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Meeting people

So we had a party member character’s retire. Their new character was an Orc Brawler, who’s introduction to the Tiefling Bloodrager was an arm-wrestling contest which resulted in a broken table and a broken Tiefling’s arm. Said Tiefling then fell madly in love with her and her strength. 

Orc Brawler: “So I found the way to get to a man’s heart is breaking his arm.”


Alan Rickman and his Co - Stars

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (”The January Man”, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”), Juliet Stevenson (“Truly, Madly, Deeply”, “The Search for John Gissing”), Sigourney Weaver (”Galaxy Quest”, “Snow Cake”), Emma Thompson (”Love Actually”, “The Song of Lunch”), Kate Winslet  (“Sense and Sensibility”, “A little Chaos”)

Viktuuri wedding day

(Because Russians aren’t the best drivers and inspiration is rich…)

The big day had finally come. The wedding was despite the small ceremony, quite a grand occasion, held in the Vasilij cathedral in central Moscow. Viktor had insisted of it to be in an unforgettable place and at the same time point the finger at the authorities for not allowing love to be just that, love… He had also insisted of driving the Ferrari they had rented for the drive to the reception. Yuuri had agreed happily, thinking that his nerves would make it hard to focus on the road. Despite the fact that he was madly in love with his now husband, he was still filled with butterflies that came with the wedding day.

And so came the end of the wedding. The newly married couple shared a deep kiss on the cathedral steps, heading out on the square to their car. Viktor held the door open for his husband and got on the drivers side. Best man Yurio took the pathetically small backseat. And Viktor stepped on the gas… The car took off flying on the streets of Moscow, and Yuuri looked like he was being shot up to space in a spaceship…

“Viktor..!” Yuuri screeched, covering his eyes as his husband just barely managed to turn the car before he crashed into a bus stop. “Oh god..! Viktoooor! Dog! Baby! Building! Aaaaaaaaah! Wrong side of road!!” He kept pointing out every detail as Viktor barely made a turn or hit the break on time. “Construction siii-…” He was cut off abruptly as the car came to a halt nearly sending him flying out of it. Viktor picked up his phone while cars were beginning to make a line behind them, honking like crazy…. Yurio laughed in the back.
“Welcome to Russia Katsuki…”

Bard, yo.  I’m suddenly madly in love with Luke Evans :D I feel like I might have mentioned this before, but drawing someone can often make me feel a million times more attracted to them.  Noticing the nuances of their features endears them to me in an almost indescribeable way. His nose is my favorite feature FYI.

That happened when I drew Fili for the first time.  I wasn’t really into Dean but after a few sketches he suddenly became my dream man with beautiful beautiful lips :P 

Good Enough

Enzo Amore x reader

They both like each other but (y/n) is shy and Enzo doesn’t know if he’s good enough. Cass sets them up on a date without them knowing.


#20 “It’s hard to get anyone to flirt with me when you’re literally holding my hand all the time.” Enzo Amore, @tryingtofindaplaceinthisworld

#25 “That pickup line was lame, but if she/he knows you they would say yes anyways.” Enzo Amore, @screamersdontdance

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  • someone: hey, what's up?
  • me: Don't speak. Wait till you hear what I have to say. It is quite true that I have worshipped you with far more romance of feeling than a man usually gives to a friend. Somehow, I had never loved a woman. I suppose I never had time. Perhaps, as Harry says, a really 'grande passion' is the privilege of those who have nothing to do, and that is the use of the idle classes in a country. Well, from the moment I met you, your personality had the most extraordinary influence over me. I quite admit that I adored you madly, extravagantly, absurdly. I was jealous of every one to whom you spoke. I wanted to have you all to myself. I was only happy when I was with you. When I was away from you, you were still present in my art. It was all wrong and foolish. It is all wrong and foolish still. Of course I never let you know anything about this. It would have been impossible. You would not have understood it; I did not understand it myself. One day I determined to paint a wonderful portrait of you. It was to have been my masterpiece. It is my masterpiece. But, as I worked at it, every flake and film of color seemed to me to reveal my secret. I grew afraid that the world would know of my idolatry. I felt, Dorian, that I had told too much. Then it was that I resolved never to allow the picture to be exhibited. You were a little annoyed; but then you did not realize all that it meant to me. Harry, to whom I talked about it, laughed at me. But I did not mind that. When the picture was finished, and I sat alone with it, I felt that I was right. Well, after a few days the portrait left my studio, and as soon as I had got rid of the intolerable fascination of its presence it seemed to me that I had been foolish in imagining that I had said anything in it, more than that you were extremely good-looking and that I could paint. Even now I cannot help feeling that it is a mistake to think that the passion one feels in creation is ever really shown in the work one creates. Art is more abstract than we fancy. Form and color tell us of form and color,--that is all. It often seems to me that art conceals the artist far more completely than it ever reveals him. And so when I got this offer from Paris I determined to make your portrait the principal thing in my exhibition. It never occurred to me that you would refuse. I see now that you were right. The picture must not be shown. You must not be angry with me, Dorian, for what I have told you. As I said to Harry, once, you are made to be worshipped.
The difference between Civil War and Batman vs Superman
  • Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans: *pretends they hate eachother for the press*
  • Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck: We're madly in love and sleeping together we're getting married soon
i'm riding higher than the sky and there is fire in every kiss - nikkiRA - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1 (8.9k words)
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Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)

