truly capable of as Steve, and not just “Captain America”. Steve understood then that you were the one for him, forever and always.

Natasha: There was nothing worse than the new cocky agents, and of course Tony managed to always assign them to Natasha. The two of you were quite the dynamic duo when it came to agent training, everyone knew that when Nat was near; you were too. So the idiot agent who tried to talk shit about Natasha’s past while doing exercises in the corner should’ve known you were near, since she was on the other side of the gym. But he continued to talk until you quickly silenced him by flipping him over and pinning him to the ground with your foot on his throat. After a few threats that could’ve gotten you arrested anywhere in the world, Natasha was behind you softly laughing and grabbing your elbow to pull you off the kid. Later that night when you finally told her what really happened, it was like she dropped the facade of being apathetic and kissed you like there was no tomorrow. No one had ever defended her like that, and Natasha felt in her heart that she had finally found her true love.

Sam: Having a good spotify playlist going on the speakers was a must in Sam’s house, and you were there to enjoy it all the time. Good thing you and Sam shared music taste, so you spent most of your time dancing around while doing little domestic things around the house. One particular Tuesday night, Sam had been on a mission so you knew you were good to put on your music while you cooked. No pants, hair down, singing at the top of your lungs was the picture that Sam walked in on. For a moment, he fell silent, in awe at your raw beauty in those few fleeting moments in front of him. As you turned around, you met eyes with Sam. All his mind was on was kissing you, and he put his plan into action. The amount of love he had for you had finally dawned on him and he was ready to accept it in his heart.

Clint: Being an avenger warrants a lot of bodily damage, so he always shows up on your doorstep late at night in hopes of you being awake. Patching him up became a regular thing when you met him from being an agent on one of their missions, but this time he seemed to be at his worst. Clint had not one, not two, but three bullet wounds in his stomach. It was a miracle he didn’t bleed out on the walk over to your apartment. As you were going to work on him, you realized how quiet he had been which made your heart sink. But lo and behold, he was only taking in your figure hovering over him, stabilizing his wounds. There was a faint smile on his face that matched well with his hooded eyelids. Even through the weariness of blood loss, he began to face this realization: he loved you. Clint loved you for everything you did for him, and for the person you are.

Bruce: After dating for over a year, you had grown accustomed to his frequent nightmares. Bruce would indeed freak out during these nightmares, but not enough to Hulk Out. However, one odd Wednesday, his nightmares were more aggressive than usual. He tossed and turned, which obviously caused you to awake to the situation at hand. You knew that he was going to need the usual calm down, but what you weren’t expecting was the agonizing scream that accompanied his restlessness. Any other person would have been terrified to be in the same room as him, let alone the same bed. But you calmly put one hand on his shoulder, and stroked his cheek with the other, effectively calming him down. He glanced over at you and sees the most loving look, no fear in sight. You just looked back at him like he was the only thing in the world that you needed, and realized he was absolutely madly in love with you.

Tony: Being Iron Man was dangerous, it was no secret to you or Tony. But that sure as hell didn’t stop him from flying around in his metal casket of a suit. He never felt that the suit itself was dangerous, until one afternoon when it suddenly malfunctioned in mid air. Tony could feel it shutting down, but he already knew what was going to happen the moment it buckled in the air. He knew exactly how far the drop was from the sky to the ground, and he knew how little time it would take for him to get there. The reality set in that when he hit that ground, he wasn’t getting back up. But the only thing he was worried about was leaving you alone, because he was so utterly in love with you. Luckily, in a spur of understated good fortune, the suit powered back up, before he started picking up speed in his descent. It only later dawned on him about what he had thought of in those terrifying moments, and he decided that night he was going to tell you how he really felt.

Peter: Since you were best friends with one another, you and Peter had made a pact to never keep any secrets from each other. You had both agreed that this pact would stand firm for the rest of your lives. So with the pact came the spider man secret, which was way more than you could bring to the table. Good thing, because you’re not sure how else you would have gotten out of almost being mugged by some punk in an alleyway walking home to your apartment building one fateful evening. Peter always made sure to keep an eye on you while he was out doing whatever a man with spider reflexes does. He swung from a nearby building as soon as he saw you disappear from the sidewalk. Peter was so fast in looping an arm around your waist, whisking you away from your attacker. After dropping you off right in front of your building, his arms wrapped around you in a bear hug. Peter teared up a little bit, being hit with the fact that he could lose you within the blink of an eye. It hit him then, that he loved you with every bone in his body.

Pietro: Nothing stopped Pietro from constantly zooming around to do literally everything. Brushing his teeth took a maximum of ten seconds. He scarfed food down without so much as an inhale of breath, and he even fast forwarded TV programs to watch them. But when you came around and stepped into his life, Pietro never wanted to be in fast forward again. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with you, even though that meant slowing himself down indefinitely. Pietro was one hundred percent willing to slow down so you could keep up in doing everyday things, like brushing your teeth, and eating food, and watching TV. Everything in life he wanted to last as long as possible, and it then he realized he was madly in love with you.

Scott: Being the worry wart he is, he never really went on dates in fear of them finding out about his criminal past. Until you came along. The two of you had met through a mutual friend, and had immediately taken a liking to each other. So you went on a date, which turned into two, then a bunch more, finally becoming a couple. Everything that could have possibly been shared between the two of you was out in the open for one another, including stuff about the past. Scott didn’t really want to bring it into play, because based on past judgements, dates didn’t find felonies appealing. But you were different. You weren’t sure if it was attractive or just didn’t matter, but you didn’t mind them. This shocked him, right into realizing how amazing you were. He took that as a sign that you would forgive him of his shortcomings, flaws, and mistakes and love him anyway. Which was true, and only made him fall deeply in love with you.

Loki: Contrary to popular belief, Loki was very pleasant to be around. Nobody gave him enough of a chance to realize this, though. Except you. You had grown up with him and Thor on Asgard, and nothing had changed about either of them. Thor was still loud and full of joy, and Loki was still reserved and snarky. That wouldn’t ever change. You knew him to be very mild, and was drawn to that about him, which is why you were always around him and not Thor. You had never left his side, and he knew that you never would. It wasn’t commendable, considering everything he had done on Earth. But nevertheless, you were there with him. Loki found a shred of happiness in that, and he held it sacred to his heart. Nothing else in his life made him nearly as happy as you did. He couldn’t tell if it was love, and you would never tell him that it was, so the both of you never brought it up. As time passed, he realized that he was in fact, in love with you. When he finally made the first move, you gladly accepted him with open arms and a loving kiss.

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WTNV au where victor is the radio host of a friendly desert community and yuuri is the scientist with beautiful hair

A friendly beachside community where the sun never sets, where the sea is beautiful, and where the ninja ghosts from the castle come down to move our furniture twenty centimetres to the right when we sleep….

Welcome to…. Hasetsu.

Hello listeners. 

To start things off, I have been instructed to make this brief announcement: the city council of Hasetsu is opening a new Ice Castle on the former site of the high school, which as we may remember, vanished during the Incident of ‘09. They would like to remind us that there is no ice at the Ice Castle. You will not be allowed to go into the Ice Castle. If you see hooded figures in the Ice Castle, look away. Do not approach the hooded figures in the Ice Castle.

The doors will be locked at all times and the handle will be electrified. Do not touch it. Do not think about it. The Ice Castle is friendly and should not harm you.

And now, the news.

We cannot at this time confirm nor deny that Phichit Chulanont has indeed seen the Angels that he so claimed to have seen, but from what I understand the Angels have helped him fix his laptop, so they must surely be benign. If anyone is interested in helping him in his search, he will be on the bridge between Walnut and Pine, and waving a selfie stick. 

There have been rumours of sightings of the legendary Ice Fairy on the bay. Do not believe these rumours. The Ice Fairy resents being called a fairy, after all. He told me, just the other day, that he would prefer to be called the Ice Tiger. Of course, he is also the size of my pinky, and so could not even begin to resemble a tiger. 

A new man has arrived in town today. We all are wondering who he is. Why is his hair so perfect? Why is his face so perfect? Why is his butt so perfect? And of course, how can he look so beautiful in those glasses and that lab coat? We wonder what he is doing here. He says he is a scientist. But we have all been scientists at one point or another. So what is he really doing here? 

The new man gathered us all for a town meeting. He has eyes the colour of caramel coffee and lips the colour of cherry blossoms, and oh, when he smiled, I fell in love instantly.

The new man tells us his name is Yuuri, and that he is here because he thinks we are the most fascinating town in Japan. I think he is the most fascinating person in Japan. Everything about him is perfect, from the way his brows crinkle when he looks at his madly flashing devices to the way he blushes to the way his hair falls perfectly just at his brow. 

And now, the weather. 

10 | Tomorrow




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Sweat beaded your forehead as you ran through the sea of people flooding the airport, your breathing was erratic and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Your heart hammered angrily against your chest, where was he? There you were, willing to drop your life for him and he didn’t have the decency to even answer the phone the 14 times you’d called.