Summary: Things Lance was hoping for in his new roommate: totally cool. Preferably a lady, but Lance has never been one to limit himself to just one gender. Liked lame jokes, liked eating spoonful’s of peanut butter, made bad puns. Firmly believed ABBA was God’s gift to man kind. Preferably fell madly in love with Lance’s brilliant sense of humour and awkwardly endearing good looks.

Things Lance was expecting in his new roommate: probably a little lame, but in a good way. Like in a Hunk way. Normal sense of humour, but hopefully didn’t hate puns the way Hunk and Pidge did. Probably liked Dancing Queen and not much else.

Things Lance was not even remotely prepared for in his new roommate: Keith fucking Kogane.

Notes: This was incredible to read. I’m so impressed with the characterisations, and with the perfect rate at which their relationship developed. The writing was amazing. ABBA junkie Lance was… a gift, honestly. (!!) Just read this one!!!! Please!!

MONSTA X Bodyguard Minhyuk ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’

anon asked: Love your writing and I’m a big fan! I would love to request an expansion on Monsta x Minhyuk as your bodyguard. Pretty please with a cherry on top. I’m honestly addicted to your writing.

A/N: Hee hee! You’re so sweet, thank you! I really hope you like this. <3 WARNING: Mild Violence

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


Minhyuk was leaning against you again, practically molding himself into your side. Honestly the man had no concept of personal space.

“C’mon,” he whined taking your arm and wrapping it around his shoulders. “There’s no one here.”

“I know, but I have work to do.” Your voice held mild reproach but let him stay nonetheless.

“How often do we get to be alone when it’s not in your quarters?” Turning his head he began placing small kisses up your neck.

“Minhyuk! Someone could come in any second.”

Reaching your lips he gave you lingering kiss. Not too deep, but savoring the moment, then he pulled away. “Sorry I can’t help it. It’s hard to be with you all day and not touch you.”

You understood. As your guard Minhyuk was constantly at your side but the two of you had to maintain a professional working relationship. It wasn’t like there weren’t rumors about what was going on, the staff was so small it was impossible to stop them from spreading. But suspecting and seeing were two different things. So during the day one of you might tease with a glance or a touch but for the most part behaved. Which was why when night came it felt like the two of you were starving for each other.

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Merry Christmas @nerdyredglasses !

Prompts: Charasuke, Menma, sweets

Hehe, this is actually my first time drawing Charasuke… Thanks for the opportunity, enjoy!

I don’t really get “Charasuke” though… like if he’s a “lady’s man” as shown in the movie, the total opposite of what he is like in the manga (aka madly in love with a certain blond haired idiot) then wouldn’t he… not like… Menma? o.o Also, drawing those expressions on Sasuke……… *hand twitches* lol

Weak Spot

Title: Weak Spot

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: hi! i was wondering if i could get a bucky imagine? where he’s super mean to everyone but not the reader, like everyone’s so confused? but he’s madly in love with her?

Warnings: Swearing, it’s pretty fluffy man

Part 2 is right here

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           He barely ever spoke, but when he did, it was to her. She had always been there and he would never know why. Y/n was there when someone felt like insulting Bucky, or when the horrific flashbacks of murder and pain flickered into Bucky’s mind. She was always there.

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Was Never Mine (Part 4)- Joker X Reader

Was Never Mine (Part 4/5)- Leto!Joker X Reader

Warnings- None I don’t think

Summary- Being an assassin working for The Clown Prince. You are madly in love with him and would do anything to protect him. However, the same can’t be said about him.

You can feel the night getting colder. A fog arising over the waters under the dock. You backed up just a little, letting space between you and this dangerous man. It does very little to minimize the tension between you two.

“Talk” he purrs stepping closer to you.

“S-Stop it” you choke out.