Close to giving up your eyes wandered the busy scene desperately once more, much to your surprise you saw a tall, broad figure wearing all black holding what looked like to be a Louis Vuitton luggage bag. Your Louis Vuitton luggage bag. That had to be him. You ran up to the man who was speedily walking away, his wide strides almost impossible for you to catch up with.

“Jungkook!” You shouted, earning a stare from a dozen pairs of nosey eyes in the process.

Keep reading

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Hi I really like stories where there is a lot of jealously. I want love, but it's exciting to have a fight/argument ever dozen chapters. Also could the stories include quality writing(I've read a lot of bad ones) and I like a bit of drama and a twist. I don't mind the length. thankyou!!

I know a bunch of fics where either Harry or Draco are jealous, but I don’t really know if all the stories listed below have twists in them or a fight between our boys every dozen of chapters. Hope you enjoy!

  • Get Your Own Gryffindor - by jennavere (2k)
    Three cocktails later, Draco’s got a plan to get Harry riled up.
    (A very short and sweet story where Draco flirts with a random man, just because he likes seeing Harry jealous)

  • Gryffindor Seduction 101 - by jennavere (9k)
    Charming, crafty Slytherin Blaise Zabini has a dating policy: he only dates Gryffindors. Now he’s plotting to seduce Gryffindor Extraordinaire Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy is NOT happy.
    (In which a jealous and possessive Draco Malfoy is going crazy because Blaise is trying to have sex with Harry Potter)

  • I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor - by birdsofshore (28k)
    Harry felt lit up from inside as soon as he entered the bar. There were blokes dancing together, their bodies close to one another, not keeping a wary distance as Harry was always careful to do when he was near another man. God, he wanted this – wanted it so much he could taste it, a metallic tang of heat and desire. He suspected nothing would ever be the same again – especially when he saw who else was in the room.
    (Hot! Hot! Hot! Oh so very HOT! Like the summary says, Harry goes to a gay bar and then he spots Draco Malfoy sucking faces with another guy. So of course Harry keeps coming back (and so does Draco), but oh god Draco is such a tease to poor Harry)

  • One Harry Potter, Please - by - faithwood (60k)
    All Draco wants is Harry Potter’s friendship, just to make his new Auror job more bearable. However, after Harry stubbornly pays more attention to his secret admirer, Draco is forced to resort to drastic measures.
    (Draco and Harry are both madly in love with each other. Both of them are too thick to realise it though. As always, faithwood’s works are always amazing to read)

  • Worth It - by The Wykkyd (10k)
    Some things are just worth it. Draco Malfoy is one of those things.
    (This story needs some more love! I can’t belive I hadn’t read this fic until a couple of days ago - it’s such a gem! Such a heart-breaking and angsty story! You see, Harry and Draco are boyfriends, but against their wishes Draco is to be married to Astoria Greengrass. I don’t want to spoil anything else, but honestly, every man and his dog should read this)

  • Pour L'Amour de Pain - by alexcaster (16k)
    Draco Malfoy has lost his common sense and Potter is a tease. Bugger it all.
    (Squeeee! The humour in this fic was top-notch, the fluff was so fluffy, and the sprinkle of angst near the end tied everything together!)

  • The Incredible Race - by dysonrules (51k)
    Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Aurors, are forced to join a televised global race in order to provide some free positive publicity for the Ministry, despite the fact that Aurors Potter and Malfoy don’t exactly get along.
    (Did you say this is a story where Harry and Draco participate in a wizarding version of The Amazing Race? SOMEONE SIGN ME UP!! Such a fun fanfic!)

  • Malfoys Don’t Get Jealous - by Icicle (3k)
    Draco is not jealous of Anthony Goldstein. He no longer has any interest in Potter or what the idiot does in his spare time. Their relationship is over—but if Goldstein so much as breathes on Potter again, he might have to kill him.
    (Draco is jealous, and Harry is quite the Slytherin)
Injuries (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: you get injured on a mission and Bucky freaks out

A/N: first imagine! Feedback is appreciated:)

“Ok Bucky please don’t freak out” Steve said placing his hands on Bucky’s shoulders. Bucky’s heart dropped and a feeling of dread and fear rushed through him.

You were on a confidential mission with Steve and much to Bucky’s dismay he wasn’t aloud to go, to say he was an over protective boyfriend was an understatement but you couldn’t deny you loved it. Bucky had been worried all week, he barley ate and didn’t sleep because he couldn’t without you by his side to keep the nightmares at bay. The mission had went well everything had went to plan but an hour before you and Steve were scheduled to get the quinjet you were ambushed. Steve of course had left with a few scratches you however had been shot in the shoulder and had a broken leg, because you were just that lucky.

“Steve what are you talking about?” Bucky asked frantically running around after Steve as he called for medics “where is she? Steve where is (Y/N)!”

“In the jet” Steve replied and with that Bucky took off in a sprint towards the quinjet to find you. When he got there he saw you lying on one of the beds groaning in agony. “Oh my god princess, what happened?”

Your eyes snapped open at the sound of his voice and you instantly stopped groaning putting on a pained smile and declaring you were fine, you hated to see Bucky worried and you knew that he would freak out if he knew how much pain you were actually in. You recalled the time you had came back from a mission with a gash on your forehead and how he wouldn’t let you get out of bed the whole day in fear that you had a concussion. He was crazy but he was your crazy.

“You are not fine sweetie oh god you’re bleeding” Bucky rushed touching your bullet wound gently “you need to get to the infirmary come on stand up and lean on me if you need to”

You figured Steve hadn’t told him about the leg “Bucky there’s going to be a slight problem with that” you spoke in a gentle voice making sure not to freak him out, it didn’t seem to be working

“Doll…” Bucky began in a slow voice his eyes searching yours for any sign of intel “what do you mean slight problem?”

“Bucky please don’t freak out” you sounded exactly like Steve and it scared him “but I broke my leg”

His eyes went wide and his breathing got shallow as he looked slowly to your leg “y-you what?”

You sat up and placed a hand on his cheek caressing it with your thumb “I was shot in the shoulder and my leg is broken but Bucky baby, I’m ok” you smiled at him to let him know you really were ok

“I’m gonna carry you” Bucky declared standing up

“What? Why?” You were confused, were the medics not coming?

“Doll they’re taking their sweet time and you could loose consciousness from the bleeding” Bucky had seen his fair share of gun wounds and knew this wasn’t the case as you had been wrapped up, but this was you and he didn’t want to take that risk

“Put your arms around my neck” you did as he told you letting out a strangled groan of pain as he raised you into the air making his heart beat quickly “you’re doing amazing princess, just a short walk now”

You truly admired the way Bucky had went from a nervous wreck to full blown sergeant in a matter of minutes when he realised he had to help you, he always put your safety before his feelings and you loved him for it.

It was movie night and you were currently sandwiched between Steve and Bucky with stitches in your shoulder and a thigh high cast on your leg. The rest of the team had let you pick the movie on account of recent events so you were currently watching (Y/F/M).

“Hungry doll?” Bucky whispered into your ear, he had been like your own personal nurse this last week, tending to your every need helping you get washed and dressed and cooking you meals, he really was the best.

You nodded looking up into his eyes “I’ll go make popcorn” you felt the sofa move as he got up and you turned to Steve

“Was he always like this?” You questioned

“Like what?” Steve quirked a brow at you

“You know, all loving ready to help at every call?” You explained making Steve smile

“No… this is all for you” Steve turned back to the movie before whispering in your ear “you’re the only person he’s ever fallen in love with (Y/N), sure he was a ladies man in the day but the way he is with you? I’ve never seen that, I really do believe you are his reason for living”

You were in shock at Steve’s words, he usually didn’t speak of your a Bucky’s relationship in this way but you thanked him silently for it as Bucky came back with a bowl of popcorn for you. He sat down wrapping his flesh arm around you protectively and feeding you popcorn with the other.

You smiled “I am truly madly in love with you James Buchanan Barnes”

His eyes softened as he pressed his soft lips to yours “and I am truly madly in love with you (Y/N)
(Y/L/N)” pressing his lips to yours once more you both missed the smile Steve had at his two best friends.

anonymous asked:

[Sugar daddy anon fyi] Ooooo please share who you want in a sugar daddy/baby relationship, I am v curious!!

okay listen i need a nurseydex sugar daddy au but dex is the daddy and nursey is the baby

like give me nursey who’s just graduated college and lbr, you can’t do much with an english degree with an emphasis on poetry?? so he’s like “damn i didn’t think this through” and he works a part-time job in the meantime because he doesn’t wanna ask his family for help