“Stop what?” he asks mockingly, tilting his head like some confused puppy.

“Acting like you don’t know what you do to me, how you make me feel.”

“Now, Miss Y/L/N” he begins approaches you more. “I actually don’t know what you mean” he cups your cheek in his right hand and you can’t help but let your head lean more into his touch. You blink at him, feeling that warmth going through you. Wanting him more than ever. “Why don’t you tell me what you mean?”

“I can’t. I can’t be anything to you more than your employee. I’m nothing to you, J.” you argue, your voice beginning to break. Pulling away, turning your back to him, your arms wrapping around yourself and letting your eyes close. You take a couple breaths. The area is full of silence. “You give me these feelings and it’s driving me crazy”

“Well, isn’t it clear you aren’t the first?” he chimes in circling you.

“I know i’m not the first, believe me, I know I’m not.” Your arms drop to your sides and you look to him. His face unreadable. No menacing smile or mocking smirk. You approach him slowly, looking down once you reach him, your hands place themselves on his chest. His purple coat not doing it’s best to cover him. “I-I love you.” You allow yourself to look up to him. A frown evident on his lips. “I’m sorry” you whisper, your hands going away from him.

“Shh” he whispers, taking your hands into his own and placing them back in their place on his chest. You close your eyes, beginning to shake your head. “You love me, Y/N, embrace it” he whispers, his hands on your cheeks, stroking them with his thumbs and you open them. Tears. You’re crying.

“Embrace what? I can’t embrace my love for you, I’m not yours and you are certainly not mine” you argue raising your voice slightly and turn, about to start walking back to your bike but you feel his hand grip onto yours. He pulls you to him and you go weak when you feel his lips pressing softly to your own. You run your fingers up into his hair, gently pushing yourself more to him as his hands find their place on your hips. You pull back slightly, your forehead touching his. So confused on whatever was happening. The sound of the car door opens fills your ears. You pull back and look to see Harley standing there, arms crossed. “…i’m sorry.” You begin backing out down the dock. Her eyes still on you. You look to J. “I’m not yours, you’re not mine. As much as that pains me, I’m not letting my happiness come at the cost of breaking another’s” You turn and walk the rest of the way down, once again holding your head high while you slowly break a little more inside, but savoring what you got.

College Was Interesting...

I don’t know if my experience was unique because I lived in a weird fucking town (Ashland, Oregon) but during the two years I attended college, I…

Got hit in the face with a 1-pound brick of marijuana,

Interrupted a cult meeting at like 2:00AM while wearing a dead coyote on my head,

Maced a black bear,

Faced off with a mountain lion, 

Lived in a cave,

Had a secret admirer (who later turned out to be not-so-secret and actually rather creepy), 

Had one college professor who absolutely hated me and went out of her way to grade my papers unfairly because I knew more about the course curriculum than she did,

Ran into a man and two of his friends walking their pet llama down the road, was asked if I wanted to kiss said llama, and totally did (because why the fuck not?),

Got hit by a drunk driver,

Fell madly in love and deeply regretted it, 

Ate my first roadkill turkey,

Played beer pong at a party with a guy who was later beheaded with a sword in one of Ashland’s strangest unsolved murder cases,

Was somehow adopted into a metaphysical healing arts school, given the name “Sister Coyote”, was revered for my “supernatural” ability to see “auras” (which is actually just a form of synesthesia), and was told I was an “Indigo Child” who’s soul was not from this planet (…..?). 

Accidentally met Chuck Norris when I stopped to tie my shoe next to him on a park bench as he read the morning paper, 

Befriended an old mountain man living deep in the woods with his dog, smoked weed with him, and discussed the philosophies of life while patching up an open wound on my ear, 

Was once followed through a park at night by two people dressed as Slenderman until they stopped in front of me while I swung on the swings, pointed at me wordlessly for thirty seconds, then left,

And started a city-wide “werewolf scare” because I took to wandering around town at night while wearing a wolf pelt on my head. 

Yep. College sure was weird. 

I think we can all agree that Magnus Bane is in love. He might not say it out loud for a long time to come. He might not have even processed it fully yet. But him attempting a True Love’s Kiss in such an impossible situation, him flouting every Clave rule in the book to protect Alec, him (by his own admission) being the kind of Fool who falls in love madly and stupidly like this (ask Ragnor, he knows) – kind of gives it away.

So I just need the rest of this season to be Alec’s agonizing, beautiful, transcendent FALL into love with this man. Watching Alec unfurl like a flower, just watching him let go of all these fears and anxieties and rules that have governed his life, his body, his heart and his mind for so long is going to be amazing. 

I can’t wait.