BUT he’s used to being rich right? and like his job at the bookstore pays enough to provide the essentials but my boy derek nurse wants some spending money for himself (plus the extra financial security would be good because he doesn’t exactly have an emergency fund atm) so he’s like fuck it i’ll find a sugar daddy

enter william poindexter, software engineer who started his own company at 22, and is currently one of the top ceo’s in the business (though he always insists his team is the reason he’s been so successful because he isn’t a stuck up asshole). he’s a little uptight and a lot stressed but he doesn’t have time to Actually Date and he needs someone to bring around to all these high class events he gets invited to, and dex loves nothing more than being a little shit. so since he’s already properly pissed off the rich old white men who typically dominate the business simply by being from a poor background, and young, and gay, he’s like “i’m gonna find a fake boyfriend to piss them off more”

so nursey is basically the perfect candidate, right, because he’s pansexual (which most of these bigots don’t even acknowledge as a thing), and he’s from a family of rich doctors but turned down that lifestyle to pursue what he wants, and doesn’t ask anyone for handouts, and he’s black, and also smarter than most if not all of the crusty ass investors dex has to deal with. so dex tells him the whole deal, what he’s getting into, and nursey is just like “sweet man i love pissing off rich old white dudes too. it’s chill, let’s do it”

and obviously in stereotypical sugar daddy au fashion, they fall madly in love somewhere between travelling to europe and causing a Scene in the best way everywhere they go. and then they never stop pissing off bigots for the rest of their lives amen

anonymous asked:

For God sake Elena didn't lose anything with Damon . She was happy with Damon . Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so . Elena never really loved Stefan she didn't even knew him properly she fell madly in love with Damon . You wanna ship se do but don't say Elena was puppet in de relationship . Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

And if you want to ship DE then go ahead but stop being so willfully ignorant about your ship, anon.

I have multiple posts about the inflation of DE:

But you guys seem adamant on making me repeat myself.

“Elena never really loved Stefan”

Where is the proof of this? I mean next to the fact that she consistently declares her love for Stefan

These declarations of love are earned by how ride or die Elena was for Stefan.

Like you don’t face werewolves and go into vervain/snake-filled wells and run into a house full of tomb vampires and risk coming face to face with the supernatural monster trying to kill you if you don’t “really” love someone. This type of devotion is not bred from obligation, anon.

she didn’t even knew him properly

Elena knew Stefan so implicitly that she knew he was on the other line when he didn’t even say anything:

Elena’s emotional and spiritual knowledge of Stefan (which I speak about here: is unparalleled and that knowledge and that connection actually, and not DE-actually, but actually actually made Stefan a better person: 

We started this season with Stefan drinking Elena’s blood. Is that going to come back to haunt him or haunt them as he drinks more human blood?
Julie Plec: Not at the moment. I think that in its own way, it was a smart choice. He’s come to terms with all his demons from last year and all the guilt that lead him down that road and Stefan’s issues with blood were psychological and emotional. And drinking small tiny amounts every day with the trust and the commitment of your one true love to build up the strength so that you never have to worry about becoming that guy, I think we want to see if we can deliver on that. (source)

And this declaration to Rebekah (and Julie’s quote about Stefan) is earned in action and not simply dialogue. It’s earned in action because pretty much whenever Elena came face to face with Stefan’s demons, his lust for blood, his voracious vampirism, her presence, her emotional knowledge of Stefan would make it subside. It begins in 1x10 because she’s actually seeing past his vampirism, embracing it and accepting it, seeing to the man:

which allows for this to happen:

and that type of connection doesn’t go away because in 5x04 it’s repeated:

And in 5x06 it’s reiterated how much Elena brings Stefan back to life:

And in 6x16, Elena is directly related, yet again, to bringing Stefan back to his humanity, narratively, she is directly related to him being the best version of himself:

she fell madly in love with Damon 

I guess we’re ignoring the fact that Elena literally had to die and then be emotionally entrapped by a bond that gives her the illusion of free will to make DE happen. I talk about that here: but the highlights are these:

“The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

Damon helped her in every way even Stefan said so

H O W?

I have asked this many times and no DEr has been able to give me a legitimate answer, all you guys give me is what you think happened, it’s conjecture based on unearned dialogue. I want to know what he’s actually done that has propelled Elena’s character development because from what I recall, it’s Stefan who’s the one who always helps her:

but don’t say Elena was puppet in de relationship

Except that she is though. Because the DE relationship is inherently Damon-focused, Elena is his plot line so she actually just has to be there, it’s not about the both of them unlike SE:

Julie Plec: I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show […] (source)

Even the 6x22 goodbye scene is inherently about Damon:

“ It’s our way of the characters having sex in like a beautiful way, so it made perfect sense on the road, which is symbolic of Damon’s journey as a vampire[…]”

as opposed to the SE goodbye which is inherently about Elena and their knowledge of each other:

“That’s where she admitted she never wanted to lose her humanity, she didn’t want to be a vampire, and so he found it fitting for them to revisit that environment,” Dries said.

The sire bond … Elena isn’t given any complicated feelings about the fact that she’s emotionally enslaved to someone else, all she has to do is believe that she loves him:

I think the takeaway, ultimately, is that Elena believes it so fundamentally that in that moment, it’s enough for Damon to let himself believe too.

and it’s Damon who gets the “character” exploration of struggling with something and letting himself believe it’s real or not real, they make it inherently about how Damon feels when it’s Elena that this is happening to:

And it’s gonna continue to eat at Damon for the next few episodes […] Just letting himself allow it to be real for one small moment is enough for Damon.

At least with Stefan and Elena, she’s allowed to have complicated feelings which actually enrich their relationship because she goes through a multitude of emotions:

Plec assures that this storyline will be a big deal for the Stefan/Elena relationship, especially as Elena struggles “with her desire to help rescue this person that she loved very purely and very deeply, but also learning the lesson that you can’t necessarily let yourself be consumed in your life by saving someone else’s.”

Even their first meeting is solely for the benefit of Damon:

It was us wanting to give Damon something to fight for. Ric is unbeatable, a jillion times stronger than Damon. Damon was a dead man, and Ric was relishing beating him, and Damon had nothing left to live for, having been passed over once again. It was just that slight little thing that she said to him, when she was just trying to take the sting off: “Hey, maybe if you and I had met first.” She was just trying to soften the blow. But in reality, he had this memory that gave him the will to fight back. I love that moment, where Ric’s about to drive the stake into him, and he’s like “You know what? I’m not ready to die today.”

And with SE, it’s about how they save each other:

Julie Plec: In my mind, Elena’s parents are dead. It was a human accident, and a human tragedy, and as we know, the night that Stefan pulled her out of the water and saved her life. That was kind of the beginning of their love story. (source)

She isn’t just this symbol to be reacted to.

Even when Nina talks about SE, it’s about the individualism of Elena in relation to the love of SE:

Nina: But Elena — it’s not about that for her. She cares about Stefan. And he’s important to her and she has this connection with him, but she will put her friends and her family and the safety of her town before anything else, and she’s not going to swoon over the fact that he’s a vampire and ask her to bite him right away and all that. (source)

and you see that in their relationship. She doesn’t realize she can be with Stefan until after he saves Bonnie’s life in 1x09, she doesn’t get back with Stefan in season 2 until after he sacrifices his freedom to get with Jeremy out of the tomb, they take care of the people around them together, whether it’s saving Matt or taking care of Caroline after being tortured or helping Bonnie when it comes to Emily, where is any of that with Damon? They can’t even meet Bonnie halfway in the Prison World because they’re too busy arguing about their relationship. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Jeremy because she’s too caught up sleeping with Damon, she isn’t even paying attention to the parent-teacher interviews, she doesn’t care that he killed Aaron and kidnapped Jeremy again and the show doesn’t actually explore the psychological battle of loving someone who does these terrible things, she makes one comment about bending her morals and that’s it, that fundamentally reduces her character.

In season 8, the show very rarely (if ever) talks about Elena as an individual person or about her significance to the other characters, it’s all about how if Elena was there then Damon wouldn’t go off the rails, if Elena was there she would be able to get through to Damon, I wish Elena was here so Damon wouldn’t be the way he is, there are like four times in the season when Elena is spoken about outside the context of what she can do for Damon. When Elena wakes up, she realizes that Stefan is gone and she and Bonnie briefly share in that grief and then instead of asking about Bonnie, it’s “where is he?” 

It’s only when Damon is gone that Elena actually is the person she’s supposed to be because the show gives her other focuses like bringing Stefan back or bringing Bonnie back to life or setting Caroline up or getting everyone together to do shots so they can hang out, when Damon is back in the picture, the show just shackles her to him.

Stefan was just the chapter in her life the same way Elena was the chapter in Stefan life .

Except not? Their connection exists throughout the series and it’s proven repeatedly that they depend on each other and are tied to each other more than they’re tied to other people. Like Elena could break compulsion for Stefan but she couldn’t do the same for Damon.

In season 8, Bonnie tells Stefan to find his hope and what he does right after is write to Elena:

In the finale Elena is found sitting at the Salvatore crypt, writing about how she owes her life to Stefan:

[and I talk about how this is different than Matt here:]

In season 7, Caroline talks about how she’s been waiting for the day Stefan could love her the way he loved Elena

Not to mention the natural intimacy of SE and the romantic undertones of their scenes:

Like their narrative, their action, seeps through everything, DE has the dialogue, we have what actually matters.
Pourquoi le ciné et la télé doivent arrêter de faire coucher des lesbiennes avec des mecs
Comme récemment dans la série Dix pour cent, il arrive régulièrement que des personnages introduits comme gays ou lesbiens couchent finalement avec une personne du sexe opposé... au plus grand regr...
By Marie Kirschen

Remember that French TV show (Dix pour cent) I told you about, that made their lesbian main character sleep with a man? Now that character is pregnant with him of course, but the creator of the show Fanny Herrero (a straight woman) has a very good reason, don’t worry!

“Andréa is gay but she’s liberated enough to, on a one-night-stand, have sex with a man and not have a problem with it, because her sexuality is mature and fulfilling enough that she doesn’t ask herself questions. From the beginning, I knew that this character would have a very rich, complex and liberated libido, and for me that goes beyond sleeping with women. I think Andréa is more modern than that.”

Did you hear, ladies? A modern woman with a rich, complex, fulfilling sex life = a woman who wants to have sex with a man! How progressive!

Anyway, for once a Buzzfeed article about lesbians isn’t completely awful, so @sespursongles and I translated it in English :

Why movies and TV have to stop making lesbians sleep with guys

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Not What They Seem

Originally posted by daily13reasons

Alex Standall was a beautiful human being. He was smart, really sassy, he played guitar, and that boy could rock a bleach blonde hairstyle better than any man I knew. And I was hopelessly and madly in love with him.

But, as it is with most good love stories, he didn’t like me back. In fact, he really didn’t like me at all. I believe his exact words when asked about me were “She’s a shallow bitch who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. No, I have no desire to have a friendship with her, let alone even talk with her.” Suffice to say, I had a threesome with Ben and Jerrys that night.

Since that day, I’ve watched from afar as he sat in class, mindlessly tapping his pencil on his desk as he gazed out the window with those baby blue eyes. I watched as he played with his band, his head nodding slightly to the beat as his fingers deftly moved up and down the guitar. I watched as he sat with his friends in the cafeteria, his brow furrowed deep in thought as a pencil raced across a piece of paper, scribbling and crossing out as he tried to write out lyrics. I watched as he broke into a grin while Justin playfully elbowed him in the ribs, grabbing the pencil from his hand as he reenacted last night’s game winning play.

I watched as he yelled at Bryce for smacking Sheri’s ass as she walked by in history the other day, and I watched as he smirked victoriously when Bryce went up to apologize.

I watched as he stared with a blank expression after Bryce did the same thing to me yesterday.

I watched as he caught me staring at him in English, and he rolled his eyes, a deep frown slicing it’s way across his face as he turned in the other direction. I watched as we were assigned partners for an in class project, and when our names were read out, he walked up to the teacher and in a stage whisper, asked if he could be partnered with anyone else. I watched as my friends and I sat down at his lunch table last week (because my best friend Miranda was Zach’s newest fling) and he made eye contact with me, stood up, and left. I watched from the corner of my eye, standing ten feet down the hall at my locker, as he raved to Marcus about how he doesn’t “understand how everyone likes me, why Y/N’s so fucking popular because all she does is shop and get drunk. And when she missed all that school last year? What was her excuse, that she had a family emergency? Please. She probably got pregnant and didn’t tell anyone. She’s a snobby bitch.” I watched as he saw me slam the door closed and brush past him, tears streaming down my face. I watched as he smirked victoriously, ignoring the the sympathetic look Marcus shot me and the vicious glare Marcus shot him.

Then came Hannah’s suicide. It took me by surprise, I’d always been friendly with her. I cried, I went to her funeral, I gave her parents flowers. She was a sweetheart who’d been dealt a shitty hand, and of the shit that happened in this school, she took the brunt of it. But something happened with her, something bigger, something that I didn’t totally understand nor care to be a part of, because I saw how badly it was hurting others.

I watched as Alex receded into a shell of the person he’d once been. I watched as he snapped at Justin, yelled at Courtney, and had a meltdown in the middle of the hallway about how kids shouldn’t be “fucking douchebags.” I watched as he started wearing long sleeves in the spring, and he started talking less and sitting alone more. I watched as he stopped acting like he cared, blatantly ditching classes and not doing his work. I watched as he no longer found the joy in things he had in the past.

Something in the air was different on the walk to school this morning. Maybe it was the crisp air, or a shift in the wind that was making everyone antsy. It felt off. And then, when I got closer to the gates, I saw what it was. Monty and Alex were squaring off, and Alex started yelling at Monty. I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, sketchbook clutched under my arm, ignoring the cries of Miranda behind me. One of the bigger football players started to get excited, waving his hands around. In the half second his thick arm crossed my field of vision, and the second after it moved out of my way, Alex was on the ground, blood pouring out of his nose. My eyes widened, and my mouth dropped open as he stood up and lunged at Monty, with Monty neatly placing a fist right into Alex’s left eye. Alex fell to the ground again, and Monty stepped foward, towering over Alex with one fist cocked. I squeezed my eyes shut- I couldn’t watch this. But then I heard the voice of an actual angel and my eyes shot open. Mr. Porter was sprinting over, yelling at all of us for watching and not stopping the fight. The crowd fled, and Porter grabbed both boys by the arm. Monty laughed, a darkly evil chuckle as he pulled his arm out of Porter’s grip and adjusted his hoodie. Alex yanked his arm away, flipping his jacket hood over his head as he stalked away from Porter. I raced after him, staying just a few steps behind him as he wandered through the empty halls into the third floor boys bathroom.

The door slammed shut behind him and I paused at the corner of the hall, my heart pounding as I contemplated what to do. I chewed on the fingernail on my pinkie as I hesitantly stepped forward, placing my hand on the rough wood grain of the bathroom door until I pushed it open, finding Alex sitting on the ground in the corner, his head on his knees. He didn’t look until I had taken one step in, my heels clicking on the floor and the door slamming shut behind me. His pale face was already starting to bruise, with dark purple marks forming below his eye and two cuts slicing across his nose. His right cheek had a dark red scrape on it, reaching from the corner of his eye down to right above his jawline. His nose was still bleeding, leaving a large maroon mark on his shirt and a steady line from his nose down over his chin, where it dripped into a small puddle on the floor. His blue eyes were watery, and he quickly wiped them with his jacket. The face that he showed me in that split second was an expression I’d never seen on him before. It was a look of total confusion, of a little kid who didn’t know where to go or what he was doing. It was the look of someone who was in too deep to something he couldn’t get out of, the look of someone who was totally alone, who had nobody to turn to, who didn’t know how to cope on his own.

But once he wiped away the tears, the hardened expression of hatred I was so used to seeing on his face returned. “What the fuck do you want, Y/L/N?” I sighed, turning to lock the door behind me.

“I want to help. Are you okay?”

“Does it look like I’m fucking okay? No. Go away, I don’t need you.” He pushed himself up on the ground, stumbling slightly as he lurched forward with the effort of standing. I could see he was bleeding from another large cut on his knee, making it painful for him to stand. I dropped my bag and sketchbook on the ground and hurried over, supporting him as he stood, teetering slightly. “I’m fine. Get off of me.”

“You’re not fine. Why were you fighting with Monty? He’s one of your friends, I thought.”

“Yeah, well, things aren’t what they seem. Go away.”
“Shut the fuck up, Standall. Sit down.” He sat down immediately, his eyebrows raising as my tone of voice changed to something he’d never heard before.

“Jeez,Y/N. I’m fine.”

“Pinch the bridge of your nose and tilt your head back.” He rolled his eyes, but did as I said as I wadded up a paper towel and handed it to him. “Stick that in your nostril.” He wordlessly accepted the paper, glaring at me down his nose as I wet another paper towel. Gently, I dabbed at the dried blood on his face and through the rip on his knee. “You may need stitches for this.” I gently touched the cut that was running the length of his face. He was silent while I checked over his injuries, only wincing slightly when I handed him an ice cold wet towel to put on his black eye. So, I was surprised when he decided to speak.

“Why are you helping me?”

“I wanted to.”


I didn’t answer him, and he stared at me with his piercing eyes until he asked a follow up question. “How do you know all this medical stuff?”

I hesitated before answering. “It’s a long story. I… my mom… she was…sick for a really long time last year. I decided that I wanted to do something to help with medical stuff, and I joined the volunteer ambulance corps last year.” He raised his eyebrows, nodding once and turning a slight shade of red, avoiding eye contact with me. I turned away, digging through my bag for a band aid. When I turned back, he had my sketch book open on his lap, and he was flipping through the pages.

“Give that back! That’s private!”

“You’re…good. You’re like really good. Why don’t you show this off?”

“Because I like to keep things private. I don’t like people knowing my business.”

“I didn’t know you were good at art.” I handed him the bandaid, tears brimming in my eyes as I snatched the sketch book away from him and scooped my bag off the floor.
“Yeah. There’s a lot you don’t know about this slutty, snobby bitch. Thing’s aren’t always what they seem, Alex.”

“Wait. I’m…sorry.”

“Yeah. I’m sure you are. You’re gonna have to do a lot better than that if you want my help ever again.”

a/n: I hope this was at least sort of what you were looking for! i wasn’t sure how to end it b/c i want them to end up together but i also didn’t want her to forgive him just like that cuz lbh he was a total dickwad to her soooo maybe part 2??? lmk! :)